map of maps+air paths

So i drew this maps to help me plan for tower setups and since i have not found a collection of them anywhere and i thought they could be useful for you, too i uploaded them. If i made a mistake i will edit the corrected versions in the posts though i think i worked accurately. If you find any mistake or can not read something feel free to comment. Ty MRDRR i implemented them again and now all pictures are visible I`ll try adding the pictures again though they may be double by tomorrow^^

I tried to implement pictures for the first time here. Let`s see if they show up. If not, i will catch up.

i may be to fast but not seeing links or pics =)

Good addition ! i am sure this can help newcomers to each map, and possibly veterans to gain more knowledge. Thanks for the contribution and help!!

I hate the air creeps. Ha ha ha!! and still havent found an appropriate anti air tower. Sigh. Ironman is the greatest vs air, but feeding him is very ...