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I know most of you guys say about shadow being the best for late game and bonus round, but I really cant figure out how you guys power it up. Like when you have to build it what items and all. Can anyone explain me right from the bottom on how to play with shadow, as for now I use carries like Mr. Iron, Scarface, Bear Hunter, Satellite. I don't know where I'm going wrong. Please keep answer as detailed as possible. Thank You very much.

OK, I will let someone who likes Shadow more than myself answer, but in general, you want Shadow to have fast speed, high luck and theoretically low damage. As for what else you said: Mr. Iron is awful as a carry, treat him like a support unit instead. His base stats are so low that even boosting them with oodles of items means very little. He can be somewhat alright with a Blood Demon's Blade, but you're definitely still pushing you luck by using him. Scarface is decent, but not exactly great. Can be useful if you give him two Frozen items and two Withered items, then he car act almost as a support unit rather than a carry. Bear Hunter should never be your primary carry, you're just asking yourself to get in to trouble there. Blofeld Laser Satellite can be fun, but is exceptionally difficult to use. If you're still learning, I'd recommend not using it. Typically if you're learning the game, your best best is to use the Darkness deck. They have no less than three very strong, easy to use Carry towers (Shadow, Scarecrow, Solora the Fire Elemental), one very difficult but powerful carry (The Ripper) and even their Support/Carry hybrids can help contribute quite a bit (Miss Jilly, Spider and Knuperhexe can all help easily clear a wave).

Ok romeo thanxx a lot for your reply. You know I use iron to feed him with all the aura based items so that my adjacent carry can get the buff and yes I've figured out about satellite as it works well on 500 wave because it gets heavily farmed and u need to spam money bins. Yesterday with satellite I got 3k seconds. But anyways I'll try some new shadow deck. Point is as you mentioned Solara, I don't know how to use her properly. Miss jilly is my fav and I marry two jillys and spam them with potion for luck speed and item chance... With haste set so they make quick work of creeps. I'll try new ones now.

I am writiting on my phone which is a pain. So I won't be very verbose. But I play shadow after wave 500 as the second carry but in front of the first. Getting max stacks on abyss is essential too. He has to be placed that all creeps die in his range. Back to shadow. I let the other carry clear and let him stack up with reaver until he has all 3 stats well away from negative values. Then he gets the DMG and is let loose to carry me for >60k secs. Getting stacks on abyss and knux is as impotant. Its all aboutvthe setup aNd the items. Demon blade is the best for shadow but you can get far even without it. But a demon blade with >450 bonus base rocks. Seelenreisser and spectre set are also great. And reaver is a must. 1 iron man high speed with full withered set also helps. That's about it how to place is up to you.

Solora is fairly easy to use, really. Boosting literally any of her stats (Except luck) will be beneficial to her. Mjoelnir and Reaver are both useless to her, as is any luck-boosting item. Just know, she scales worse than Shadow (If you're going for the longest run possible) but a little better than Scarecrow. Seelenreiser also works absolute magic with her. As I mentioned, she won't go as long as Shadow or the Ripper do, but she's absolutely easy to use if you want, she basically has a "built in" Reaver effect.

Just dont place her at the end of the map. But yeah she is my intermediate carry most of the time.

Ok guys... Yesterday played with shadow. Made 1 shadow early off and used wolves till about 250. Fed both alpha and shadow potions. And wolf got Excalibur while shadow got darkness blade from forge. After 250 replaced alpha with another shadow. By the time of 500 waves my knux had eaten around 500 and abyss had 1100+. Got to 1k secs on bonus round. Shadow were buffed but still couldn't handle bonus round aa I was expecting. How to buff them even more. Both had multicrit of 7 and 500+ adapt on all 3. One more question, which tower is best for messersmidts reaver cuz it didn't worked good for shadow. I want some multi kill or at least good splash damage. Whaddya say?

Shadow is best with reaver. Because it helps you get the procs faster. And don't split your power you want 1 main carry that has the most DMG it can get.the other one ist just to clean up after him. But basicly you need splash on your carry because you won't be able to handle bonus round with single hitters. You want speed on your shadow. And when you have 2 carries make the one nearer to the entrance no DMG and reaver so he can stack up. My ideal setup for shadow is reaver spectre set seelenreisser demon blade. And later on he has max speed. Just experiment with you set up and maybe try something else. Maybe you find something better

Hey bro my email is cbs.armorlee@gmail.com can you mail me screenshot of your setup

Other general advice: -Try to focus on a single, primary Carry. If you want to use a Shadow, use a Shadow, but ONE Shadow. -Try to ensure that primary Carry can kill first (With the sole exception of Knuperhexe, who may be worth to get a kill). An example of this is to ensure Miss Jilly, or another powerful tower isn't "stealing" kills from your primary. -Speed is universally positive. There isn't anything that does worse with it. -Always get rid of Lesser Potion of Strength and Potion of Strength. Critical potions give more overall damage (Even on default Multicrit), and ties in to more abilities (Muli, Wolf and Ripper). Speed is better for basically every tower. Early on, Water of Life and Greater Water of Life can make or break a run. The only strength potion worth taking is Greater Potion of Strength, since getting rid of two of them will not earn as much of a bonus for a single potion of equal level (As in, one Greater Critical is not worth more than two Greater Strength). -Multicrit and Speed are the two most important stats in the game. Anything that affects them should be given consideration. In general, you want to lean more heavily to Multicrit items, as it cannot be continuously improved, unlike Speed. -Don't be afraid to pause and plan. If you need help with a layout, try to picture it while you have the game paused. That's how I came to plan my Shadow-only strategy. -You asked about the Reaver. It has great use on some towers (Shadow, Gib the Frozen Demon) but normally comes at the expense of range. Towers with only one range however (Ripper, Stonecutter's Temple, Abyss King) only suffer the 40% attackspeed penalty, which can overcome with just two Greater Potions of Speed. This can be tremendously useful. -The Reaver doesn't apply many affects (Banish, Instakill, Stun), however the Frozen effect is applied as a splash. If you can't find any use for the Reaver, don't be afraid to throw it on a support tower with two Frozen items until you can use it. -Certain items/towers simply won't work until you have proper setups (Ripper, Seelenreiser, Blood Demon, Muli, etc). If you're still trying to get your bearings, I'd strongly recommend avoiding them. -Try to plan your supporting towers. If you're already at 10M gold, there's no point building any Money Bins if they're too far from your carry, it'll just be a waste. Likewise, if all you have in an area is some Hulis feeding a Muli, there's no point giving them an Irish Pub. A little planning can make a good carry a great one. -Personal taste, but I always exchange Painkiller and Soul Flask. They're both temporary measures (Unless you're trying for a Blood Demon strategy), but they can end up providing +1 Multicrit, which is immensely useful. -Always stockpile any Purple potions until you have Ring of Yin and Yang. Their immense utility can be doubled that way. -Focus on what you think you'll need to unlock next from the cards. I knew I needed to get Lord Roderic to make my Muli strategy viable, so that's what I focused on and saved up for. Don't spend Relics on anything else except what you know you'll need next. Most of all, just have fun with the game. I often try silly strategies just to see what they're like. You'll still continue to level up and learn, but you can get a better understanding of individual towers by purposefully limiting yourself.

Many of above points I already follow. And really a good and detailed explanation to strategies bro. I'm really grateful to you. I'll yell you my progress soon enough. Thanxx big time.

Very good and considered tips you give there romeo well done. Though I think you have typo there saying multicrit cannot be improved continuously. A really soaked blood demon blade with >440dmg triples shadows DMG making it the best single item for him. But you also should have a little reserve of your life. Sry CBS I won't show my setup for 2 reasons. First it's a trade secret. Second coming up with new setups and testing them is part of the game. And just showing wouldn't help because the final built is not what is played in the normal game as it gradually changes.

Though I think you have typo there saying multicrit cannot be improved continuously.
I think I phrased it weird. What I mean is, you can keep improving Speed, Damage and Criticals nonstop as the game keeps going with potions. But at a certain point, you run out of items to keep improving Multicrit with.

Ok guys. Today made it to 5k secs on bonus round after 500 game on easy. But did'nt use darkness. Used only nature + metro towers. Wolf carried upto 230 and after that scarface + satellite took them out with help from Stonecutter Temple and Money Bin spam.

That's great! 5K is a hell of a run, especially for that deck. Did you get your Stonecutter Temple all the way to Level 99? It goes from good to amazing in between 98 and 99. Also, Money Bins are awesome if they're in range, but don't forget you can only ever earn a maximum of 1M gold in interest, so they become useless outside of range once you have 10M gold.

Well my stonecutters temple got to 99 because first I used ganesha and then replaced it. UPDATE: Now made a run with shadow + scarecrow and it worked wonders. Abyss had more than 3k in army and knux had about 1.2k eaten. And both of them wreaked havoc on it.... Got to 4k secs. Darkness + nature only.

That's great! Scarecrow is super-reliable at every point in the game. Starts out strong enough to be a primary carry, and can still be used with a couple Frozen items and/or a couple Withered items to make him a useful support tower later.

hm, why isn't my post showing anymore?

Hi there, i recently started playing Mazebert again (Thanks Andy for the great game), I have a roughly 2 Year break form it. I always was a big fan of the Shadow, i always play with him as my carry. Here is my setup and playstyle when i play Shadow as carry and Scarecrow as support. This is my usual setup. I swapped epic towers to hopefully get Multicritpotion, i even would now swap the itemlady aswell.. I start building Jillys as soon as first mobs coming through, all jillys or placeholder towers are equipped with 2 Luckypants and the Impatience Wraith Set, some Jillys at the top have one Exp-Key and one Pants to level.. Ganesha gets replaced with acolyte greed towers to get as many items and potions as possible, can be done in the beginning of bonus round or later, as i do usually.. I only have Hydra Arrow so far, and this Weekend i got the Dude, so no Mjoelnir builds or daggerbuilds for me so far.. :( How my towers are equipped are shown below! :) Thanks for reading, hope it helps a bit :) And YES it is/was on Hard. Knux and Abyss should change Position Knux and Abyss should change Position Shadow Shadow Ring can replaced with Mjoelnir Scarecrow, Ring can easily replaced with Mjoelnir Knux Knux Abyss got Luckypotion fed Abyss, Luckypotion was fed Generel Overview General Overview

Abyss has no need for ATS give gim full luck and swap abyss and knux you already habe the helmet on him so that way you can make more use of him

Hey thanks for all the help that you guys have given... I really appreciate that. Now I've learned some more good things about it. Now I have another question... Sorry if im bothering you but you know it's always good to asked the experienced. So now I can beat games on easy and normal and now I want to up my game to hard. But it really is frustrating me. I manage till 50 wave but after that it's like nightmare. Worst thing is that I don't get drops. I've noticed this in all games so far. How am I supposed to go further when you dont get main Carry tower till wave 50. Believe me I got shadow on wave 73. How will my towers scale without items and potions? I managed till 88 I think in hard but can't go further. Dunno what I'm missing. Can you guys help pls....

Which Hero are you using? Hard becomes, well Hard, if you're still stuck on the default Heroes. Other bits of advice I can offer for Hard (My favourite way to play): -Lord Roderic can offer an easier start and end-game, but a tougher mid-game compared to some heroes. -Loan Shark with a deck-selection can be used to "pick" a Money Bin right out of the gates. This can help build some capital early if needed. Easier early and mid-game, though you'll pay for it end-game. -Horadric Mage is definitely a mid and end-game Hero, and may not help your particular circumstance. -Osmo might help your circumstance out considerably, and doesn't really have any severe weaknesses. -Haven't used Jack in the Box before, but seems like it could help your situation. Can't offer advice there. -Other obvious stuff is to make sure you skills have Item Chance and Item Quality if you're struggling with collecting items. You can also use Solora with some Handbags to make it even easier.

I have default only and kvothe

I play hard only with kvothe. You skill for drop rate everything that gives DPS (I don't skill crit chance though) and what else you need. Then swap all grey and blue pots that are not drop rate. My best tower for early game is solara. I try to keep her until I can swap to holgar Safely. Sometimes I have to swap her for something better suited for the coming wave. But thats generally it. Best hero to my mind is standard bonus drop chance. He is the best to get the game running. And yeah starting with wave 50 the game gets to be a bitch until your main gets strong enough to carry easily.

I get frustrated after 50....enemies start leaking...

cant get past 75 lol

What is your deck? Did you try mass wolfs?

Ok I've tried a lot of decks and I'm perfectly fine till level 50 but can't get past 75...heres what I do... I start with space filling... On Carry positions it's either rabbit or dandelion... I support them with beaver jily theif wizard and all.... I replace forts card with any Sting carry sometimes Solara sometimes scarecrow or hitman and something like that... Second Carry spot i fix with shadow... Everything goes fine till 50 but after that it starts leaking... Yes i tried mass wolf deck but still couldn't do it... Plus drops are so rare... I गीत shadow after wave 50 once.... Didnt get wolf till 30 or so... It's really annoying

You build Shadow too soon, shouldn't build it until you get plasma blade. And i think Reaver+Shadow is not that good. In my 102k sec record, my shadow have no Reaver nor Seelenreisser

If you're going to do a Wolf deck, and you're finding it hard to field, narrow down your decks. You can safely get rid of at least one other deck (Darkness, for example) and still make it to the end (Though you won't last very long in the bonus round with Wolf Pack, just to forewarn you). -If you're struggling, best advice I can provide for Hard: -Pick Darkness - only Darkness. -Get rid of the wave-extension skills and card selection. Use bonus-item slot until Unique, max out Speed, max out both item skills, and then fill out your damage skills as needed. -Start your primary carry as a Miss Jilly, don't put any other towers down until absolutely necessary. -Transmute anything that isn't Miss Jilly (Late game), Solora (First result only) or Acolyte of Greed (Stockpile). -Wait for a Solora to drop. -Anything other than Speed or Water of Life potions gets transmuted. For items, aim for anything that boosts Speed, or look for the Handbag. -Replace primary with Solora. -By now, you should be fairly stable, so you can start utilizing Damage and Critical Items as well. -Save up for the Epics, and fill up your back half with Miss Jilly. -If Abyss King or Knuperhexe appear, deploy them as soon as possible. Dark Forge can be deployed last. -If and when you get a Miss Jilly past level 60, start replacing her rapidly with your stockpiled Acolytes of Greed. This strategy will not last long in to the bonus round on Hard, but it will consistently get you to the end on Hard.

PSI what was your equip for shadow then ? Blade of darkness and hydra?

Oh, i don't have hydra arrow yet I gave him Excalibur, blade of darkness, blood blade, dagger and cape

and your support tower was scarecrow with withered?

Nope, Knus with withered set

Always focus Knuperhexe on Speed and Luck, let something else be the support tower. Her ability is one of, if not the strongest support abilities in the game, especially for endgame.