Finally pass wave 200 , some tips may help u all ( im noob)

https://mazebert.com/g/f1fe5bf8-d079-4e02-b012-20ec4c7ba3c2-37561/ Im not pro, i just want to help . I know some people like me ( not very clever on gamming) Hard to pass the wave 200 I have some tips * Using Hero: Book Worm if u have Necronomicon (black market) You will gain that book on starting game (for more sumon eldritch) * I using metropolis - electric chair for attacker - hit man for bossing *Skip round if your electric chair can solo (save the attack speed for impatirnce's set) *** If you get Obed Marsh's Rifler , giving to hitman , and the impatience's wrath set you can easier go wave 200 If wanna lvl wizard , i think stick hard mode and the exp hero I play this round use 2 hour exp only 2 lv now lv 47 πŸ™„πŸ˜… *My english no good , so hope can help thoes who hard to pass thw wave 200πŸ˜… Thanks for Andy making this Best TD ever 😁

Hey yeah figuring out what really works is part of the game and fun. Most of the time there is a dominating meta, but I won’t spoil it here, as I said trying out new strats is something that really made the game fun for me. If you need more help though browse the forum there are some guides.( the higher the player level the better) And our discord server is also quite busy currently. You can find the link on the top of you open a multiplayer game.