suggestions for gold cards

Andy..do you have plans in the future for gold cards? aside from just looking different from the rest of the deck, i have a few suggestions... First off.. why not something like a visual effect on set items that are completely gold.. for example if you have all gold cards for the withered set.. the tower possessing all those cards could look like withered or somewhat look like its decomposing... XD ..as for the impatience set, the tower could like have a gust of wind around it. Just a thought though i dont know what you guys think.. XD

For golden cards, there aren't any plans yet. What I want to avoid is that they give the player an advantage over non-golden cards. So an optical effect would be nice! However it would take quite some time to implement all those effects :-D A start might be with the set items.. But it would be also great if the optical set effect would be visible, also if you complete the set with regular cards alone, I think. Any other opinions on this?

For all the work that we have to put in to get the golden cards, why can't there be some type of boost other than the card just being golden? It just seems like the work is for nothing.

Mhh I don't know. Probably the main reason people forge cards is to collect all legendaries. The other golden cards is a nice side effect, and you need them if you want to beat the game enterely, which means clearing all maps including the golden grounds. Golden cards are inspired by golden/foil cards in card trading games. There as well, it is only an optical effect, but people still collect them :-) Cheers!

I think there shouldnt be an advantage form gold to normal cards, but an optical ingame effect, not nly golden cards would be really nice :)