Blood demon blade

Guys I'm not getting the info about blood demon blade. I got it yesterday only and can't understand its use. Can you guys explain in detail like where we can use it as it takes up all health. Also explain mechanics please

Description on the tower. Look properly u need the tower first to get the blade. The description there is pretty straight forward and clear.

I saw that bro..... I don't get the base damage thing...

ok so say that the base dmg of a lvl 99 shadow is 110-329, if you have the wizard skill that gives 100% extra hp, use the skull that heals you by 100%, marry 2 level 99 towers and drink the potion that restores life/lvl you get 198% hp more, and then you place the demon blade it will give you a sword with 497+ base dmg so the shadow will then have 607-826 base dmg if he equips the blade =) then if you swipe some legendary/epic cards you will get card dust and have a chance for a card with 20% extra life marry 2 towers and drink it and it will yield 40% extra hp instead =) but i must say that so far hydra is so damn strong that the demon blade is useless if you have the sceptre set, reaver and soulreaper i just swi1ped the demon tower for extra card dust potions in my current game and use the extra hp to survive leaks instead =) also if you have the skull it has 100 heals, if you heal 99 times you can still swipe it and just loose 1% hp :)

Wow bro, now that's what I call an explanation wanted... Thanxx a lot brother.... You're the best, no wonder you're one of the most senior player of mazebert.... MRDRR Senpai 😜😜😜😜

It's obvious, but it's worth noting: Demon Blade becomes less and less useful the higher the base damage was on the original tower. Towers like The Dark Forge, Ripper and Stonecutter's Temple will get almost no bonus from a strong Demon Blade (<15% boost). Towers like Shadow, Mr. Iron and Balu the Bear will get a tremendous boost to damage (>300% boost). Depending on what you're using, it can often be worth NOT using Blood Demon at all (Simply transmute him).

oh you, stop it you! i'm blushing here xD

Well yeah.... I found it now.... Blood demon blade is not that OP.... Now that I have seelenreiser, hydra, Excalibur and darkness blade I don't think it has much use... Well anyways all thanks to guidance of all senior players I managed to beat 500 wave normal game with darkness only with 3.5k secs. Still I feel like satellite > shadow as with metro deck I've hit 8k and it scales well for 500 wave games. What do you guys think.?

i think satellite may be the strongest tower in the game if you can get enough money? if you make like a moneyrun, go shadow as main and lots and lots of moneybins, in late late(maybe 20-30k+ sec?) bonusrounds you keep going with shadow until he starts to leak, then you change shadow into satellite and i think satellite will sweep the map clean as by then you would have gathered quite a massive amount of gold, satellites dmg is based on your wealth, interest per wave is what will get you the most money, 1 million interest per wave is max, so try to get 1m/wave as fast as you can to get as much money as possible i think moneyruns are boring so i haven't really tested it but i've heard that it is a strong tactic(only played with satellite 2-3 times just to try it out)

Well my strategy differs a bit. I play nature+metro. My main carry till 500 is wolf or lots of wolfs. For buff I take ganesha to 99. And slowly start building money bins. By 450 I get about 100m gold. Then in final wave I replace every nature tower with money bin loaded with keys and change ganesha to temple. Alpha wolf becomes satellite and secondary becomes scarface. Then they farm like crazy. 8k secs after 500 wave game on normal. The downside of satellite is you can't get it work properly on 200 wave game. You will need atleast 50m by start of bonus round to sustain. Nevertheless I love satellite build. Try it sometimes.... You'll surpass your 30k record for sure.

Iv'e done 3 normal runs in a row now, all with shadow main 200 waves = 34k seconds 300 waves = 33k seconds 400 waves = 30k seconds He seems to drop in power the more waves you choose to use with him, but he is still very strong Since wave 500 will make him reach his limit faster before bonus round he won't last as long, because the bonus round would be starting waves strong as wave 500 to start with. While wave 200 he is far from his limit and can still kill bonus rounds since they scale from wave 200. By the time he reach 10k limit you are about 20k seconds in and he should be able to carry 10k more seconds. BUT I supose as @MRDRR said if you would want to go above 30k limit you could try shadow into satellite when Shadow starts to lose it. Then you should go with the wave 500 i think, makes shadow reach his limit faster but more moneys would be gathered and Satellite would have a much stronger boost when switching. Also by then most towers should be close to lvl 99 from all exp keys, makes the stonetemple worth it.

nicely done @Snorefox =) it is the armor that gets stronger, that is why it feels like shadow is weaker, creeps get +1 armor/wave(in bonusround too) so it is not that much of a difference, it is just 300 armor between them, so that means place your knusper in a good strategic spot, up her speed and luck and make her eat like crazy =) that should even it! 1 gameplay i love is to make Mr.Iron into main carry at say #2, feed him everything except like paintings and such that would just hurt him, and then marry with a secondary like holgar or maybe shadow(or make holgar into shadow a few k secs into BR) on #3 and drink all potions, it is a very fun and exciting strategy, though it may not take you very far ;) haha

@MRDRR ah Didn't know about that armor stuff, still a fresh player! My second week in this game, to bad hydra arrow was 2 times in a row. Never tried a game with Mr.Iron as a main, still waiting for lots of fun with Demon Blade whenever I get lucky to get it. Just spent 280 Gold and no new Legendary card :/

Dunno why even after all this trying can't get my shadow to pack a punch..... Last time it got 1k adapts still couldn't damage much.... How can I get Adapts quicker? I use scarecrow as main till bonus round and shadow, I keep as secondary to use adapts. I only went about 3k. Even after abyss had 1500 and knusper had 1200. What could be the most viable strategy for shadow run? I've tried lots of strategy and still couldn't touch 10k secs. I guess I'll try with 200 wave game

As it seems i think Hydra can help you gain adapts faster, but the best item ever is the M.Reaver it is a must have on shadow =) other than that it is just to raise his luck by alot! i play with -40% luyck on my shadow and i dont hit 10k% adapts until after 20-25k seconds, im at 17k seconds right now and i have 6.7k, 6.7k, 7.5k on my main shadow, but i did not feed him either nillos or lucky potion as i gave them to AK and knus ;) for tips you could look at this thread it is old but you can still learn alot from it =) https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/noob-here/

Bro im collecting relics to make a legendary card from RNG. So I'm thinking of buying either Spectral daggers or Lord Roderic. I'm confused what should I make. LR is good but has serious debuffs. If I purchase him I get damage boosts for early game but speed is crushed. On the other hand dagger can improve my carry. What do you say? Should I buy hero or dagger. I'm asking you cuz you're the most experienced here. And if I'm to buy LR then can you tell me strategies?

Lord roderic every day ;) spectral daggers and cape are just about the same as blade of darkness and excalibur, ok 2 mc more on the spectral set but if you go for LR it will be just about the same, the speed debuff is not so much of a problem as it is just 50%, your carry will do great anyway tnx to the dmg and crit bonus, the rest like beavers, jillys, spiders and such will be worse in the beginning but as soon as they get a impatience set you wont know the difference, the problem with roderic is the luck... but i promise you that your game will improve alot with him ;) just go for 2 rabbits as your main in the beginning and put a few jillys in the back to catch leaks the rest will come to you =) some towers with already slow starting speed like Hitman, scarecrow etc. will do worse in the beginning as a carry but as soon as you get wristwatch,mushroom or the speedy boots on him he will crush =) @Noin wrote some tips here earlier today =) https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/just-some-questions/page/2/#post-7932

I have no words bro...... This forum and every participant has helped me improve my game considerably... And your advices are pure gold. Bro if you're on instagram then follow me pls we'll have some chat there and will get to know each other better Here's my IG username cbs.blackbeard

Glad to be of help =) sorry mate i don't use insta(i hardly use anything) all i ever seem to do is playing mazebert ;) haha

Then tell me imgur Id.... I'll add you there

I would gladly create a discord chat for people here to chat with :)

Well ok cool.. Your call I'm downloading discord app post the invite link in off topic forum

hehe i don't have imgur either, i just upload pics then i don't know what happens with them lateer;)

@cbs the sage just posted it on the off-topic as you said Hopefully you guys will join :)

i am pretty bad at these chat things =) is at an app or can you open it in a browser on the computer? if its an app i can't, my phone is bad, limited RAM and no space left ;) anyway i do like this forum as it makes everything available for new players wich they would have missed if everything was discussed in a chatroom also i gotta ask bcause i am curious about your strategies, why do you build money bins so late in the game? you miss out on alot of money from interest that way, if i was going for satellite i would put those bins out as soon as i got them =) piz // mr

It works both as an app and on browser, never the less I do love this forum :) And as for the Satellite build on 200 wave normal, it works like a charm if you know how to get it starting. I managed to get 16k seconds on normal 200 wave with Satellite build. Had 46M gold. Most people seems to have the habbit of playing Satellite right of the bat on the bonus round, that's what you should never do. Since it is eating your money quite fast. You could use any main carry you had before satellite for some time (It also generates alot of gold). I used Muli Monkey (because of quest) until 8K seconds in, then when I started leaking I switched to Satellite and it got me to 16K seconds. I do prefer Shadow tho. I could have used a better carry than Muli because he was drinking moneys aswell, but by the time I hit 8K seconds I had 46M gold. Satellite is at his peak when you build him, and that is usually on the statt of the bonus round when creeps are at their weakest. You want to try to save it for as long as you can. It probably would have gotten further if I had done a 500 wave run.

Blood demon blade is super useful especially on main carry shadow. With the soul pot, skull of darkness, and if u played decently/luckily in thr first 50 rounds (my best was losing 30+ hp b4 the end of wave 500) so u can get a 400 to 500 range base damage item i dont include health pots here. So basially for shadow at max 99 ur min dmg is 2xx u are doubling ur base dmg which is the basis of all the dmg multiplier.

Got this for 15k+ seconds on easy (just start playing this game) Get 367.7 million of gold for sat when shadow starts losing waves.(3000-4000 sec on bonus round) Thats what ive got in the end Builded with speed and luvk only) Abys king got ,8000+ stacks Knus got 5000+ stacks Sat 69.9B best hit... And i cabt dl image here or from other site... Url dont work(((