A few questions

So I have few questions which should be faster than trying myself. 1. yagrassil can't marry? 2. stacking branches on yagrassil doesnt show any aditional results? doesnt stack? 3. Does Towar A has branch and yin ring. Tower B has yang ring. Does potions on tower B while feeding yagrassil? 4. How does luck work? I red somewhere on this forum that max luck bonus is 90% so I keep adding luck items based on this. 5. What is max item chance and qualit?Wasint it 400%?

1. Discussed here: https://mazebert.com/forum/news/balancing-after-roc--id1465/ 2. Discussed in the change log (maybe other places too). In version 2.1: "Yggdrasil is not affected by branches in its inventory" https://mazebert.com/changelog/ 3. Rings only work if that tower drinks the potion. They don't work with yggdrasil or branches. 4. Luck increases success chance and decreases fail chance. new_chance = base_chance * luck_modifier. Luck modifier is 100%/(100% + bonus_luck) for fail chances, and (100% + bonus_luck) for success chances. The maximum success rate is 80%. So a 20% success chance would need 300% bonus luck to get to the maximum 80% success rate. This is a pinned post in the #Mazebert-Encyclopedia on the Discord server. 5. Item chance keeps improving the drop rate, but less and less the more you have. The bonus drop rate is never more than 2x the base drop rate. Having 400% gives ~90% of that maximum effect. 4000% gives ~98%. This is a pinned post in the #Mazebert-Encyclopedia on the Discord server. The Discord server is the one mentioned by Andy in the SnoreFox post: https://mazebert.com/forum/news/snore-fox--id1501/#8300 The invitation link is: https://discord.gg/W4RzUKT It's also available in-game at the top of the multiplayer screen where it says "Looking for players?"