What is the effect of Luck Points?

Hello Friends~ What is the effect of Luck Points?

It increases proc chance for tower abilities such as jilly's kill shots and shadow's adapting shots (look at tower cards for starting percents, and it wont show the difference that the luck makes on it but it will be different.

Thank you. ^^ This was a lot gotta help "Shadow" I think the really best. Good Luck ^^

Generally there is no "the best" ;) Always depends on your situation. In a 200 waves match shadow is weaker then on a 500 waves match. But for long games, shadow isnt the best, he is just OP then ;) since infinite stacks. Add the Seelenrei├čer there and... well

I disagree: Imo Shadow is by far the best tower in the early game since even when unlucky with drops, it builds up increased damage. However, i found that replacing him with the satellite before the bonus wave is a really big upgrade. (I suspect that the dmg against x bonus doesn't multiply with the normal increased dmg but only adds up to it.)

Well, i think Shadow is a rather weak tower until he got a decent chunk of Procs. I found it WAY WAY easier to go for Holgar in short games or even the Electric Chair. Abotu bonus waves, they got the same armors as normal waves as far as i know. Oh and save the sat until your close to leak... Dont build it right away on bonus round start... Waste of gold. Let your shadow carry as long as you can

I have had better luck with balu and if I am in the mood for it scarface, really depends on what you get and how you set your towers up.

Well, Hands up, Balu IS better in the long run. Splash, more dmg and infinite stacking ability. But Balu has to eat a lot more speed to be effective and his passive has to run a bit (hugging ability). Scarface on the other hand needs quite a bit of luck to be effective. But with a decent amount of luck he is quite a good carry tower for the waves (not bonus). With his multishot you can skip pretty much from 100-500 without stop. Balu does need a bit longer in my experience to run smoothly through all waves but will get stronger on around wave 250+ if you build him as early as possible. *Right now im giving the Solaras another shot. Lets see how the burning will go on bonus rounds... I mean in theory they deal 12 times extra dmg with their burn... Lots of stuns/withered Set Iron Mans to keep bosses in range... well lets see this evening. *Edit #2: Ended the Solara match with 6220 seconds on bonustime. But i guess you can beat the 10k with such an setup... Failed a bit. Need an AA tower(Iron Man) and messed up the Demonblade... crappy 98 dmg... then i realized i still had the life pot and went up to 199 lives again xD with that dmg well... Mayb i will try again in a few days.

I dont know, I have tinkered with her but I just cant make her work as well as the other carries.