Holgar the horrible

Lets talk about holgar, as a main late game carry holgar have a potential to deal massive damage late game by maximising its effect. The best hero to pair with him prophet lucien because of the multiluck that the hero give to tower rolling for meads have a better chances. dagon is for higher chance to get soup and necro to boost stats from potion and more chances to get meads by summoning creeps. azathoth to maximise its potion acquiring value. Early game you start as normal with mass wolf then transition to holgar or dandelion+poison frog carry then transition to holgar just make sure to have enough damage and attack speed before you transition. mid game you can pair tinker with holgar give the meads you get from the holgar to tinker and dark forger for additional items for transmute, dark forger also benefits well with lucien hero. Acquiring ygg and ring before wave 200 is a must and dungeon door but make sure to have enough damage before using it. Late game setup manitou and knusperhexe is a must to have late game, these tower boost your damage significantly just make sure to put knusperhexe at the beginning of bonus round getting just enough stacks dont over stacked knusperhexe because it has a max cap at 1450 or 1750 stacks (source kami). Vir- item wise choices, withered set, seelenreiser, hydra arrow, roordahuizum, heroic cape, blood demons blade. Supporting item- Cthulhu soup(to get it easily use dagon hero), armor of a fat knight. The only problem is you need 7900% luck to get the maximum potential to get potion for holgar that's quite a ton of luck 😢 Final conclusion: because of the nature of the game being hard to beat holgar is one of a good tower to beat the game but unfortunately climbing ladder is not recommendable RN. Holgar the Horrible carry (tier B)

How to fix "Miss Changes"?

Luck reduces miss chance. But most people transmute the potions into ones that don't give miss chance.