Blood Moor 500 Hard 13088 bonus

Use Cthulhu for potion splash. The downfall to this build is that all towers and compacted in a 6 square space to fully utilize the hero bonus. Had more leaks than I wanted, so I feel like with better early item luck the time can be improved. Bonus round extra towers could have been changed to pretty much anything other than Gargoyle. Start with Nature and flood map with wolves (I put first wolf in square 5) to quickly level towers on squares 4,5,6,8,9,10. These towers will be the center of the build. I will list below the 3 towers that carried at end game. With Cthulhu and Yggdrasil, have Yggdrasil drink all potions and the branches will give the benefit to all carriers. The added effect of Cthulhu will also splash the same potion to all towers in 1 range granting each carrier and the holder of the wedding band 2X potion effects. This works well for the Multicrit unique potions, you will get 2X multicrit. These will be the most vital. Put Yggdrasil on square 9. (map below) Lucifer (dark) on square 5. Jilly on square 10 w/snow globe (gargoyle) and toilet paper for knockback. Wedding rings on Yggdrasil and either Lucifer or Jilly (whoever didn't get a branch). Other towers in 1 square of Yggdrasil are players choice but try and use at least one of each element. https://mazebert.com/forum/guides/a-guide-to-tower-typeage-their-placement--id268/ (Use image in this post for reference or watch replay) Replay Code https://mazebert.com/g/f14a77b9-5da4-42e0-92fd-44e6ad13c20e-43673/ Stats from game: Best Hit Bear Hunter (59.9B) Most Damage Lucifer (5.2T) Most Kills Miss Jilly (5,195) Total Damage 9.5T Kills 11,616 Gold Farmed 72.1M Have Fun and Good Luck

wow its work, thankyou https://mazebert.com/g/aa4dcff0-16c4-4322-92fd-2ee16e393ebf-44093/

Very nice man. I might incorporate some of your changes into my next attempt with that build. Well done.

Hey Sizlac whats your nick in discord? Maybe Moe? May wanna do an coop :)