Best Tower for timelord?

How did you beat the timelord? What main/sec setup do you guys use? Also how do you set the game up in the earlygame? I usually start with natue only and build a pack of wolfes. Somewere at wave 200 i switch the alpha wolf to balu and start placing my endgame towers. I use jygdra to consume as many potions possible before replacing him with my final tower. Ripper got me 14k seconds, Muli got only 3k... Next run i will try Lucifer.

Solara works well. Abyss king gives a good boost. The main thing is getting the yggdrasil tower as strong as possible. Also, you can use hitman before and after Solara for the extra range. Not a big difference there, 5-10% maybe?

I agree with fuzzy. And yeah wolves are a good early mid game strat. If you get lucky with multicrit potions getting crit chance up could be essential. If I remember correctly the next multicrit can hit with 80% chance of the previous. That means for 100% multicrit use you need ~8700% crit chance for multicrit 20 ~26500% crit chance for multicrit 25 Which is insane. I expect a big boost in my times when I get certain expert and black market items. Plus more black market is good anyhow. Trident is possibly essential now (or a snow globe rabbit) Also because of range and the much reduced possibility to go overkill with speed shadow might be very good against time lord but I have to test this.

I've had good luck with wolf strategy as well. Lvl up enough to be able to charge for Holgar. Usually around 200 wave. I've then gotten both Yggdrasil and Jing/Jang rings. Boosting ygg as much as possible, while Holgar leech 2x potions from branch and one ring. He kills and produce mead, that means more potions for both. At some point he can't do this any more. Then change for whatever you want. I think I har 20-25 multicrit, and crazy amount og damage. Think ripper had over 50 billion DPS :o Correction: Ripper had 33 multicrit and 86.4b DPS. Only 5k crit chance, so i guess i missed out on many of the multicrits. I need to manage potions better i guess ;)