Adaption question??

The Shadow of you guy have how much % adaption when clear 500 round?? My shadow got withered set and 2 lucky pant.when i clear 500 round, my shadow have 2k , 1k6 , 1k?? I think this useless adap. No enought for the survival. Sorry for my english. Im from Vietnam

It is all about luck, sometimes i can get shadow to carry me from early levels and sometimes he can't even clear challanges. Try different things I always try to get as much luck on him as early and efficiently as possible.

Im from Vietnam too Adapt is not the most important thing. Give him multicrit items

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Adaptation increases damage against the type, but psi is right you need to feed him multicrit and crit items/potions

I only build shadow after wave 500 and let him built up with reaver and pants while the other carry clears behind him

Shadow is always a risky preposition, as are many towers in the Darkness deck. Your best things to improve are Luck, Speed and Splash (Reaver). Magic Mushroom, Lucky Pants and the Reaver will help him rapidly gain Adaptation.

Can try to put in shadow once u get lvl 50 and plasma blade. Should be able to kill everything except challenge by then. Otherwise scarecrow is gd to start. Adaptation will only matter v v late in the game.

Bear in mind, if Shadow kills too fast, he can't adapt as fast. The Magic Mushrooms are doubly beneficial to him by both improving Speed, and lowering his damage, allowing him to hit multiple times consecutively.

i adapt easy with hydra arrow, speed, and a normal dps equipment... i dont know with, but the stacks with hydra arrow go up so fast.. with reaver on mass challenges, insane adpat increase, even on normal mobs.. my shadow, because i dont have all the new items, is equiped with excalibur, ring, reaver, seelenrei├čer, hydra arrow just my 2 cents to the topic :)