Beat the Game

The best to beat the game is sume luck and the right strategie to begin with: At the beginning build an Sniper and as much scientist as you can on the first 3 fields on the bottom the sniper is best set at the middel platform as the second from the left on the top lane of the 2 lanes the first horseman will be a bit difficult cause you need to slow him with an elvis and stun him with at least 2 beavers. afterwards build some more beavers cause the main damage will do yoir sniper. Give all the potions 2 yoir sniper aswell as the good items, put at least 2 herb witches right next 2 him on the left side and with the game going on just fill the map up with slower and beavers and dont forget to upgrade ur sniper with potions. then you can beat the game. Have fun and greetings your Lexi

i use this strategy too, plus Dandelion sometimes (Mass Challenge).