Survival Mode, 0.9.3

Hey Folks, i am at Nightshift again and i am bored, so i want to start a new Tip/Discussion Round for the Survival Mode.. when i play a game, i always wanna be in the Top-Ranks, and i really like the Challenge and the ladder-ranking system. BUT i wonder how those times are happening.. My Carry is a Holgar married to a Shadow, equpied with Viking Helmet, Excalibur, Wedding Ring and Helm of Hades, my Shadow has the Withered-Set and the second Ring.. Holgar is placed on the first field the creeps pass, followed by Iron Man, and then my Shadow.. i was only able to finish the 500waves with this combo of towers.. with shadow main no chance on Horseman, with other towers aswell no chance, only Holgar i able in my games to beat him... and i play this a while as you can see... Sooo, i want to hear your strategies, placements, Equip etc.... looking forward to it :D AND ANDREAS: AWESOME GAME Sincerely Schlawiner aka Jarecv

By the time, I kept Holgar/Shadow married with Mr.Iron as dual carry tower. And knues for mass killing Shadow/holgar was using Excalibur, blade of darkness, helm, mummy bandage. Mr.Iron had reaver/frozen heart, dungeon door The combo is based of your main carry. The combo gives you 2 choices. First one is to be able to kill an BOSS/normal wave. That why the shadow is fine here because of his adaptation. The second one but more risky is an hitman for his strongest single target in game. Why this combo is good? Knuss kill every mass creep M.Iron support with insane aoe/nice dps and OS air wave by stacking longbow. That why this combo is focuse on how fast can you kill boss on bonus wave. But nowadays, I'm mostly trying to find bug than playing since I don't know what to play now :P

I recently got to around 1000s and from one second to the next, my towers were not able to do anything. Could there be a problem with the scaling? My towers (Hrolgar and mr. iron, both around 30mil avg dmg and 0.1 atk/s) ripped everything to shreds and 10 seconds later, they could hardly kill 1 of 10 creeps. I usually don't get that far, so this was quite frustrating for me :)