Dazed & Confused - Very willing

Hello all, I have many times looked through this forum, searching for info on how to play this crazy game. After several weeks of doing so, I realized that many (if not all) of the posts are geared towards players with more slots, heroes, legendary cards, and maps available than I. That being the case, I am hoping that someone is able to provide a VERY beginner guide that I can build from. My level is 49,and I've beat the first map on easy level twice. For some reason I've been unable to do so since. I believe I managed 550 + seconds in the bonus round perhaps a very few more. Thx in advance for any help you can offer, gods know I need it!

Well there have been guides in older posts. But here I'll summarize everything. 1. No one started with legendaries and unique. You earn them by playing more and more. 2. This game is easy to learn hard to master.... I've been playing since 3 years and still I learn new things. 3. The best idea to use here is to improvise new tactics and strategies. 4. No matter how many maps unlock, most of us like to play on Blood Moor (basic first map). 5. Since you're newbie aim for relics by completing quests so that you get golden cards. And also save up relics so that on weekends you can buy better cards for 250 relics. 6. Every rpg game requires 1 basic thing Knowing the roles of different towers If you play games like WC3, DOTA 2 you'll be familiar this. I'll explain anyways. Carry - Carry means the primary tower which is weak at first but as it farms it becomes your main. This tower will deal most damage late game but needs to gear up. Eg - Shadow, Balu, Scarface etc Support - This tower has less attack power but as name suggests it helps by supporting, like crowd control, aura buffs etc. Eg Basic support is Herb Witch (free attack speed in two range), high level supports are like Manitou (+3 multicrit), ganesha (exp bonus). Semi-carry - These towers are good for early to mid game but can't carry in late game. They fulfill role of initiators and can act as supports too. Carry-support - These towers fulfill both roles but are often used as supports as we already have a carry. They become pretty strong too but are more useful as supports. Eg - Abyss King and Knuspherehexe, they farm up by kills, but their passive is more beneficial. So here is my suggestion - All the towers are unlocked already (except for blood demon) for all players. So you go to the cards section of this site and check out all towers and items. Then you will get to know which towers are best suited for your strategy. 7. Here is my personal advice. While playing always pause the game if you're confused, check everything and then decide and then resume. This game takes time. 8. Gameplay can't be taught. No matter how much we tell you can't progress until you put your own mind in it. We can only tell you basics and tips rest you'll have to do on your own, believe me. 9. If you really want a starter, then start playing only 200 wave games for now. Only take any 2 decks. When I was learning Nature + Darkness worked like charm. Then I shifted to nature + metropolis recently which got me to 8k secs on 500 normal game. Long story short take only 2 decks and darkness + nature is best for all. 10. Placement is the key. Your towers need to be placed on right positions to farm effectively. For example if you place abyss King in the end of map he's useless as all the carnage happens at mid. Similarly if you place Manitou away from carry then you just lost a great bonus boost. Thus improvise with placements, where a tower is most effective. Draw the blocks on a notebook and number them. Then write down your outline of towers where to put what. 11. Once you get to know about towers and their abilities, you learn about different potions. For example you know Miss Jilly needs to spam that insta kill ability, so giving her damage or crit potions is foolishness, instead we give it speed and item potions. Now that's how you learn about items and potions on different towers.

Now I'll tell you about all the 3 decks. Nature This deck has some of the best supports. I don't like carry much from this deck Holgar and Bear Hunter are good but i can get cheap carries from other decks so why bother. Anyways I use this deck as support. Beaver for stun, Herb Witch for Attack Speed. Here you can get early game carry - Wolf. Spam wolf on the map and watch it rule the game. Now this deck s useful because of its ability to boost other towers considerably by two unique cards Ganesha and Manitou. Ganesha levels up every time a tower in 3 range level up. Put it in the mid and watch it get farmed. It has no attack of its own but it can provide huge XP boost to nearby towers. It is used in two ways - 1. Put wolfskin cloak on it and as the time passes your wolf will get buff due to its levels. 2. This tower is fastest to reach level 99 (even before your carry). Once it reaches 99 you can replace it with some useful towers. If you want items and potions then play with Darkness + Nature deck and once its 99, spam it with Acolytes, provided that u saved them. I get about 30 acolytes so with that i get to farm ~150 treasure goblins. HUGE ITEM AND POTION BOOST. Otherwise on Metropolis + Nature deck this can be replaced by Stonecuter's Temple and then your maion metro carry will hit like crazy. There might be other uses too, probably cant remeber right now. Darkness Hands down the most powerful and balanced deck. Miss Jilly if farmed with pants, impatience set and speed + item potions, it can tear through waves of creeps (Even Mass Challanges). Here we get two of the best carries in game - Shadow and Screcrow. They are pretty straightforward and need no introduction. They farm up for late game and can carry easily. 3 unique towers in Darkness Deck are ultimate support that enhance the gameplay. Abyss King - Place it in a position where you fell maximum kills will happen. Give him helm of Hades. Once he takes undead whatch all your darkness towers get farmed. Spam it with Viking Helmet and luck potions. Knusperhexe - Place near start with same setup as abyss and it can reduce armor of creeps. Dark Forge - Only reason why i use this is to get Skull and Blade of Darkness. This can be used to get to level 99 quickly. I replace it with frozen demon.' I dont have blood demon yet so I cant tell about it. Metropolis Most versatile deck in game. Start by scientists and pocket thief and watvh gold rise. Always place scientist on where youll have main carry. Then replace it later on. It has some great cards. Scarface is one of the best secondary carries in game. Ironman can be used to eat up items and buff its allies with aura effects from those items. Here most used tower is Satellite + Money Bin + Stonecutters Temple Once you get Stonecutters to 99 spam the map with money bins (in remaining places as you will need to start placing MB from beginning) and in place of your main carry put satellite. Watch it destroy your enemies. Well there's more to it but I cant type now. This much info should suffice as a starter. Rest i know you'll learn as you play. Happy hunting from CBS the SAGE

W-O-W! Before saying anything else, I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into explaining things in such great detail. You went far beyond what I expected and in doing so have created an opportunity to gain perspective I didn't know could even be gained. The most helpful aspect of your post (at least for me) is the breakdown of each deck. As you mentioned, this has likely been done before. However, your explanation is the perfect one for me, and I would guess we'll be greatly useful to others as well. To address some of the sentiment expressed in my original post, I want to make clear that I understand playing, studying placement, and improving card specific knowledge are each things only the end user can accomplish and things I intend to do with zeal. Where I communicated poorly, indicating some imagined advantage had by others, I apologize. Quite clearly, everyone who climbs the ladder can only do so after putting in the time and work necessary to "grasp" the next successive rung. I will report back to the community when I've been able to put this wealth of knowledge to good use, thereby improving my results. A million thanks once again!

Mazebert community is really active bro. And remember one thing about this game Every new game has opportunity to yield a new strategy. The replaybility of this game is the reason why it remained in devices of players for more than 2 years. I started in winter 2014 and it's almost 3 year for me and I'll probably never gonna uninstall this game. And yes whatever questions you have feel free to ask, I tried to keep it basic and down to earth as you asked but there are others here who are far more experienced than I am. Plus about the decks, don't think that it's hard and fast what I told you. I told you how I use it. You can develop your own strategies. For example in darkness I never use ripper, although it's a good card. So I gave you outline, rest is upto you. Read and learn about cards and all, and you've understood 50% of game. If there are anymore questions feel free to ask, we're here only. Add me on instagram cbs.blackbeard

If you just want to build experience and gain skills, the most consistent run I can suggest is: Grab Darkness, and only Darkness. Put a single Miss Jilly in the number five spot (In the middle big chunk of land, the second one in, bottom row). If you don't get a Miss Jilly, restart. Use Miss Jilly until you get a Solara. Swap to Solara. Load her up with Handbags, and any DPS-boosting items you can find. To start, convert any white potions to try and get a Water of Life. If you fail to, convert two blues to try and get a Greater Water of Life. If you get a yellow potion that isn't a Greater Water of Life, just drink it. Save any purple potions until you have both Wedding Rings. As you get Abyss King, Knuperhexe and the Dark Forge, put them in the following spots: Abyss King in the number two spot (The second slot the creeps will wander past), and give him as much luck as possible, and the Helm of Hades. Put Knuperhexe in the number six spot (Beside your Solara, just one spot further down). Give her a single set of Lucky Pants, Mummy Bandages and as many Magic Mushrooms as you can. Lastly, put the Dark Forge in slot 9 (Just above Solara), and start him out with Viking Helmets, until Solara starts to struggle, then boost his damage as high as you can. Fill the rest of the map with Miss Jillys, starting from the end. Load them all up with Key of Wisdom, until you start to struggle, then swap them to a combination of Lucky Pants and Magic Mushrooms. Your highest level one can be swapped a bunch of times in a row with any Acolyte of Greed that you have (But put it back to a Miss Jilly once you're completely out of Acolytes). You will not go very far in to the bonus round this way (3,000 seconds or so). But you will consistantly make it to the bonus round. It will also help clear about half of the available quests (Dark Mirrors, Dark Planet, Headhunter, Knuperhexe, 800 Seconds) which helps build up relics.

Well, I went with nature/metro deck and with zero experience beyond that gained in trial run, made it to bonus + 500 sec again. Flying creeps ate my lunch. Honestly I probably could have left wolves in and not switched for metro pyramid (sorry can't remember proper name atm) and scarface/Mr. Iron/Satellite. But, I couldn't resist giving it a shot and learned a great deal in doing so. Flyers killed me due to placing Mr. Iron too late and failure to feed him enough bows, I believe. Secondly, I likely had at least 1 too many bins as I failed with 1.4M banked. At any rate, none of that would have been possible without the advice given above. Romeo, TY for your advice as well, looking forward to trying it next!

If you lack the higher tier skills (Like bonus item slots) I'd actually suggest Muli the Evil Twin if you can manage using him (He can easily get 5000 seconds even on a bad run). Balu the Bear if you can't. Balu will eventually get overwhelmed, but he'll frequently get at least 1,500 seconds or so, and is a very consistent tower. Wolves are very fun to use, but can be very luck-based (You might do great, you might die before the bonus round). Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about the "perfect run". So long as you're having fun, just play how you want to play. Heck, these days I always end up playing with a handicapped deck, because it's just more fun trying to use a weird tower as my carry.

Well for flying units use in this case use fully farmed alpha wolf from middle area...in my previous run I got no problem with killing them..... Did you use ganesha to get to 99?? Give ganesha wolfskin and let him farm till 99. Then replace ganesha with temple उन final stages... And yes money bin and satellite needs farming so it's viable to use them on 500 wave game. By 200 wave start replacing most towers with bin and farm your main carry, here wolf.. In last 50 waves completely replace everything with metro.. Ganesha to temple, carry to satellite, remaining places with bins.... I got to 8k secs with this