Tips for efficient game

1. I build 1st money bin when I have around 6k gold and second one when I hav 8k gold by fomula build new one when you have [2020X+6060]gold (X: number of money bins you have now) so you dont lose your interest (when you use satellite very useful) 2. If Im not wrong maximum attack speed is 1/60s(set the game 60FPS) So max AS is (5900*Cool down)% attack speed (2900*Cool down)% attack speed (when you use Sceptor of time) 3. Item chance when it becomes 1900% it has 5% diffence with max chance i think its enough

Are there difference between 60fps and 30fps? I found the min Cool down time is 0.1s. CoolDown=BaseCoolDown/(1+AttackSpeedAdd%) When CoolDown<0.15s, it will show as 0.1s.

as i know 30fps has 1/30(=0.033)s maximum cooldown and when u use Sceptor of time it would be 1/15(=0.066)s in any conditions all maximum speed show as 0s so they seem same but in real 60fps has double up higher dps and (30fps+sceptor) dps = (60fps+No sceptor)/4 dps 4times differenct but over 0.066s cool down 30fps is fine enough

thanks, I will try it.

I test it, my shadow's Cooldown become 0 when Attack speed add reach 1900, I am still not sure when Attack speed continue rise, what will happen. base-cool-speed 1----0.05-1900 1----0.04-2400 1----0.03-3233.333333 1----0.02-4900 1----0.01-9900 or base-multiple-speed 1----20-------1900 1----21-------2000 1----22-------2100 1----23-------2200 1----24-------2300 1----30-------2900 1----40-------3900 1----50-------4900 1----60-------5900

shadow would be 2900 (60fps + time sceptor)

2900 only get 30 times?

yes and sceptor makes x2 faster then 1/60s

I think 5900 is very hard to achieve, 2900 maybe is good enough.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sceptor of Time would divide FPS, not multiply, would it not? If the game is doing 60FPS, and you're asking it to do twice the work in the time, it would go back to 30FPS effectively (Or 15FPS off of 30). Could be mistaken of course, I don't play with the Sceptor all that much myself.

Hi guys, don't know if I am retarded or if I just can't read. Are you guys saying that FPS affects DPS? This is how I interpret what is written above. Example 30 FPS AS is capped at 0.03 = 33,3 attacks per second. If I now use scepter does that mean my carry will only attack 15 (=30 FPS/2) times per ingame second? Resulting in my DPS only being 45 % (=15/33.3) of maximum potential. Example 60 FPS AS is capped at 0.03 = 33,3 attacks per second. 60 FPS allows all the attacks to go through. Using scepter i only get 30 attacks (=60 FPS/2) resulting in my DPS only being 90 % (=30/33.3) of maximum potential. I have always played 30 FPS with scepter and my best time is 74748 seconds on easy. Would that imporve drastically if I used 60 FPS without scepter. If it does I want to kick myself. HARD... Wish you a really good new year! Hoid

Yes, technically speaking, the best the game can do is by playing in 60FPS mode with no Sceptor of Time active (0.016 minimum attack delay). 30FPS with no Sceptor and 60FPS with Sceptor will both do 0.033 attack delay. 30FPS with Sceptor of Time will do 0.066 attack delay. For the record, it won't allow attacks to go through or not, the game will tell you what the minimum attack delay is (It'll add a "Min" to the end under speed when you've hit it). Going past that will just waste the speed bonus.

This was "fixed" at some point between the thread creation and your post 30 hits per second is max attack speed now.

Good to know, thanks! I did some testing and the savegame I had saved, starting at 12 k bonus, lasted on average of 90 k seconds (have run it 8 times, 4 times on each setting), no matter if i had 30 fps with scepter or 60 fps with scepter. So if there really is a difference, it should be minimal. I should probably do a real test where I write down the times and see if there actuelly is a difference, even 1 % equals 1 k seconds on a 100 k run, and when you have come that far every second matters.