early game

Hi folks, long time reader first time poster. I'm having trouble with the beginning game by way of getting my carry most of the kills without other towers stealing xp. I end up letting leaker through because Ionly build one tower to carry. Can I get some help please? Thanks edit: I try to add support around 20 but leakers all get through and my carry isn't strong enough

Heya friend, Welcome to the board. The beginning game can sometimes be the toughest but theres some awesone guides up already to help. My advice is that sometimes you need to build extra towers to help your main get the kills. I like to use a scientist to deal extra damage sometimes before my main gets to hit. Other times use a beaver or two to slow them down. These towers you use before lets say wave 40 are negligible. You can use them and then sell them. Also despite the item guide giving low credence to pumpkins, you can use them to slow a tower that tends to be 'kill stealing' from your carry. I hope this helps. I have more info/tactics if you need.

What I do is just to make the Scientist my "carry" early on - it doesn't do much damage and it probably doesn't get full xp, but it's close. So to kill creeps I just spam the board with Thieves, more scientists, beavers and whatever else is available (careful on the hitmans though because they do tend to steal xp). The main reason you'd want to get kills with your carry is for item drops and I've rarely seen water of life drop early on.... so ehh.

I dunno... I use baby rabbit. In an ideal game I can assure 98% kills with my carry over 200 rounds. Id not suggest spamming towers too early based on the convenience of the effects of levelinging up. Furthermore... until about wave 70 (though it's not possible) if your carry out levels the wave you can ensure victory.. ive only been able to achieve this up to wave 35 but it basically means youll win if at least one useful rare drops before wave 60.

So some of you play by setting towers all over and then putting a carry in once one drops? Do you gimp the other towers with pumpkins to let the carry level up? Thanks

It seems some players waste energy like that. A single tower works fine. Besides if you put 10 towers down by wave 20... how many pumpkins do u normally find ;)

Well idk - single tower just never worked out well for me in the earlier versions so I decided to just spam the field with support towers and since thieves are in the main opportunity cost is in the slightly lower xp gain of scientist vs single tower, while the gold proc of thieves more than makes up for their cost meaning you likely get to place the most important unique towers sooner than you would otherwise.

the best tower that works as a solo carry in early game is the baby rabbit. i place him at 12 and i rarely need to give him any suport, depending on what items i get. for suport i use scientist on the spots i need towers with xp (17 for elvis, 15 for widow and 14) and also herb witches. i usually change him as soon as i have a shadow and after that you can spam as many towers as you want :)

I usually like to start with the Dandelion. Well, on YouTD the cactus was my favourite starting carry, too :-P Old habits don't change! PS: I really enjoy the trend that different people like to use different carriers now. This is a good sign that we get closer to a good balanced set of towers. Yay!

Depending on the situation and luck you can even get herb witch to be an amazing carry (though I could only get it to work once) but things are definitely getting smoother :)