Crazy Muli Delay Strategy (Crazy doesn't really mean good)

Hi Everyone, first time posting here, although I have played the game since the beginning. (Ladder name "Evan" & "evan") Today I decided to play the longest game of Mazebert ever. (It took seven hours to complete the 500 levels before the bonus round.) Since it's a long read, I will summarize the details and some of my discoveries here: -Blood Moor - Easy - 500 Waves -At the end of the game, Muli had 60.8M damage -Attack speed of .04 (Max attack is .03) -Crit dmg of +28380% -Made it to 8433 seconds in the bonus round -6 towers at lvl 99, the rest ~88 -867 Stonecutter members -3744 Knusperhexe creeps eaten (Built at lvl 400) -Miss Jilly 'ate' 4209 creeps. (Most in the bonus round and 50 less than Muli) -Time Walk from Withered Set reduces to ~.1 seconds after ~2-4 mins of hitting the same creep. -It takes Mazebert ~8 Hours to kill my Galaxy S7 with screen brightness on 1/3 & 60 FPS (not bad!) -I only gained 1.25 levels (Was 74, now 75.25) :( _______________________________________________ The goal was to get Muli to buy as many bottles of banana liquor as possible! I did this by getting my Iron up to very high luck and attack speed, and put the two Withered set items on him. I also put the Helm of Hades on him so he would hit the creeps before Muli. At around round 26, I started delaying the challenges, bosses and horsemen as long as possible by using the time-walk on the Withered set. On challenges, it took so long to kill them that I could get two or three treasure goblins to spawn. Interesting note: After delaying a challenge for a certain amount of time (2-4 mins?) the time-walk effect is reduced from the 6 seconds to something to like .1 secs (anti-cheat mechanism I guess.) While Iron was delaying the game, Muli was equipped with 4 Lucky Pants & 1 Mummy Bandages. This made him purchase liquor constantly. Before the bonus round started, he had +23000 crit Dmg. Because I delayed the game so long I ended up with 6 towers at level 99 (Iron, Ganesha, Muli, Dark Forge, Miss Jilly, Knusperhexe) and the rest around lvl 80. I got Muli to max attack speed with potions (.03 seconds is max) I have three Huli's powering him. One of them is at .1 sec attack speed from marrying to Muli. In the bonus round, I used a jilly with 5 Lucky Pants (.3 attack speed) and a Knusperhexe to clear out all the waves except for the boss. Boss waves are cleared with Iron (who is at 9.4 M dmg) so Muli can continue to drink potions. By this time, I ditched the luck items on Muli and made him full DPS. He was sitting at 52M. (near the beginning of the bonus round) He had both the epic swords, Master of the Blade set and two Frozen Hearts (for Multi Crit). Unfortunately all of my epic conversions turned into luck and health potions. A few multi crit pots would have made his DPS at this time around 70M. Anyways, his multi-crit value was 11. Muli didn't start attacking (besides a few Air or bosses that slipped through) until 5500 seconds. The end came suddenly when like 10 birds flew past at 8433 seconds. Maybe I should have put Reaver on Muli at this point? Muli had 60.8M damage, and +28000% Crit Dmg and the average tower level was 90. I'm pretty proud of this score, although It took way too long. (I wont be doing it again any time soon.)