Hi guys, first of all i want to say great game and great to meet you guys. Ok, i have so many questions and problems but for now i just need your help in this endless wave things... ok so i am at level 450 my carrie is a shadow with lvl 99...about 10k% against every armor level...has withered set on, blade of darkness 1000% crit dmg with 200% crit chance...i haveabout 7 witches all with lvl 30+ filled with cauldrons and fists. 340 children eaten by knux, forge lvl 99, a lvl 45 muli with 3 blades of darkness and a cactus(which i let without any hulies for about 150 levels for him to get to 1000% crit dmg). The problems are: 1. I have 29% life left and i cannot for the life of me kill the god damn horseman, which ends my game.How do i do it???(i've used up the exploding and the life potions) 2. I wanted to make muli a second carry...but when the shadow hits with 2.4 mil dmg minimum muli hits with 8-9k dmg...which sux... My post is to ask help because i've read so much about you guys finishing the freaking endless and i have no clue how you guys do it... The normal game i've finished a few times but only with huli/muli/shadow....cause the others seem just to weak and i always get killed and i never understood how the heck do you finish a game with the other towers...cause they are so weak... any constructive feedback is accepted.

Hey hey, Welcome aboard! It is unfortunate you are encountering such challenges on wave 450. I think though that there may be a solution if we can just get you past that horseman. There's still so much detail missing since I cant view your layout and inspect the exact bonuses but lets assume muli is near enough to shadow that replacing his items with 2 lucky pants and 2 7 leagues boots would allow you rack up a bunch of stuns so shadow could get more hits. Alternatively, some of those herb witches can be turned into beavers for that wave, you can change them back after. Sadly fimding ways to get your shadow more hits in is about all u got. If you can make it past him, see about placing one of each frozen item onto knus and make a gib. He will be invaluable for your success. I can't be sure if it's salvageable but at least you can try that.

Shadow has a big weakness that its adapt damage will not apply to horsemen and challenge mobs. While the challenge mobs won't hurt you when leaked, the horsemen will devastate your life. Due to the single enemy nature, it is best to use gibs and beavers (as kad mentioned) to keep the horsemen in perpetual stunlock and slow though it will only slow him down, not stop him In additional you may want to have a spare shadow have the full wither set to constantly amplify the horsemen's damage taking while giving the cacti/rotten mushroom to the gibs and beavers to try to constantly force him back slowly.

I have the muli equiped with 4 league boots, i have a lvl 40 gib (who hits 0.2 secs) with frozen set...the horseman walks very slowly and it takes about 30-40 seconds or more for the horseman to pass through but i still cannot do enough damage...like i said on normal creeps i hit with 2-10 mil dmg...and on the horseman i hit after amplify with 50+ dmg and is going to about a mil dmg... my question...after the tower hits with amplify every tower gets that bonus? or just the tower that has the set? right now i've equiped the shadow with that set and 1 slot for blade of darkness

All towers that are hitting the amplified creep will deal extra damage as it actually directly causes the creep to take more damage altogether. That is why I personally put the wither set on a support shadow rather than on my carry. My carry usually has an excalibur, a blade of darkness, and 2 cacti. The cacti allows my carry to bypass most of the enemies' armor which is large factor.

the cacti bypasses even the horseman armor? and you can add more than 1 cactus? cause many things are still unclear:)

Yes the cacti bypasses a huge amount of armor for all enemies. At lvl 99 each cactus should bypass 44.7% or 89.4% with two of them (they do stack additively).

Good to know. I blew the wave 500 horseman with a painkiller and wave 550 horseman killed me today. But there IS no way around Shadow due to the adaption. Mine had hit with 80millions damage crit. All waves were easy wiped out, except Horsemans... My adapt was round 9,5k each. But I never thought about the cacti. I have to try it again. By the way, 1 gib is mooooore than enough, just equip him with the messerschmidt reaver ;) 4 herb witches around shadow and him shall work. Negate the range - with a helm of hades on gib. Knusperhexe negates Gibs armor + on creeps. (With Huli/Muli i never made it beyond wave 350 so shadow is vital.

If you are trying a shadow build I HIGHLY recommend these tips. 1) Putting shadow on the upper part (probably upper side of the the L not on the 2x4 section) and having a Gib on the 2x4 second lower half. 2) Make sure to give Gib the withered set wile on challange and bosses (reaver for mass challange tho Shadow has trouble with those regardless). 3) Recommeneded you give Gib speed potions until he has 0.1 attack speed with the Mummy bands. This will allow Gib to put max stacks on the creep and give it amp stacks very fast. (Optional) Using Herb witches is good till the Shadow and Gib have loaded with speed pots. Then either a Muli and beavers or a Huli and beavers. Give all extra towers 2 Boots (or mushrooms depending on there lvl) and 2 part wither set. My shadow was able to kill everything but mass challange and had a high of 799.9B (over a Billion on challange and horse). Boss and challange waves would take over 5 mintues to get to my shadow sometimes.

Im currently on wave 771 with a shadow carry, 2 gibs, two beavers, the forge and the cube, with two witches for the Hexe as Support, widow for item+. I will make it with ease, horsemans and challenges are no big deal, mass challenges are tough, but beatable. My shadow wears the Mummy triple set and the dark blade, 13k adapted atm. :)

@calm honey when I get home ill put up my shadow carry screens ;). It was fun to do a shadow endless lol.

I finished wave 1000 a sec ago. :D Can u tell me how to upload screens here? Seems to me like I use to upload em somewhere first? :/


@calm honey I upload them to facebook then get the pictures link and post it here (use the img not link button). Here is my Shadows end game. The shadows damage differes because my game crashed right after that big hit before the next wave started... =(.

Keep in mind that you can have multiple gibs. I used shadow and I was having a ton of trouble around wave 350-550, but then I got out my sequel Gibs and it got a bit easier, but it was still quite difficult. Then I realized I had enough of the withered items to put two of them on most of my extra towers. It got to a point where a challenge wave would take me around 10 minutes alone if I switched off my damage items, it just moved so slow. Also, as you get near the end the potions start becoming far more effective. At wave 800+ one great crit potion would add 0.1mil to my average damage, which was only ~2.5mil at that point. Also, MAKE USE OF A FULL WITHERED SET! Make sure you have a fast attacking tower (I had my first gib with full withered and 0.1 attack speed) at a place where you can fully amp an enemy for the longest period of time. If you really need to, you can also move this set around in the middle of the wave, which is extremely relevant when you use shadow because of his long range.

@bampiru 1) Put the Gib someplace earlier on the path 2) Give him the Withered set 3) Give him any extra attack speed potions after your main has hit 0.1 ASPD 4) Fill extra spaces with Beavers and Hulis 5) Give the Beavers and Hulis each 2 parts of the withered (if you can) and the rest Boots/Mushrooms

You can actually reduce attackspeed lower than 0.1 :) It changes to 0.00 somewhere around +2000% (presumably it's not instant, the game just can't display any smaller decimals). I'll take a screenshot once I get there in this current game.