blood moor 500 hard 21.610 sec play with azathot

this game is pure survive at bonus round because i play with azathot so i didnt meet vir. im starting with nature deck first until i get full wolf and ganesha lvl 99 and then im drink metro pot until i get muli. next light and darknes pot. wait until get ring or yggdrasil and change ganesha with muli (dont replace alpha wolf before geting miss jilly with atk speed set) after get miss jilly and yggdrasil u can start formation for branch and chutulu soup (if available) replace all wolf with main tower (miss jilly,muli,huli,knux,manitou,mr.iron) and hologram or money bin put branch and ring to muli for double pot because muli is main carry and the only one (muli can growup by itself u just need atk speed+luck+20 gold) put atk speed set, snow globe gargoyle, and toilet paper into miss jilly, but if u want to destroy toilet paper for legendary item u can put snow globe to rabbit. at stage 490-500 spam acolyte at higest lvl tower(except unique tower) after last stage set auto transmute all tower, item and item chance pot. (but keep viking helmet, lucky pants , and boot speed for mr.iron) and muli must have double pot(branch and ring),chainsaw, and splash axe. at bonus round keep spam potion to yggdrasil and spam upgrade mr.iron. sometime u need to replace muli branch for excalibur or blade of darkness if u got hard situation sorry im tired to explain because im bad in english :( here the replay https://mazebert.com/g/4bc50916-748f-4d47-9b4e-d631064d61be-44093/

Wow that's pretty impressive! Looking at this, I'm wondering if we need a separate azathot ladder.

Today I'm test my brand new seleenreiser, it takes 32+ hours and finished when I was afk. Just 100k sec on normal with azathot and Seleenreiser has +76733% damage. Late carry: Muli 13.1T dps (with seleenreiseer), Ripper 13.3T dps, Balu 500B+ dps, Phoenix 200B+ dps (174 tower lvl). It was actually first time when I "successfuly" use beacon, which reached 179 lvl. My eldritch arms was banned on this time, its really sad. I don't have trident, armour of a fat knight and daggers https://mazebert.com/g/12e47d38-e45b-48b9-836c-760bb6b19754-45203/