I need to know which tower can carry the game really hard. I've been using hitman so far and realized hes not the best.

full wolf tower all map. and spend all potion to alpha wolf.

Just finished Easy300 with 500sec bonus with full wolf, kiwi, the cuddle bear. Its a boring strat, but it works. Gonna try different builds now for Normal200

Solara, holgar, scarecrow, blofeld, muli are all good towers.

@sydju I reached 700secs 400 waves on hitman alone. is wolf better than king arthur?

Muli, blofeld, Scarecrow, Ripper, pick your poison


I like wolves pretty much since they exp share :) Levels all towers! :) guess for exp lategames wolves —> Holgar —> Blofeld is the truth.

Blowfield, all damn day... I don't bust him out until I'm getting my ass kicked in the bonus round (save his money as long as you can), my carry before that is scarecrow, and I start out with hitman