Balancing after RoC

This post will contain all balancing adjustments, after RoC season is over. I will update this post periodically as more and more changes get implemented. This will be the place where all changes are listed, be it from Discord or from other forum threads.
  • Yggdrasil cannot be married ✅
  • Impatience's Wrath does not give more attack speed as it should
  • Next wave triggers after at least 2 minutes to prevent stalling games ✅
  • Slightly reduce Stonecutter's Temple damage bonus from 1% to 0.8% per tower ✅
  • Add Nature-only bonus to Manitou
  • Add new unique light tower to buff the light element ✅
  • Buff King Arthur to gain 1% damage per level ✅
  • Reduce Eldritch Clam item chance to 25% (from 50%) ✅
  • Reduce Eldritch Chainsaw damage per level to 0.6% (from 4%) ✅
  • A maximum of 7 cards can be exchanged with other players ✅
  • Rename difficulties (easy isn't easy and naming it like this enrages new players more than it should). I like the good old Normal, Nightmare, Hell - any better suggestions? ✅
  • Balance Necronomicon with multiplayer games ✅

I welcome all those changes. They seem not excessive and will cut the big spikes a bit. We have to see how they affect the game play. Game will be harder though but I totally like that. Also Diablo styled difficulty names are great. The chainsaw will still be strong especially with Dagon, from the top of my head I would expect it still to be mandatory for Highscore runs.

200 plus games still not able to see 2nd map. Very unbalanced towers.

What's the benefit of the strange aeons?

I think multiplayer will still be on the easy side and single player will likely be a bit on the hard side. I don't know what should be tweaked to influence difficulty. A couple ideas come to mind: - item chance - item quality (I wouldn't change this unless it is lowered to counteract higher base item chance) - xp provided by creeps - creep health - creep speed (probably best not to change this much since tower attack speed, stuns, and knockback are all interconnected) - creep armor (creep health in disguise for most purposes) Each of these stats could have the base amount or the scaling rate tweaked. I recommend reducing the scaling part of creep health by 1-5% for standard difficulty. I recommend increasing the scaling part of creep health by sqrt(number_players) for multiplayer. That might be slightly too hard, but if single player is made slightly easier, I think this would work.

No more stalling for massive points, thats seems cool to me, light towers buff hell yeah

124th round and still near impossible to get to 200. Certainly be nice to get off this f'n 1st map. I had to uninstall then reinstall for update

You can do it @Shwartzs! This is still the discussion an progress/changes I'm making on the next big update. It will be released in June.

Why dont you sell the higher level heros/cards/wizard. Least gives a chance to get past this nonsense. Many cant unlock unless we beat the last level. Lol cant even past 1st map after 300 attempts +

Why does the legendary cards so weak and many are just plain useless

Crafting part I do not understand, and I have these funds of 500 below unsure what that's all about

Tree of life late game is almost pointless unless you have the funds and save every potion and have every tower type darkness, nature, light, metropolitan otherwise dont bother

The game is beatable for sure. Uniques aren't insanely better, just a lot more specialized than commons. Check out guides in forum or discord academy channel for help with strategies. This post is the wrong place for it :-)






It's okay. As you said, there are many other great TDs out there to play.

Shwartzs if this is not your taste, feel free to play another game. There are quite some people that like the game the way it is and with good strategy the randomness of each game is manageable most of the time. We like the challenge it presents and beat the Game consistently. As Andy said there are a lot of guides in the forum on how to beat the game. And most of them are not even scratching what is possible when you go for a maximized run. This is not a pay to win game. The money is just a tip to the developer. So please stop your ranting as it benefits no one. If you really wanna give feedback and suggestions for improvement, open a thread in the fitting part of the forum.

I finally beat the first level, I changed my review in playstore

@Shwartzs: It's not that hard to beat the first map. What's hard is managing luck as the game strategy is based on your luck/ drops. At higher lvl you can pick some cards on your own, though that doesn't guaranteed the run will go well as you planned. This game is totally free, and you can play only for fun. assuming it as an idle game. Besides, there is no "win" In this game. Only high score, which it doesn't really matter.

Is there another method besides wolves, seems wolves the only way to get everything leveled up before changing over to something else

@Shwartz lets do a mp game together and let me see your strat. I'm Nabblir on the discord channel.

Every element has a at least one feasible strategy. Wolves and Solara/scarecrow are the easiest though

Soon as I get time. I'll join in discord. Been working long days.


@shwsrtzs feel free to ping me in discord for a game together or two :)

Thanks, sorry been on 14 hour days. Haven't had much time

Theres a bug, i dont get A card afyer finishing wave 35,36,45,46,57,58,59... And etc

Btw i use only nature

@Thinker you probably have some towers on autotransmute.

Great game. Well done andy, best set up so far for high score for my part. Go for metro or metro/light Hitman + pocket thief. Focus on gold and hitman than during bonus wave you should have 300M gold and switch for laser. I reach 3,5T damage with it

Nice, thanks for the heads up. And great you're having fun with the game!

This is the 2 things i wish they were available : be able to select an item with spe points like for the tower and have a purple range potion giving +1 range.

The range potion would be quite powerful, that's currently not on the list. Something similar to your first suggestion might come with the next expansion though!

Eh andy, when have you plan to fi ni ish the season?

The current season will finish end of this month!

Hot damn. I gotta start with my Highscore attempt then... Totally forgot about that