Experience farming with MR Iron and Kiwi

Mr Iron - Painting of Solea - use Eldricht Arms to get 8(16) extra strikes per hit,check luck,must be -100% or less for maximal efficency.With luck and Solea you cant hit any enemy but you get experience depends of amount of %experience bonus,so consume everything with speed and xp books.Ganesha in range also helps. Mr Iron can also doing similar with captured Scienist in Globe but dont need luck -100% Kiwi (extreme XP) Build Kiwi and around 5 or more holograms(max within 2 range).Holograms creeps around Kiwi must alive so you need dismiss wizard skill damage to 0% bonus.Equip Trident,4 Norls Guardian,Scienist in Globe.Every Kiwi hit enemy gives XP X creep X percents of your xp bonus,Ganesha in range doing also well.Use speed potions and enjoy tons of XP.Then you can use Soul flask to get some extra life.Do not forget to survive all creeps from Holograms around of Kiwi