Early game placement

Ladies and gents feel free to comment. Ok, I dont know if all will agree with me here, but for me the first 50waves are the most crucial part of the game. I think none of the guides had ever discussed how important early tower placement and 'expansion' affects the game. I am not yet an expert here but I have had a few observations of my own. Most guides would discussed each card and categorize them as to what role they could be (carry, support, semi carry.. etc.) And where to place them. They were very helpful (thanks for those guides by the way) but ladies and gents I think the real question is, how do you go about your first 50 waves? Well I usually start of using only one or two tower. Placing them in a way that they are spaced (#2 and 12 on the first map and #3 and 12 on the new map) so that the tower in the tile you want to place your carry would be able to kill most if not all the first 5-10 waves (usually Jilly, bunny or the thief). If it works out as planned your tower might atleast be at level 8-10. With luck you might clear upto 15 waves with only 2 towers. If they were too close what usually happens is they share the kills and would end up as both towers at levels 6-8 after 15 waves. Once the tower on the 'carry tile' reaches level 10, I usually put another tower placing it on my support tile. Theres no specific way on how i expand, it totally depends on the flow of the game. But one thing I am very meticulous with is that my carry tower's level should not be less than half of the current/next wave number. Meaning if I am on wave 40, my carry should atleast be at level 20 (better if its higher). This way I am almost certain to kill the first horseman. By the time I reach wave 50, my carry would atleast be somewhere between level 26-30 (32 tops if your having it good) and would atleast have a couple towers (maybe 6-8 with 1-2 Pubs to make sure). From wave 51 to 100 I usually keep my carry's level closw to half of thw current wave but would usually fall behind at around waves 70 and above. 35-40 is I think good enough for the 2nd horseman. But hey dont think this is as a must, this is just me. Cant wait to know what you guys think.

i usually go for thieves as fast as possible, pref. 3-6 of them and on my carry place i like hitman as the first one, 1 beaver,1 elvis, 1 scientist at tile 1 for my future AK, 1 scientist i swap at lvl 10-20 for a witch, in the back a second hitman to get leaks, 1 tavern and 3-4 jillys but all can vary depending on luck with cards and other factors, when i reach 2020 gold i buy 1 money bin(lvl 30ish?) and if lucky i get holgar at level 40+ish, if not i continue to carry on with hitman thats my optimal game strategy as of yet, but still have trouble killing early challenges, the 3-4 first ones are easy but after lvl 30 challenges i only get close to killing them and of mass challenges a few creeps get through, but later on i wipe them all out =) my lategame play is in strategy forum started by glamrune, i also took some advice from gamer in same forum that helped me alot with bonus round survival. Okey its only in easy but you'll find my name in all maps but the golden grounds and not to brag but i got pretty decent bonusroundladder ranks there =) i mazebert in the summer so i think i've gotten pretty good at it =) but there is always improvement for more ofc! have your strategy changed any since the new patch?

Well, my startagie is always a bit different, depend on the cards you get. And of course, the cards you CAN get. I try to beat all "Quests" on the 500 rounds. Right now i got a Rabbit -> Holger near spawn and further back a hitman which will be a Scarface later. Started to push my holger with pots and items as far as i can before round 50, so i can kill horseman and challange anf of course MEAD! I try to trade as much mead as possible for "Water of Life" to get the item chance upped. Later on, around 150 or so, i build an Iron man as AntiAir or to the front as power level unit. (Try Ironman with 2-4 Paintings and some speed items ^^ you can get the tower to 70+ in a dozen rounds without your carry losing kills/exp) And then the normal procedure. Beaver/Jillys with attack speed and lucky pants for stun support. Normally i go for League boots+Pants+Withered set (Cactus and Toad). If you have a dozen beavers with it... Well you can imagine. And if its gettin TOO close, i can still whip out balu for holgar (to get the mass/normal stuff) and the Blofield to take care of bosses. No special equip to mention here besides at least a cactus each...

Thats a really solid idea actually,nice.

I see that many people like to place their carry tower at the very beginning (on the 1st map). That works fine for say Dandilion or other range 1 and 2 towers. But for 3+ range, you get the most travel time on the second main island of 6 squares. I place mine in the back, 1 down from the topmost tile.

Yup, I only place the ripper and electric carries on the first tile section.

Me too! Although sometimes I facepalm myself after doing that, and getting Helm of Hades five rounds later... lol

I build 1st carry tower on the rear as i use so weak Osmo hero, Huli is the best in early game [img]http://i.imgur.com/5DaxAKW.png[/img]

and farming exp on front [img]http://i.imgur.com/3fD0XsL.png[/img] and finaly [img]http://i.imgur.com/9OLdxQH.png[/img]