Metamorphosis Potion

Hello all, Can you suggest some practical uses of Metamorphosis potion? How does gender change in game benefits? One that I can think is give it to Yggdrasil and convert multiple male towers to female to benefit Huli. But Huli is not used for attack role. People just bring in Muli so despite being viable this strat is still not good. Is there any other strat???

Handbag is gender specific

@kami Yeah but it's just item chance and it's only good early on... I'm asking about long term strategy and used of the potion...

I do not know of anything besides huli and handbag. The whole gender part seems like that it was at some point planned to be relevant but then dropped. Especially the potion felt like it came out of nowhere as it is quite new but did not have any effect on gameplay, except for transmutation. Maybe it was more a statement than something for the game.

I think that's the case. I think the game is in a good place as far as gender goes, right now. Although, I'm not easily bothered. There's a reasonable amount of equality between the genders as far as rarity and elements go. Making something too gendered might send the wrong message to some people.