Normal 500 blood moor need advise TIA.

please advise on how to go far beyond 500. Started full wolf all pots to alpha.then alpha married to jilly with gargoyle globe shared pots then lucifer with withered set married to alpha until decent attkspd then money bin and biofeld. I used muli only for hang over quest. i didn't find any mead bottle for holgar.. and how to get custom bonus.support knux and undead army tower i forgot the name. My replay: https://mazebert.com/g/634ea86f-d652-4c35-abe7-c5a167160882-46554/

My latest game, 414k seconds bonus round for example https://mazebert.com/g/3af5f57a-f2c3-448d-b618-dedeb70be6ea-45203/ Main carry phoenix Late carry biofield Don't use necronomicon until you get seleenreiser

Thanks @CaptJguz will try out your build however im not that well equiped. But going to try that. BTW this was an awesome run.been watching couple of times since then thank you. PS. How do you distribute your pots on this?

I don't like wolves build, but in early game it allows you don't spend potions before you get yggdrasil. It was lucky run, because necronomicon and seleenreiser drops early. Potions that gives +X lvl I use when Vir comes. Before use it, I equip wedding rings on phoenix an beacon.

My first succesful runs were with wolfs, but now i have found much more fun strat with ctulhu and yggdrasil, using few core towers on early levels to complete both mass and boss waves. IMOP, the most important thing in lategame is Mr. Iron with control skills, like globe on beaver/jilly/gargoyle and high luck bonus with 1s back in time set (dont remember name), cuz on last levels and bonus you sometimes dont really have big damage, even if it seems so. Btw, stonecutters temple is quite op imo and it can be good idea to use iron+laser with much scientists for extra baff from temple. To surely get 99 lvl, use ganesha. I finished all maps (except golden one) like this.

Даня, ты во многом прав. Но мне, например, не нужно так много контроля, достаточно паука с трезубцем. Хорошо раскачанный феникс с seleenreiser'ом сжигает все до самого прихода Вира. Железяку использую только чтобы золотишко настакать (рекорд 2,4B золота)

Я бы с радостью, но у меня предметов этих нет. Я правильно понимаю, что чтобы разблокировать оранжевые шмотки и оставшихся строителей, надо за 20 голды крафт жать? Ну а ещё с железкой и джили есть возможность получить глоуб, тем самым лишив основную башню необходимости бить обычных крипов. Я так прошёл, используя тень (Кстати, хз почему там прирост дамага на 1300% останавливается, вроде нигде про это не написано).

My two recent runs. Cthulhu with alpha=all pots till the end. But unable to go further. https://mazebert.com/g/1d2a203c-ed0f-4cc8-bfe4-6bcf7a0ea40f-46554/ https://mazebert.com/g/725a1578-455e-460d-aa57-e858c0a5c13e-46554/

@DanikDranik За 20 голды в начале может что-то годное выпасть, но я уже давно покупаю за 200 в выходные (black market даёт карты, которые другим способом не получить) и за 400. Чтобы иметь возможность крафтить нужно пройти 6ю карту, Golden Grounds.

Вот это пока мой лучший результат (2 место в ладдере) 3'700'000 sec bonus round https://mazebert.com/g/a90f0a81-f14d-4e21-8424-b76e62614dec-45203/

@jenovaproject Here some tips/thoughts -place Abyss king near your main carry's max range border -hold all Dark Priests untill you get "free to swap" 99 lvl tower. You need powerful carry or Jilly with attack speed and +targets items -cthulhu with yggdrasil better than wedding rings -beacon of hope should be placed near your light carry or training holograms. And all +1maxlvl cards i use on tinker with wedding ring

My first game with Thor, 600M DPS, but actuall damage is much better with mjolnir+trident. Good carry tower. https://mazebert.com/g/86987606-ac90-4edf-b973-1630742c2528-46671/

I really appreciate you all for sharing and giving some tips. Thank you guys. Gonna post more soon based on your suggestions. Cheers!

Muli is OP with Lucien, 44B DPS. Only 2 problems here: no bananas in late (it's enough to kill creeps, but actual DPS isn't high) and hangover costs much money in earlygame. https://mazebert.com/g/5b95119e-3c28-4bcc-85fc-a64bef6d679f-46671/

Lucien does give more bananas, but it seems like the increase shouldn't be that big of a deal. With decent luck, Muli should be able to drink about half of the time. With Lucien, it would be closer to all of the time. Lucien would also allow more money from pickpocketing. Tinker with wedding rings can give a decent boost to luck, but remember to drink speed potions with yggdrasil so Huli can provide enough bananas. Muli is a very good carry, with or without Lucien. Lucien makes the luck less important by providing multiluck. I prefer Lucien when the multiluck makes a big difference. E.g. Scarface without Lucien averages 5x with some luck. Scarface with Lucien can average 25x. Unicorn is another tower that is helped by multiluck. Unicorn will survive much longer with Lucien and several lucky pants. And Loki is even more extreme than Scarface but requires much more luck to succeed.