Can anyone check my Setup?

Please comment any suggestion to improve my setup or point out any wrong placement. Thanks guys. ^_^ http://imgur.com/rnFdFpC http://imgur.com/3Pt8L8H My Carry http://imgur.com/n2SXzGx http://imgur.com/MU4MhRf My 2nd Carry (from Ganesha) http://imgur.com/WdzCsnP http://imgur.com/XhrVT2k My Knux http://imgur.com/THdr4NS http://imgur.com/8RiJYF2 My Jilly Support http://imgur.com/36Fy2j1 http://imgur.com/vVsDZiR Abyss King http://imgur.com/GV6cJGN http://imgur.com/rQIsnv4

I usually play on Blood Moor (37k sec bonus round on Easy), not sure about Twisted Paths placement 1. Balu the bear gains no benefit from Abyss King, you should use a Darkness carry tower if you want to use Abyss King 2. Give Abyss King that Helm of Hades, don't place him in cursed land 3. Impatience's Wrath Set are better than any speed items if you're playing 500 waves game (about +800% atk speed if skip every waves) 4. Knus insta-kill mass creeps ability is very helpful in bonus round, give her 2 lucky pants to raise her luck (and Impatience Set for speed). I use her as my 2nd carry tower, married to main carry Shadow. When Knus fast enough, i replace Impatience Set by Withered Set for damage amplification 5. No Mr Iron? Are you playing Nature/Darkness? Give your Iron all speed and luck items that you dont use and 2 Withered set items, he can make creeps moonwalk 6. Dark Forge + 5 Lucky Pants = a ton of items

Wow. Thanks alot psi. 1. Balu is a quest so i didnt swap with scarecrow mjolnir. 2. Copy. 3. Is it viable for bonus round? Withered and impatance? 4. I give 2 pants early waves aroung 200 to 300. During that wave i marry with my carry for drinking speed potion. 5. Yes nature darkness. Yeah works wonder. 6. Nice. Copy. I use nature darkness cuz wolf pack then dark forge dark items. Then carry scarecrow mjolnir 2nd carry replacing ganesha but after acolyte is gone. 7. My best bonus time with scarecrow mjolnir is 4k secs only. Need more viable strat to reach top ranks. Need more practice. Hahaha.. thanks alot for your feedback psi.

1. You still can do the quest, just put Balu in the back row. I tried scarecrow mjolnir, shadow is much better. 3. Impatience and Withered Set work best in bonus round 4. Your lvl 99 Knus need about 100% luck to get 80% chance to eat mass creeps and remember to raise her speed too (read 5) 5. You'll need Mr Iron and a lot of Witch cauldron. My Iron swallowed about 300 cauldrons so his neighbour tower (Jilly and Gib) get +3000% atk speed. Where did i get that many cauldrons? THE DARK FORGE I didnt take the screenshot in my best bonus time, but i think it look like this (forget those beavers) Nope This is how it work: - Mass creeps? Meh, Knus 1-shot them - Normal and Fly creeps? Those Jillies insta-kill them before they get pass the beavers - Boss? Knus damage amplificate and then Shadow finish him, they always target on a same creep with my setup - More than 1 boss? Knus and Shadow focus on 1 and Iron push the others back - Too many bosses? Well, that why i died at 37k sec. I dont have Spectral Daggers so i cant kill bosses fast enough. Multicrit is the most important thing in late game