wolf pack strat

I havent seen a topic for this yet so here we go, here I would like to to discuss with you, the rest of the community, just one simple topic, the wolf pack strat, is it viable.

I think it depends on your Goal. I'm pretty sure, that you can do 300-500 Waves with it. Or with about every tower you want to. In the end, every wolve but one (or if you go for 2 Carrys, then 2) are supportive towers. Stack a bit of speed on them and of course the Withered Set. But the longer the game goes, the less useful the Wolves ability gets. And then there is the short range. Will be hard to get a good spot on the rankings. But i do not doubt, that you can do the normal waves and even the 800sec missions with wolves only.

I think I will try it but it will take all the positioning.

In the end it comes down to a few things: Placement of your Carry wolf/Wolves. Timing when you place the other wolves. You dont want them to take too many kills away from your Carrys. The problem i see, that many things are balanced for the 200 wave matches without bonusrounds. Solara works fine in 200 wave matches (if you dont go for it too early). But later on, like so many others the Shadow/Scarface/Balu etc just own them with their dmg by FAR.

On that subject recently I have found that of those I prefer balu, a tower that quite a few people used to think was terrible

I don't see wolves as viable. They are a fairly terrible tower and having more wolves generally means they would be stealing the XP of the main tower. One idea is to use the other wolves as "scientists" to level up for later usage for other things. But that seems a lot harder to do than use normal scientists.

Hello Guys, On the one hand i can't understand what you are complaining off. I placed my first wolf on around level.... 5-7 and then just filled the whole board with it. On the end of my 200 waves match the lowest wolf was about level 55. (No Keys used, one genesha as soon as i could afford it in the middle with an equipped wolf item... wolf pelt? so it counts for the passive). As soon as the first 5 wolves were standing and the first levels on them the Primary wolf wrekt havoc on the enemys. Could go without using potions up to wave 150 (Exception: Water of Life and unique potions) But i think they are not viable to go further on with them. But hey! They are BLUE towers, so midgame to late carrys so i think it is fine. About "use of normal scientists"... Lets say your whole field is filled with scientists and a carry... The first 5 Scientists may get hits on the enemy and get a bit of exp (depending on attack speed, which is pretty bad as we know). With wolves, EVERY wolve on the whole map gets a full point of experience. Doesntmatter if bosses or Mass units. And that is AWESOME. Just think about a powerleveling ganesha between a dozen doggys and a dark forge next to it??? You could have your 99 Gan + 99 forgeon wave 150 (with good money management and of course some luck etc) and lots of potion to spend on your ner max level towers. And best of all? Your friggn doggy can still carry a while until your big new towers are fed and you got the sword. But in the end, they are just the carry to get from early to late game. No use to even try them on Bonus waves.

My issue with it is that it is very much dependent on how many wolves you get which is random, its expensive early on to get a ton of them so you wont people to afford all the towers you need after you are done with them.

And remember, shadow is a blue tower as well.

The question is when you are building the wolves? Well one as early as you can. Then i wait for some money and when my income hits around 100 i build 2-3 more, then wait for income to rise. That way you keep a decent chunk of money back and gain a good revenue via income. You can always (after level 15) spam a few thiefs to increase your money... Or play without Metro. No useful support tower here besides Mr. Iron. You can always build a 2nd Carry tower way back to take care of air (if you intend to use your wolf as carry to the end) If you dont care about your wolves anyway and use it as level factory, then just place ganesha/Forge wisely..

I gotta say, I haven't played enough with the Wolf to be the authority on the topic, but from my experience, using them as a Nature Scientist seems spot on. They can be awesome to power-level before handing off to something else, but using them exclusively? Recipe for heart-break.

Update: I totally destroyed the first map with the Wolf Pack strategy! Its really powerful now. I did Nature Only for quests, with Baby Rabbit. But my 1 beaver stole half my boss kills so I decided to try out the wolves. Going from rabbit to wolf didnt really hurt my damage at all. Dropping wolves all over made then level up FAST! This hugely boosted the crit chance/damage and swelled my damage on the main wolf. I killed ALL challenges completely from round 30+ when I swapped. It definitely would fall off after round 200, but by then you've got lots of level 30ish towers you could swap into other things. Dont forget wolfskin cloak to put on your support Herb Witch, Manitou, Ganesha.

Alright, you've convinced me to try. Could be pretty fun. =)

Well yeah, pretty easy to go for dailys if you can use wolves ^^ If you need 1 million money, just take Metro as second race and easy going. On easy you can go for the 800sec bonus time on a 200 waves match, nearly without using potions...

I usually like to run dedicated decks, so I'll likely leave Metro in the wings if I can get away with it. I assume I should be using a damage-focused hero?

Ok the wolves are very powerful the way I do it is just use nature tower types in the game settings then start the game with a dandelion wait until it hits around level 5 and build some beavers/baby rabbits then I start swapping out for wolves once I've gotten several wolves I place one herb witch next to my pack leader then I fill the map with wolves aside from 2 spots within 3 squares of my pack leader which I use for 2 purples the experience one and the multicrit one the experience one will hit 99 very quickly so you should put a wolf cloak on it then I equip my pack leader with meat mallets excalibur and mummies bandage the withered set isn't very good aside from the bandages.everyone should relax with that lol by the bonus round I have my pack leader at 0.1/0.2 attack speed with around 300000 damage a shot and like 250% critical chance using the wolf hero is highly advised for this strategy the wolf pack strategy is extremely effective and I'd suggest it for anyone who likes seeing a lot of really high numbers

Hell, you put in more thought than I did. I just built Wolves when I could. Replaced one with a Beaver, and one for each Unique. Holy balls is Wolf Pack amazing. I didn't even have good drops and I was absolutely dominant.