New legendaries, any use?

I have noticed that the new legendary set items (dagger/cloak) seem really bad to me. Could someone please enlighten me as to their use? When I get an Excalibar or mummy bandage, its an immediate and large gain to my overall firepower, in all circumstances. But with cloak/dagger, I don't see how its useful. I tried it at what I felt was the best case scenario for it. Around round 120, with 80% crit chance and +3 multihit. (+2 from manitou), against a (heavily armored) challenge so I never change targets and make the most of the armor pierce. I swapped out two Rare Steaks and subbed in the cloak/dagger, leaving 1 steak and 1 mummy bandage. My DPS was cut in half. I beat on the challenge for the first 14 tiles and got it down to about 60%. Then pause, swap back to Steaks, unpause. By the next 14ish tiles I had beaten the challenge. I don't know what to do with that. With less crit, the multicrit bonuses are less important. With more crit chance, I'd likely have Excalibar and/or frozen hearts. I understand not wanting to make overpowered stuff, but I am literally worse off than before since I can get a Cloak/Dagger INSTEAD of a game-saving mummy bandage... Am I doing it wrong?

I haven't got the dagger/cloak yet but assuming max stacks you can get +5 multicrit from them. Running shadow as carry when reaching end game I use excalibur, blade of darkness, seelenreisser and demon blade. Demon blade and seelenreisser are no brainers. Excalibur + blade also give +5 multicrit so basically the dagger/cloak is a little worse since it needs to stack up. I'm disregarding the armor pen it has because you obviously have a knusper completley mitigating creeps armor anyway. So not so legendary... I suppose you can get +1 more multicrit if you're using a carry with a very high base damage so that it gives more total damage than using a demon blade.

I don't know, Base Damage is pretty frigging swell. Honestly, I'd probably hand off Seelenreiser if I got the set. Not only do you get +1 Multicrit back, you can also boost the living hell out of a tower not using multicrit already. If you're talking dedicated Darkness, I'd likely run your carry with Excaliber, Blade of Darkness and the new pair. Would give you a stupid amount of Multicrit. I'd likely pass off Seelenreiser to the Dark Forge. Note, the Demon Blade for me isn't all that fantastic, as I run a Ripper carry, not Shadow. If I were using Shadow, I might look at switching out the Blade of Darkness for the Demon Blade.

My big problem is the limited scope of utility. It is ONLY useful when: a) You are hitting a single target (i.e. challenge) b) You have tons of crit CHANCE so you can take advantage of going from +6 to +11 in the first place. (i.e. >150% chance) c) Your tower hits really fast. Therefore, the only time these "legendary" items are useful are when doing round 200+ challenges and horsemen! Even then you have to hit quite a few times just to GAIN any multicrit, which only applies as long as you hit the same target. At max 12% per hit, plus luck bonuses, you have to hit 20 times to max it. With a Frozen heart you'd have gotten 20 extra multicrits out of it.

Is it necessary to boost past 100% Critical Chance? And while I agree that the Spectral Set isn't game-endingly great, but it still looks pretty amazing to me (I don't have it yet, full-disclosure).

Well, i can't give you any exact numbers here but: but if you reach over a certain point (lets jsut assume 100%) the chance to get a higher multi crit goes up. Lets ay on 100 % Critchance you have 60% Chance for 1 MC 25% Chance for 2 MC 10% Chance for 3 MC 5% split up to the MC 4-8 If you have 150% Critchance its like 50% for 1 MC 20 for 2 MC 15 for 3 MC 10 for 4 MC 5 for 4-8 MC So if you have more then 100% critchance, you increase the chance to use a higher MC. Like i said, these numbers to not represent actual values. These are just random number to make my point =)

Wow i just got how MC work As i calculated to get 100%chance of full MC you need 1.25^(MC) * 100% chance so 2MC > 125%, 3MC > 156.4%, 4MC > 195.4%, 5MC > 244.2%, 6MC > 305.2%.....

Wow, I always just eyeballed the damage increases and assumed they were all scaled based upon the 0-100% Critical Chance (As is, at 100% chance, you would guarantee your max amount of criticals). The more you know!

https://mazebert.com/2014/02/23/multicrit/#comments yes check here

Ah, peachy. Thanks!