Luck cap/ item chance cap/armor in higher levels ?

Hey all I had seen somewhere that apparently after 400% item chance and quality you don't get anything more out of it and was wondering about other hidden caps or general stuff. - is there a cap on item related % About the luck. So i tried putting 4 lucky pants on a level 99 scarface, which has level 99 59.7 % of firing again. So the pants give him +160% ish luck. So he should have more than a 100% chance of firing again, which would be insane and result in him firing an infinite number of times. But he doesn't. He fired x1 once i saw him he is a fraud. So there is a cap on luck, or the chance of an effect occuring. Now i'm not fond of scarface but he has the highest proc rate on an ability so i used him to investigate this. But is there such a cap on every ability ? like holga's chance of giving a mead, shadow's chance of adapting, beaver stun, jilly kill? - is there a luck cap, or a trigger rate cap, or is there a trigger rate cap individual to each ability ? now the armor: in my latest run i skipped the knux altogether because the game before she ate 1700 creeps and i thought damn that is 1700 creeps holga could've used for meads to create other potions... so I skipped her. Now somewhere the equation for armor showed that after a certain amount of armor bonus or reduction it doesn't go higher. I think it was 600 armor you take 50% damage. But if creeps have 600 armor and my knux put them to -1100 and makes them take 100% more damage hell she is worth it. But if the creeps at higher level gain more and more armor, lets say 30 000 then -1700 sucks, the creeps still have their at least 600 armor. - I would love to know more about armor on creeps... (also i gave a dried cactus to one of my carry towers and well it made it hit significantly harder "attacks ignore 15% of creep armor +0.3 per level" so it might mean that armor reduction is still relevant but i would love confirmation Long post sorry

Hi Rycb, and welcome to the forum! Yep, you are right about the luck, there is a cap at 80% for luck-improved abilities to proc. I added this cap in one of the last two releases, mostly because of Scarface being able to hit the 100% limit and shooting an exorbitant amount of shots.. It also helps with all other luck based abilities in the long run, as there might be more luck-improvers coming besides lucky pants ;-) Armor reduction is a quite important factor to the game, especially in late-game. For armor increase: The creep armor is always the current round of the creeps, so a round 1 creep has 1 armor, a level 200 creep has 200 armor. Every bonus round 'wave' also increases in armor. Hope that helps!

Now my holga currently has 800% item chance and item quality, but i have about 90 great waters of life in stock, is there a cap on that or should i just make him pass out drunk on those?

ah also i almost forgot, it seems some effects that work like a charm on some enemies, luck based, with time work less on enemy waves. Do enemies get a resistance against luck based effects as waves go by ? or is it just LUCK and sometimes it just works better than others?

How the item chance and quality works? Why 400% cap? Cant find the explanation anywhere abt the mechanism of this tower properties.. Thx