General Placement strategy

So let's get this started with an image of the game area: 1-3: Designated to 3 range support towers since they will be able to hit the creeps next to 7-10 1: Horadric - it's the least important spot on the map so I think it's sensible to place a useless tower here 2/3: Beaver -> Huli some stun support for the main towers 4-6 Again not that great of a position: 4: Hitman can get most of the map from here but since it's not a good place for a carry be careful with it leeching xp. Later I'd say dark forge can be placed here. 5: My manitou position (covers most of the 4x2 block 7-9,11-13) - early on I use a dandelion on it to grab some mass challenge waves 6: A 3 range over here can hit the spot below 12 so I generally get a beaver/huli here 7-10 support spots for the main towers I generally start them with thief/scientist for some free gold/xp and change them to witches later. 11-13 make my main towers. 11: great spot for the main stun support (Huli/Muli) since it'll get most of the buffs and covers a large area - if you use a huli/muli carry Knusperhexe also works well on that spot 12: great spot for a 2,3 or even 4 range carry since it's in range of all the witches and covers a very large area (almost all the map for a 4 range) 13: Perfect spot for a bear hunter - all 3 spots next to it will cause a splash that hits the bottom row as well. It's also good for balu if you choose him for aoe support. 14: Another decent 3 range spot -> Widow or Knusperhexe work well here. 15-17: more support stuff 15: Another possible position for widow otherwise witch will also get good aura coverage here (start with a scientist here) 16: Genesha since it covers all of the 7-17 towers (I start with a thief here if possible since genesha levels up quickly anyway) 17: possible position for Elvis (definitely need a scientist first here because Elvis is very level dependant), witch or another stun tower may also get some use here.

Awesome post! One strategy I really like is to place an electric chair on 16, and rush the first ~70 waves with it :-D I really need to try a bear hunter at 13, this sounds very promising!

i usually put my bear hunter on 12 since the traps stack and he will focus on only two piles which is fun in challenge and horseman lvls ( instant death :D) its rather bad for air though since dmg vs air is so littlend the first few creeps will trigger all traps. i usually put 1 elvis on 11 because he will slow the full time 2 times and wont speed up the creeps he is also not lvl dependend on this position since he doesnt have much of a effecting time and wont kill steal much ( his early dmg is quite high :O ) later i transform him to a witch or money bin ( if i want to go for sat)

Here is my standart Setup. 1: Horadic Cube 2+3: Muli 4+6: Muli 5: Manitou 7, 8, 9, 11, 13: Herb Wich 10+14: Beaver 12: Main Tower. First Hitman than Shadow and last Huli. 15: Ganesha 16: First thife, than Black Widow 17: Dark Forge

i usually put my bear hunter on 12 since the traps stack and he will focus on only two piles which is fun in challenge and horseman lvls ( instant death :D) its rather bad for air though since dmg vs air is so littlend the first few creeps will trigger all traps.
Decided against 12 for two reason: it's a better spot for the main carry You get the best efficiency for a trap on the spot between 14 and 16, while the spot below 12 has the lowest efficiency of the three

Wow I missed this absolutely amazing post whilst down for the count but ima back!!!! Here's what I got thus far and I strictly adhere to certain elements within my set up to maximize the usage of the limited real estate. I've already modified everything's position with the intention of making it useful in sprint .8 as well. Though there is no true way of knowing that for sure :) 1: Horadric Cube most definitely 2,4,11,16: These are Elvis exclusive locations as they maximize the skill and allow more time for muli/balu to do work with their skill, shadow to get more adapts, keys to take more effect etc etc including thieves, hulis, beavers LOL 3: Bear hunter with the idea that you'll never ever need to use him. He is simply a fail safe device to kill a random ground leak. Stepping on a thousand traps is bound to kill anything eventually :) 5-6: Start with pocket thief and later turn to Herb witch. A dark Forge can sit at 6 too eventually. 7,9,10,14,15,17 with the exception of 17 all these locations will become herb witchs and stay herb witches. 17 will later become a support class knusperhexe. 8: Pocket Thief to Manitou (with the most spots effected by his buff.) 12: Pocket Thief to Ganesha (with the most spots affected by his buff.) 13: The one and only spot for my carry towers. That's pretty much my down to business let's just win set up. It's easy to implement and works well. It also utilizes several powerful towers to their full potential. I generally never need to over build or build early with it. Oh and it doesn't require swapping out tons of towers so you don't waste tons of money. Ideally it's set it and forget it with the exception of your chosen carry. Hopefully this helps someone out there :)

I think you just gain much more from having another witch at 8 since most towers benefit from attackspeed, while other than the carry only a muli will benefit from multicrit so maximizing targets affect by manitou doesn't seem to be beneficial at all. Ganesha may be debatable but I don't think 4-6 are going to get enough kills to gain much from the xp boost. Elvis at 4 has the downside of speeding up the creeps a lot on the second half of his area (not much of a problem unless you use a 4+ range carry at 12). Though I have to admit I'm not a big fan of elvis overall since it takes a very high level elvis in most positions to not speed up the creeps and I prefer stun towers at 11.

I never claimed to be the best and my methods are my own :) I've simply shared one of many ways to consistently ensure a victory. Fact of the matter is you don't even need spaces 2-10 & 15-17 to win. They just make it easier. One day we will all isolate a true victory inducing scenario that can be replicated each game independant of luck. Until then here's where we are :D

As soon as you find this scenario it will be nerfed accordingly in the next version :-P

Electric chair at 17 with 2 Frozen/Mummy/Cactus-- once it gets leveled up it slows and displaces multiple creeps! :)

For me 5 is the best location. a Gib on 12 and a Widow on 8. The reason for this is a Gib with Reaver and Helm gives as much time as possible for Keys to give xp and dungeon door to proc (LOADS of pots). Also if you put a muli or balu in 5 they get as much time to grow as possible. in 500 waves my Muli had over 60k% crit damage.

Hello everyone, I happened to come across this game in the Google store and can't put my phone down. Love it! Plus all of the Diablo references, make it that much better. I'd like some input on my strategy. It needs a little tweaking, but I find it works. So this is what I have: 1- Cube 2- Hitman (Pretty much useless slot otherwise) 3- Hitman to Bear Hunter 4- Thief/Scientist to Bear Hunter 5- Thief/Scientist to Ganesha (Once lvl 99 w/ this and my carry, I switch to Herb Witch) 6- Thief/Scientist to Gib or Forge 7- Thief to Witch 8- Scientist to Shadow 9- Thief/Scientist to Mani 10- Thief/Scientist to Witch or Money Bin 11- Thief/Scientist to Possible Elvis or Witch 12- Thief/Scientist to Possible Forge or Witch 13- Scientist to Bear Hunter 14- Anything to Money Bin (Just because) 15- Thief to Widow 16- Thief/Scientist to Knuspherexe or Huli 17- Scientist Knuspherexe or Forge I've only been playing for 4 days now, so I'm up for any input you have to offer. Great Game!!!

Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, I like Diablo (2) a lot, generally the quality of blizzard games is mostly stunning!

I consider this. 1. Horadic cube 7,15,10. Hitman 17,14 Shadow 16. Beaver 9. Herb witch 6,11,12 Rabbit. Howz that

Anyone have a good Strat they care to share? I keep making it up to 400 Sec for Bonus, But I know you can get hgher.

The creeps beef up very fast lol. My Mr. Iron was doing over 1m.

hey guys i'm new,still around level 20 yet. i wanna ask some good and not so complicated strategy for at least pass the wave 100. i never passed wave 100 yet,always defeated by the horseman. i have tried to built huli/muli strategy but it's so hard (or bad luck) for me. or maybe i'm just too dumb yet? and also,the power called "protector",what it's purpose? i just can't see the different using that power

Bimoich, Put Shadow on 8. =D

thanks advice Zeek, but i always use shadow in 7 because is for my buff (mespecially manitou) i figure out what protector used for,and still longest wave i survived still around 120 :/ as info,i usually use Bear Hunter in 3,elvis in 2,5 an 16,hitman in 6,jilly in 4 and 11,huli in 12,pocket thief in 13,shadow in 7,buff in 8 and 9,i don't know what suit bettr in 10,14,15. and knushperexe in 17. what do you think the weak pint in my strategy?

Bimoich, Put Bear on 13 (best slot on map for him) Shadow on 8 and 4 (use all potions on the Shadow on 8) Manitou on 7 I'm not going to give you my strategy, but that should get you to 200. Play around w/ it more as well =D I keep tweaking the way I do it, to test new methods.

yep,i'll play around,besides i just need some help in some slot,i'm not going to copy anyone's exact strategy :p so,i'll try your suggestion about manitou and shadow slot. and some question: why 13 is bear's best position in your opinion? in my opinion,since it's creating trap,would best to be "safety line" in spot 1,2,3.

Biomich, Bear Hunter is useless as a low level. He won't do much dmg to waves after 50. Putting him at 13 will cause his level to increase rapidly. Which in turn will increase the dmg.

oh,okay i get your point. have tried swap my shadow and manitou,and the result is great,i can stand until wave 178 but defeated again due to lack of soul flask,lol