Let's get an updated strategy debate going. Please respond with what and where your carries are as well as item usuage. Will probably help alot. For me I barely make it 500 waves on hard cause of the new armor and I do use knup and cactus..so advice on hard be great. Thanks.

I usually use shadow until I get enough cash to run the satellite. Gear is tricky as it really depends on drops and potion drops, but end game I use the reaver, helm, and a combination of both swords and/or the mummy wraps. The mummy wraps is often a carry item until both swords are viable, but sometimes I keep it depending on my ending stats. I usually drink speed potions and try to upgrade to them early in the game, they seem to give the most reliable damage boost. Next is gearing and potioning up to get a high crit. There is a threshold where crit gives a massive damage boost, so I try to wait to drink my potions until doing so will put me over that threshold. Frozen Candles can come in very handy for reaching this goal, since you can't go below 1 multicrit. I try to never drink strength potions, they seem very underpowered compared to speed and crit. Crit potions are strictly better than strength because they give a damage boost too, and speed scales better than strength because of math :P That being said, I don't sack greater strength potions. All said and done, there is a lot of luck involved, just like any other roguelike game.

i use Holgar the Horrible on first 400 waves to get maximum amount of potions, and then switch them on Shadow, so my 2 Shadow towers have about 5000% on all properties on final 500 wave and stats like this: str dmg +3000% cirt dmg + 8000% crit rate +1000% speed rate + 3000% i do not use any slowing units, only time warp-combo 2 main tower I put on the first cell, and behind the maximum number of Miss juli my best result with this arrangement is about 8000 seconds on the hard

Welcome on board gamer! That's an interesting strategy, I mostly use only one carry. But I have to admit, my best score have been ~2000 seconds in the bonus round :-D Will give this strategy a go as soon as I have 1.0 out!

my typical arrangement: arrangement 1 - spd aura + time warp combo 2 - instakill + time warp combo 3 - BIG spd aura (400%+) + time warp combo with about 3000% spd on 2 targets 4 - multicirit aura 5 - armor reduction (1500+ on 5000sec +) + time warp combo 6 - 1 carry tower 7 - instakill + time warp combo 8 - 2 carry tower 9-13 - instakill + spd auratime warp combo 14+ - instakill

some small hints: i prefer use restoration potion only on married 99 lvl towers how to get BIG spd aura tower to 99 lvl to proper use of magic mushrooms (119% aspd)? I use Solea x4 with some eaten Viking Helmets (80+ luck) How to get a large factor in damage to all types of monsters armor with Shadow ? I do not use any multicrit increasing items and towers before late game, so on single Chellenge wave my carry towers, equipped with the 80+ luck items get a huge amount of damage increase factor (400-500% on all properties). Another great advantage of a very long passage of each Boss Challenge wave - amount of experience for support towers from keys of Wisdom. It`s real to stop Chellendge Boss on 3 minutes :)

Thanks for this great description of your strategy. I'm sure a lot of players will find this useful!

... if u feed all those meads on a single carry then wouldn't.that tower suffer from an insanely high miss percentage??.. XD Try Shadow+ Abyss King combo.. with AK having full impatience set (tile 2) and Shadow using M.Reaver throughout all waves for maximum adaptation. This way you have an infinitely scaling dmg from Shadow (AK's ability and Shadow's adaptation) on the bonus round. In this build shadow can out class laser satellite in terms of dmg output. XD

I did try that yesterday and I couldn't get over 400 second. I even had seelenreisser on shadow, and I thought would be infinite dmg increase on shadow due to the AK and the sword, but it didn't hold up... no idea.. I really wonder how you do this... and my stats are crazy on my shadow... but I admit I never tried to shadows.. and I focus now on the goldlevel ;)

Didn't work?? i find that hard to believe. haha. what i usually do is have my Shadow use the Darkness blade, Excalibur, M.Reaver and the Ring of Yin/yang. Abyss King would have full Impatient set and a Lucky pants. It works well for me so i think the flaw must be on your Tower placement. Since abyss king doesnt have an AOE on its abilities like Knux, it wont matter where you place him as all darkness towers will still benefit. But to maximize this I place him near the spawning sites and have shadow a little way back, out of the range of shadow's reduced range (2tiles since you have the M.Reaver on).

Well I read my post again, 4000seconds not 400 ;) bbut still, I will make some screens on my current play as I am about to start surviveround. And explain what I did to this point.. Usually I have my AK close to span, shadow 3 fields behind, shadow with excalibur, seelenreisser, Helm and reaver, AK was married before to shadow and has the withered set with pants on. (All in bonus) iron man with all the buff items next to shadow. My shadow has +12000% on all resistance, and a dmg of roughly 2.5mil, and with that I can't get close to 5000second's... My best overall was with people 0.9 something about 6000 seconds So see ya later dudes ;)

Would love to see a video of these strats in action :-) My best bonus round score ever was 1200 seconds with Bear Hunter / Holgar combo. Will start a new try, now that the christmas days are over, hehe. Thanks for sharing guys!

tnx gamer for improving my gameplay a lot! i just got from rank 1605 to 871 =)))) i loved the idea of marry 2 lvl99 towers and then drink the life potion, that helped a lot =) i married my dark forge and my money bin coz in the survival rounds you dont need money and you dont get any more dark items so it rocked and then i just replaced them with jilly's, and also i liked the holgar until lvl 400 then switch to shadow tip aswell it got me from my maximum of 2005 seconds to 7724 seconds but i also changed my game a little by myself usually i put mr.iron on the first tile and then my main holgar to 400 and then shadow, and on number 3 a scientist until i have knusperhexe or A-King, before i made ganesha on number 4 and when 99 i put balu the bear and married with my main and drank all potions but that only got me to 2000 sec, so i now in 1.0 i put ganesha on 8 and when 99 i made all acolytes i could, the gear imroved mr.iron ALOT, but instead of a second carry i married mr iron and got 32000+% dmg instead of usual 12000%, and i got crit dmg to 8600+% instead of usual 0%,shadow best hit = 522M and mr iron best hit = 445.9M. Both my main, shadow and mr iron has 0 attack cooldown so they shoot superfast and i have 2 items from withered set for the timewarp on mr.iron and he push them back very easy only drawback i have noticed is that my knusperhexe or A-King dont have enough range to get to the mass creeps before iron or shadow slaughter them(at 7000+ sec i only have 490 in my AK army =/) so i am going to try to put knusper/AK on 1, main on 2 and iron on 3 and see whats best in my next game. also great is a lot of jillys with either withered for timewarp or impatience set and a pair of lucky pants oh and its on the blood moor map i have played the most! peace //

A-K on 1, mr.iron on 2 married with shadow on 3 got me to 5500ish sec, next i will try put shaddow on 2 and mriron on 3 and see what happens btw with A-K on 1 he got some reach and i ended up with an army over 3200+ in 5,5k sec bonus round, instead on tile 3 he only got 490 on almost 7,7k seconds