Death wall during bonus rounds (may cause game freeze)

(Dawn of light only) This is not a discussion about main (carry) or how to last longer in the bonus round. This is only about building a strategy for support characters to help your carry focus. The factors here are to kill fodder fast so that the wall doesn’t get clogged ever and that the carry never spends a millisecond on a wasted attack. This requires that you have a focus on speed, multi attack, and most importantly luck maxed, and position of towers well thought out. My strategy also applies that you need the right items and towers to drop: - Mr iron (metro) - 2x ms Jilly (Dark) - snow globe (light) - Knusperhexe (dark) Mr iron - Trident of Poseidon - Snow globe (ms Jilly) - Convert every speed+ item and potions - impatience wrath set with as many skipped wave as possible Ideal speed is around .006 (or less) if you maximize drops from dungeon door in bonus round it’s possible. The problem with this speed is that it can cause the game to glitch and on a couple of occasions caused a crash. - maximize luck, get as much as you can. Note - Using this alone can push a boss back permanently never reaching your carry so be careful about position Ms Jilly support wall - toilet paper - Impatience wrath set - do not maximize her speed just get her around 0.1 with around 80- 100 luck. Her role is to slow down and not completely stop bosses. You want to make a sweet spot between knus and the carry so that the carry can do it’s job and with armor reduction. Knusperhexe - 100 luck - impatience wrath - helm of hades - placed close enough to get all mass mobs as early as possible, but also within range for carry to receive armor reduction bonus in kill range Thoughts?

Pretty decent overall. A few improvements though: But with Mr. Iron you don't need impatience set, just eat all the mushrooms and seven-league boots you find. You can also eat lucky pants for all the luck you can dream about. I would add that Mr. Iron might as well use dried cactus and withered mushroom for the pushback chance. I would give toilet paper to Miss Jilly as well as some water of life so she can farm goblins from dungeon door. Knusperhexe doesn't need helm of Hades.

Does knusper realy need luck? Just used impatience and rabitglobe or trident + useless machine till she has eaten ~ 1500 creeps after that i make her nacked :D

Good points all. I assumed everyone who played in the older versions automatically used the withered set on mr iron. The same goes with mr iron using mjoelnir as it kills all creeps under a certain % of hp, including bosses (when attack is fast enough it feels like every hit).