Knusperhexe, worth it over long term use?

I'm wondering if Knuxperhexe is potentially detrimental to runs over 10k seconds. Let me explain why: I recently had a game where my Knusperhexe was around level 99, and had 2000 children eaten. Knusperhexe was closer and could target newly spawned mobs before my solo carry tower could. However, due to the power of my shadow and the use of reaver, Knuxperhexe was effectively capped around 2000 eaten. Shadow was just too strong/fast by this point, using reaver to destroy all mobs, and Knusperhexe often targets the wrong type in bonus round, like birds, bosses, etc. I should note, Knus also had the unstoppable force set and shared a luck potion with shadow. So how useful IS 2000 armor reduction? I'm not really sure how the armor formula works. My Knusperhexe was around 2000 for probably 5k seconds, and I wonder if I would've been better off in the long run having something else in Knusperhexe's place, like a twisted magician. I can see Knusperhexe being very useful for under 10k runs. But higher? I'm not convinced, unless 2000 armor reduction is actually really good long term.

I strongly suggest to use all luck portions on your main Shadow and Abyss King with wedding rings. My Knusperhexe equip Impatience's Wrath set and a Lucky pants, drink some speed portions to reach 0.2s cooldown(5 hits per second) and 50% luck(10 from skills and 40 from lucky pants), each hit have (20+99*0.2)%*(1+0.5)=60% chance to eat a creep. It's easy to get over 10K children in long time running. Becouse we can't see the creep's defence data, I am not sure how good it is, but no other tower to replace it, right? I have never used twisted magician in bonus game.

yeah that's exactly what I do, too. now at least, after I saw knus cap out. I suspect maybe with different placement my knus could have continued gaining faster. but yeah, even a lvl 99 jilly helps, or a gib. I really like twisted magicians with this patch tho, when they hit 99 and have unstoppable force set and lucky pants, not much gets thru them if you have a lot.

I really afraid the 25% chance of sending creep 3 seconds forward, so nearly never use twisted magicians, maybe I need to try something new. I used my second shadow equip withered set and lucky pants and two gib without MR to stop creeps a little while ago. Now I am trying Mr. Iron with withered set and unlucky pants, I found it's easy to get a high speed and high luck Mr. Iron, and free my second shadow, and replace 2 gib to scientists for more XP.

Yes, Knuperhexe remains valuable even late game. I can't remember where the formula is, but Knuperhexe is one of the few ways to have your towers hit for more than their listed damage (Case in point, on my last Golden Grounds run, my Forge Lord was only supposed to do 15 million per hit, but was consistantly above 50 million per hit while within range of Knuperhexe). As for the suggestion to not use the Luck potion on her, I could not disagree with that more. Abyss King is too weak to even worry about, so just load him up with Lucky Pants and Viking Helmets with Helm of Hades. Knuperhexe and Shadow/Forge Lord with Essence of Luck, and then as much speed as you can possibly stuff in to her. The faster she can attack at peak luck, the more minions she can suck up. Abyss King doesn't need to do anything other than exist to be useful.

Romeo do you have more specifics? how late were you into the run and how many children were eaten? I wish I knew how armor worked. just found this, it's a quote from andy: Armor reduction is a quite important factor to the game, especially in late-game. For armor increase: The creep armor is always the current round of the creeps, so a round 1 creep has 1 armor, a level 200 creep has 200 armor. Every bonus round ‘wave’ also increases in armor.

Yep, remember it clearly, she was in the high 4000's by the end of Wave 500. To be fair, I'm not the best player 'round here, and there's surely some dudes who have way more with her. My advise, like I said up there, is get her luck up with the potion, and then stuff her full of Magic Mushrooms and that item (Whose name eludes me) that boosts speed by 3% per level. I also keep her close enough to the front that she can kill any mass creeps before my carry does (And then surround her with my carry and Forge Lord). Just as a note, she'll eventually start to fall behind in bonus waves. Although they have Mass creeps, their armor gain is exceedingly quick, and she doesn't prioritize Mass creeps, meaning if she starts targeting a Boss minion first, she'll keep targeting it instead of Mass creeps.

so I'm starting to see how helpful knus is for long term. the issue is keeping her fed in bonus rounds. it's easy in the 500 waves, just have her target ahead of carry, but in bonus it's different. the main issue is she targets bosses while masses sneak by and get in range of my shadow with reaver and he wrecks them all. one idea I had was have my shadow not use reaver and have knus more in the back, so the shadows and supports keep bosses heavy and the masses walk into knus' mouth. anyone else have thoughts about her placement? it's hard not having shadow use reaver but it's probably the best for growth

Only bit of advice I can offer is to make sure her range is only ONE better than your carry's first attack is. That way she can start killing mass minions, but if a Boss/Normal/Air minion gets in the way, the Carry can quickly deal with them and let her get back to her task. Like I said, just by the very nature of the bonus waves, she will eventually fall behind, but having her is ALWAYS better than replacing her. Like I said, she can easily pump everyones' damage up to crazy levels around her.