Mölnir the ultimate support item?

I have noticed that mjölnir is quite bad on the main tower but is awesome on a support tower such as Beaver, Muli, Mr. Iron is awesome with 2-3 part withered set and mjölnir, but he is quite awesome without mjölnir so i don't know if it is wasted on him? and my favorite GIB! with a combo of either Withered or Impatience's full set he multifreezes them and its beautiful to watch ;) Muli from when i was doing the hungover quest made them slip on bananas quite alot, ususally i just swap the card :) When i have done some 200 wave games with only darkness i like to put it on scarecrow it makes quite massive dmg in shorter games. Anyone tested Mjölnir on other towers that you liked? I am curious on Shadow and Knusperhexe but i haven't noticed any great change from either? like does it work on Scientist, pocket thief, miss jilly or the ripper? Towers i dont even use but fun to know if it works on are poisonous frog, solara, twisted wizard, small spider, scarface. Would love to get some feedback on this topic, tnx!

Definitely doesn't work on Miss Jilly and Ripper, that much I know (Besides the simple chain damage). Also, I didn't think it worked on Beaver either, but I'll have to try again to double check.

Well my so far fav como is definitely GIB + full Withered + Mjölner! =) http://imgur.com/a/Dkrfs

Interesting. Thought that mjölner wasn't supposed proc so I never tested it. I always prefer to have my withered set on a scarecrow for the multihit amp. If every crow now also proc mjölnir that could be insane. Can't really test it right now though since I am in the middle of testing what should be a gamebreaking exploit. More info on that will come in a week or so when i test it against the ladder.

Thanks Romeo for verifying that jilly and ripper is a no go =) The amped does not proc with mjölner, only tower skills like beaver stun or gib freeze seems to proc, why i use the withered set on gib is not for the amp but for the speed boost and throwback proc, before i used impatience + 2 part withered sets but there isn't enough room for that when i use mjölner, i equip all my "junk" towers with 2 part withered + impatience's sets for maximum chance for throwback =)

No problem! Dedicated Darkness deck is my jam, so I've played with the towers within it quite extensively. This is an awesome thread.

ok i don't think i ever tried amp on scarecrow before but it looks insane, its the same as if i have mjölner equipped? i don't know but i get 4-5 procs/hit and i see amped all over the screen, but i think mjölnir is still great on scarecrow, lets say at max level he has 9 crows if i am right? mjölner procs every 3rd hit with 10% dmg, so every time he attacks mjölner will proc 3 times at 10% dmg = 30%, that is almost like having a second mreaver without the range drawback =)

Your math is kinda crooked there... You get 30% extra DMG of 1 shot when you hit 9 attacks. While you get 25% splash DMG from all shots with reaver. Which means 225% if you reference 1 shot

ok i know it is not exactly as reaver but as close as it gets imo, what i meant was that mjölner does not work like that on any other tower than scarecrow just because he has multishot attacks, with every attack mjölner procs 3 times and on any other tower it just procs every third atk, + reaver would severely effect scarecrows range and i can't think of putting reaver on any other tower than shadow =) forgot about holgar 1 proc every 2 atks and baby rabbit 1 proc every atk

well i tested some and spider, shadow and knus abilities does not proc as far as i can tell =)

That's good to know.

I know Knuperhexe's doesn't (Nothing in the game will allow you to get more than one Instakill effect, so splash/chain/damage-over-time will never benefit her or Miss Jilly in any capacity). I'm honestly surprised that Shadow doesn't benefit, because he benefits from the Reaver.

ok so knusper actually does seem to proc with mjölner(seldom i might add), but by the time she has acceptable luck and attackspeed she won't need it anyway ;) GIB is still the best option.

ok so knusper actually does seem to proc with mjölner(seldom i might add), but by the time she has acceptable luck and attackspeed she won’t need it anyway 😉 GIB is still the best option.
Are you sure you're not just seeing really lucky rapid kills? Because I literally just finished a game with her using that (0.2 second attack delay, +120% Luck). Never once saw the chained attack Instakill a creep (Played without the Scepter of Time active).

My fav setup with mjoelnir is using it with a support mr. Iron with 400+ luck, full withered set, m.reaver and a sub .09 cool down. It's not the easiest character setup to obtain especially playing 500 rounds on hard difficulty. But it's worth the rank up if you can do it using kvothe the arcane. This setup allows you to build a wall in the bonus rounds. That lets you play with other mains you want to test out. My personal best is 8k seconds using this and a dandelion main. My second fav character to use this with is twisted novice wizard. Especially useful when I'm leveling up my low lvls. Get the cool down under .07 and watch her build a wall that will send back any boss or challenge almost indefinitely. Then place 5 paintings on whatever character you are leveling. And wait a while... it's long but it helps especially when you got slot of keys to level up your other characters. Really helps when you want to go a long bonus round using metro main.

Yeah, Mr. Iron is a good support on his own; He's an unstoppable one with Mjolnir.

I am changing my mind using mjolnir with mr iron at least once you get his cool down below .07 in the bonus rounds. After that he does not really need it. It's better suited for knus, twisted mage or gib at that point. I was able to get my first 20k sec game getting mr iron cooldown to .03 with withered set and one gib to .09 with mjolnir. If setup properly that makes them pretty much walk up to my main one by one until about 20k secs. I still want to know how people have over 500k secs in blood moor...