The Dude's hidden quest

I assume that this quest is to roll a perfect game? I was unable to confirm this through a search of the forums, sorry if I missed the topic. If so this has been frustratingly difficult for me. If this is the quest and you have completed it here a few questions: 1. What map? 2. What hero? 3. Was it in the bonus round or during the normal game (presumably 500)? 4. How many relics was it worth? Thanks.

lucky strike i dont know if this work or not i hope i can upload picture for me i use MR.iron and i can gain 1000 luck bonus and getting strike every time even without luck potion (dont have one actually) for me 1000=100% hit except boss.

Thanks for the tip. It seems so obvious now to use Mr. Iron. I can't believe I didn't think of that.

80 % proc change is cap. And yeah a perfect game is the quest just look at the quest topic in this forum