i give up

like the title says...i give up...i dunno how you guys made 1500 with dandelion but i cannot for the life of me pass 300 without balu as carry. i tried with shadow, huli, muli, chair and nothing...i need you more experienced guys to give a little more info on placements and strategies cause i love this game but it annoys me right now. i have even tried to go with satellite but i didnt make more than 102 mil before wave 200 and the no interest killed me at 350 i think...

Hiho, i honestly dont Know how the other guys doing there maze, but i am only able with a shadow carry with withered Set and Excalibur, and 6 beavers stacked with Lucky pants, aswell as two Gibs One With messerschmidt and hades, the other One with shrooms.. i will Post a pic shortly After of my current game .. I am not able to kill mass challenge, everything else np. In my current game i lost % from goblin :D

Tower-Build Carry

Go for the SAT tactic.. i've done the 2k waves on hard with the tactic. In the beginning i just use shadow until level 2000, and then place MB as soon as i get them.. You may have to play the first 200 level 2-3 times before you get enough money, but around 15b should be sufficient, but more wouldn't hurt!

Do you guys put messerschmidts on SAT in mass waves ? Cause i think its going to save a lot of money :-)

I do, and then i just send out as many waves as possible. In the beginning you can get to kill 3-4 waves with one shot if you're lucky (3 bosses). But around level 1800 i stop using the axe and start using a cactus instead.

i'll try the sat start on my next game, very intriguing ;)

1 tower will save you most of the time... that tower is GIB. Give him ASPD and Reaver for mass challange waves. I am currently doing a 2k wave game with a shadow that has over 26k% damage bonuses on wave 527. Also Reaver + lucky pants x3 makes for amazing farm of mass challange if you don't care about not killing them. I am also able to get over 4k bonus damage from single mob challange wave if I want to let it sit for 5 mins (Gib + 3 towers with .1 ASPD and 2x withered items).