A Guide to Tower Typeage & their Placement

Hi guys ^^ I've been meaning to write this for some time, but something always got in the way. I've been playing MazebertTD for some time now, and before it, YouTD (and other lesser TDs) for years. I would say I have a reasonable knowledge of tower defences and how they work. That said, let's get on to the guide. - jhoi [Edited: 26/07/14] ||| Definitions ||| First, a few definitions. Generally speaking, all towers in Mazebert TD falls into these two typages, though overlap can occur in rare circumstances. Carry: The term "carry" originated from Warcraft III's DotA map, wherein a hero "carries" their team to victory. Over time the term has come to be a noun and a verb, and encompasses many games. For instance, you can "carry" a game of Halo by being the most skilled player. In Tower Defences, the Carry is the tower that deals the most damage per second (DPS); in some TDs, there is no carry tower. However, in Mazebert TD, due to the replace system, leveling system, potions/oils and items, typically only three towers can be carry towers, with the other towers left as support. Support: The support type in games has been around for a long time; you could even argue that in old consoles, the Player Two character with limited impact is a "support" character. As you can imagine, the term support in a TD relates to the tower's ability to support the other towers, OR support the player. A support tower typically doesn't do much damage, but lends damage or other desirable stats to surrounding towers or to gameplay. For instance, a tower that increases the attack speed of nearby towers, but has a small damage output, is considered a support tower. Rarely, a support tower can also "carry" due to some factors. ||| List of Tower Typage ||| This list is subject to change as the game is updated and new maps are released, but I've given a quick description of each current tower and whether it is a carry or support tower; towers are ordered randomly as opposed to viability, as the two map choices allows other towers to be better carries depending on the map. The type of tower dictates where it should be placed on the map, and I'll get to placement later. Additionally, the tower type dictates the items and oils/potions it should consume; this will also be covered later. Carry Towers Shadow: Hands down the easiest carry tower in the game for new players attempting to reach the bonus round. Chance to adapt to armour types, meaning it does amplified damage to everything until the bonus round. It's range is amazing, and allows it to use a certain item set I'll discuss later. And lastly, the reason why it's so good, the cooldown on attack is 1s. Incredible DPS. Holgar the Horrible: Double hit + potion spawning = good recipe for a carry. Low range and potential for high miss chance if too many meads are consumed. Hitman: Innate crit chance and damage + long range = great DPS. However, tower damage is very random, making it an average carry tower unless you manage to get his damage, crit chance, crit damage and attack speed very high via potions or items. Scarface: Long range 100% splash damage with chance to burst fire. The chance was recently changed, allowing this chance to burst fire to occur regularly. Sucks balls against air. Great DPS to mass rounds. Poisonous Frog: Scaling poison damage indicates good DPS. Due to low range, it needs a lot of damage to be worth it. On the Shattered Plains map, you're able to build this tower close to spawn with support towers surrounding it, making it viable. Bear Hunter: Deals splash damage via traps good DPS. Very bad range, also weak to air. Risky pick for a carry. If placing this tower, attempt to place it where there is limited pathing for traps - this means the Bear Hunter will stack more traps on the same spots, for more damage. Blofeld Laser Satellite: "Multishot" to 3 targets in range. Deals damage based on gold. Steals gold per hit. Requires stacking of Money Bins and abusing the interest system. With a lot of gold generated by Money Bins, this tower can easily carry you through hundreds of seconds in the bonus round - especially as bonus round creeps now drop gold, effectively allowing you to sustain this tower. Dandelion: Splash damage dictates need for DPS; good against all armour types. Low range renders it a risky carry tower. This is a good early game tower, but be wary of the slow initial attack speed. Baby Rabbit: Multishot dictates potential DPS. An average carry tower; best used early game. Balu the Bear: Damage amp per 15 sec at cost of surrounding tower damage. Low range. Risky pick in general. However, the splash does apply within 3 fields, so you could say this tower has average range. It's an interesting tower, but you've got to play around with placement to get it working efficiently. Electric Chair: "Multishot" to 3 targets, but requires levels. Low range, but jump chance allows you to snipe random creeps. Very risky late game carry tower, but good early game. Muli the Evil Twin: Requires Huli to attack. Forces specific gameplay. Don't like. I've seen strategies played with Huli and Muli wherein Muli is placed away from spawn, allowing him to deal tonnes of damage when he does attack, but I consider that to be a bad design to clearing the bonus round due to the scaling difficulty of the creeps. Scarecrow: Requires time to "charge", meaning it is difficult to level up. Bad range. To be honest I've never really experimented with the Scarecrow, so for all I know he's a secret waiting to be discovered? Carry Support Towers Knusperhexe: Best carry support tower. Get it to level 99 (either through Ganesha or Scientist) and stack luck items and attack speed. She can then instantly kill mass creeps that come in range, increasing the armour shred of her passive. Excellent tower if you intend to survive 500 rounds + a decent time in the bonus round with the new armour changes. Mr. Iron: Amazing carry support tower. Has the ability to consume items to keep the stats. First consume a whole bunch of attack speed items, as the construct time is reduced by attack speed. Next consume Keys of Wisdom and a few Paintings - the Keys will speed up the process of surrounding towers leveling up. Then eat all those support items, to give your carry tower huge buffs in damage. Lastly, before the bonus round, eat all the Long Bows, to ensure you can annihilate air rounds. The Dark Forge: Best DPS in the game and is a great pre-bonus round tower, but the reason you want it is the chance to produce items. You can transmute these items. One strat to get it to level 99 is to make Iron Man swallow a dark item, and have a dark item equipped to Ganesha. Elvis Imitator: Surprisingly high DPS. But the reason you'd want it is due to the AoE slow. Drawback is that creeps move faster when out of the slow range. Also, really low range. If you can position him properly so that creeps are slowed twice, you're doing it right. Huli the Monkey: Sexist tower 8D Requires female towers to get the crit chance up. Has a passive stack of damage, meaning it can do a lot of DPS. This is a carry support tower because Huli's are required for Muli to work. If you wanted to run Hulis and Muli, the female towers to help Huli out would definitely be Knux and a bunch of Herb Witches. Wolf: Requires a "pack" of wolves. Has the potential to be very cool, but very low range. With the addition of the Wolfskin Cloak item, a new strategy has been opened up for a pack of Wolves, and I'm interested to see where the MazebertTD community takes it. Support Towers Ganesha: Best support tower in the game. Build it as soon as possible, as it levels up whenever a tower nearby levels up. When this tower is level 99, replace it with another tower. Does no damage. Manitou: Second best support tower. Gives surrounding towers multicrit (the ability to crit multiple times in a row). Does no damage. Whilst this tower is great for any hard-hitting carry tower, it is especially imperative for Hitman and Scarface - I feel that Manitou needs to be buffed a bit, despite how good it already is, just because :P Irish Pub: Gives nearby towers increased damage. The active gives all towers on the map increased damage for 18 seconds. Very potent. The active doesn't stack, so you can't activate three different Pubs at different times, for example, they all activate at once. Herb Witch: Increases attack speed of nearby towers, with scale per level. Increased experience gain. A good tower to build early and get some levels on for bonus attack speed. Great support tower. Beaver: 1/5 chance to stun a target. Low DPS. Average range. Good early game support tower when equipped with attack speed. Black Widow: Good early game for increased item chance, but I do not recommend trying to run her as a main or into the bonus round. Gib, the Frozen Daemon: Hard to obtain, as it can only be summoned by completing an item set. Has a good slow, but increases the armour of the creep at the same time. It is worth building if you can get it leveled up. Money Bin: Sole purpose of feeding the Laser Satellite. Gives you a higher interest rate, and increases the bounty gain of nearby towers. These towers stack, so the more you build, the higher the interest rate etc. Scientist: Terrible carry tower, but decent early game support tower. As it gains experience per level, simply replace it when it's at a higher level. You could theoretically place a Scientist on every tile early game to get the levels going for more important towers. Pocket Thief: An okay early game gameplay support tower. Good if you need the extra gold. It's absolutely useless leveled up, though, so don't bother trying to level it up; it's one of those towers that doesn't need levels. ||| Tower Placement ||| Okay, so now that we understand the definitions of "carry" and "support", and which towers fall into which categories, it's time to go over tower placement. By now you've probably guessed that tower placement is a key component to winning the game. Support towers can only support carry towers if they're placed properly, and carry towers can only carry if they are placed to maximise the kill of creeps. I will make a new section dedicated to Shattered Plains in the near future, but for now, this section talks about the main map, and is heavily influenced by the Impatience set. @Nillo made a great article about this in January, but I believe some things have changed since then, mainly the introduction of set items (but we'll get to that later). As Nillo did, let's start with the map. 1 - 3: Towers that have a range of 4 and above can hit the spawn point from here. This is crucial if you wish to make use of the Impatience item set. 1: If using the Impatience set, the best tower to place here is Knux. It allows her to gain armour shred rapidly by destroying mass waves. Build a Scientist here to get the experience going, and eventually replace with Elephant, before replacing with Knux at level 99. 2: Where I'd place my main, personally. Whether that is the Shadow, Holgar, Hitman or Scarface. You need to use a main with a large range to make use of the Impatience set, though. You could probably try running a Jilly. You can start with any tower here; it's a great spot to build. 3: Mr. Iron. As said earlier, make him eat all your attack speed items, Keys of Wisdom + Paintings, followed by support items, and then Long Bows. Before you get Mr. Iron, a Beaver or Herb Witch is good for this spot to buff your main. If you don't have access to Beaver or Herb Witch early, Dandelion is a respectable early game pick for the splash. 4 - 7: Support towers. 4, 5 and 6: These spots can reach spot 2 with auras, so are the best places to build a Herb Witch and/or Irish Pub. 4: A good spot for Elvis or Gibb if you're running them. Or Black Widow early game (will be useless in the bonus round though). 7: In my personal opinion, probably the best place for the Bear Hunter. It can only reach two tiles from here, meaning it'll stack traps on those two tiles, meaning more damage. A decent fail safe to catch leaks. 8 - 11: Jilly's. Equipped with Impatience sets, these Jilly's will ensure that anything that gets past your main will either be Death By Toiler Paper'd, or stunned so your main has a chance to catch up. 9 or 10: A good spot for Manitou, and/or Hitman if you're running him as a second carry. 8: A decent spot for Scarface if you need the mass damage. 12 - 14: Jilly's. As above. 15 - 17: If you're running things like Laser Satellite, Money Bins are out of the way here. Also, good spots for the Dark Forge. If you feel the need for building something to catch leaks, you could build Scarecrows/Bear Hunters up here. ||| Item Equipping ||| So you're aware that all of the above is due to one item set in particular, the Impatience item set. However, there are some other items I'd like to discuss, and who should equip them. If I don't mention an item below, it means I transmute it immediately upon receiving it. Common (White Gem) Items Generally speaking, these items are only good early game. Equip Leather Boots to towers that benefit from attack speed (carry towers, Beavers, Jillys). School Books are good on Scientists and your main carry. Wet Towels are only good on Hitman to ensure his early game is better. The only other good common item is Well Done T-Bone Steak, which should go on your carry. Uncommon (Blue Gem) Items Better items. The Steak keep for your main. Ring of Greed is acceptable early game to generate more items, but is trash tier as soon as you drink a Waters of Life. Mr. Iron makes use of quite a few of these blue items: Longbows, Magic Mushrooms and at least one Painting of Solea. Monster Teeth is acceptable for Hitman. Keep Lucky Pants for towers like Knux and Jillys. Rare (Yellow Gem) Items Hello support items! Feed Fistful of Steel, Seven-League Boots, Herb Witch's Cauldron, Keys of Wisdom and Irish Pub's Barrel to Mr. Iron. The Rare T-Bone Steak is acceptable on your carry. The Viking Helmet is a decent carry item; also allows the wearer to drink mead potions with requires Holgar. Unique (Purple Gem) Items Only one of each of these items drops per game. Utilise Wedding Rings if you have two carry towers, but remove them during the bonus round (towers keep the oils from when the ring is equipped). Excalibur is great on Hitman. Helm of Hades should be placed on your main so it can reach the spawn point. Dungeon Door should be equipped to a high level tower that isn't a support carry or main carry. Scepter of Time should be equipped during the bonus round (and even before it, if you are confident). Set Items (All Gems) Items Frozen Set: Don't like any of the items and especially couldn't care less about Gibb. Frozen Book is useful for leveling up Mr. Iron or the Dark Forge. You could equip two Frozen items to a tower for the slow. Withered Set: Amazing on a Jilly close to the spawn, or on Mr. Iron for the amp'd damage. Pre-bonus round/pre-Impatience Set, the Mummy Bandages are great on Knux. Impatience's Wrath Set: Best set in the game. Equip this to your Knux and your main carry, most importantly. Then equip additional sets to all Jillys. Of course to ensure this set is as strong as possible, you need to be actively playing the game and pressing the NEXT button as soon as possible. It's a little tedious, but necessary if you want to get to the bonus round without using exploits. // I'll write more later :) But I hope this has helped! - jhoi [Edited: 26/07/14]

Definitely worth reading. You messed the numbers up for me as you turned them the other way around from Nillo's guide. Only thing I didn't know was Gib increasing armor. Probably because slowing them down was too useful. My bad there, thanks for making me notice that!

I thought it made more sense for the numbers to start at the bottom, as that's where the spawn point is ^^ And generally speaking, lower numbers on a list are more important. Gib can't increase armour too much, but I don't really have a place for him with my current set up. Maybe I may need to just experiment with him a bit more.

Very interesting guide, it should help a lot of people :) But you will need to correct some point for the next version: Irish Pub: Currently broken. Gives way more damage than it should. Just build one for the lols. Gives nearby towers increased damage. The active gives all towers on the map increased damage for 18 seconds. Very potent. The active doesn’t stack, so you can’t activate three different Pubs. The irish pub is going to be fix in the next version. The problem is already gone :) I was also wondering why you put Mr.Iron has a support carry since late game, he's dealing as much as a carry tower.

The Rare T-Bone Steak is acceptable on your carry. The Viking Helmet can only be dropped by Holgar, and is a decent carry item; also allows the wearer to drink mead potions.
I'm also surprise you're not putting frozen heart / frozen candle who's a nice substitute of purple item mid game. Overall, you did such an insane job, it should help a lot new player :D

Epic guide, @jhoijhoi! Way to go :-) It was an excellent read and I'm sure this will help a lot of new players to get started.

@Sarore Irish Pub: Yes, I'll edit that for the next version :) Mr. Iron: I guess it really depends on what items you make him consume. I focus on feeding my main potions, as opposed to feeding damage items to Mr. Iron. I'd rather have more attack speed/crit chance/crit damage on my main carry with potions, instead of trying to amp the damage of Mr. Iron when his range is so low. Frozen Heart / Frozen Candle: Mmm... by the time you're getting these two items, you've probably got a yellow Steak, which is better due to its stats of crit chance and flat + percentage damage amp. However, I will agree that running half of that item set for the slow is decent on a fast attacking tower. I may have to run that and see how it goes. @Andy Thanks! I'll write/rewrite more later in a more objective manner, as I realise with the new map my descriptions may not be as relative. I'll also try and make it more entertaining, lol.

Wow. Nice guide. I learned so much from it. One question though, why cant the shadow tower kill the horseman? I'm like doing 6M dmg on normal creeps but when it comes to the horseman it goes down to only 5 digits max. I'm like *toinks O.o* haha

Each pub increases the active dmg+% by 40%.

@icen: The Shadow gets stronger and stronger against all creep types as you adapt. However, challenge rounds, Horsemen and the bonus round have a different armour type, meaning the Shadow's damage you feel in normal waves doesn't apply during these rounds. To kill these hard rounds, you must have Knux up and have either a strong slow or a series of Jillys/Beavers for the chance to stun. I'll be updating the guide once the newest version is officially released with a section dedicated to the new map. I'll also be changing the way I order the towers, into alphabetical, as I want to be more objective and less "personal preference"esque. @Warlemming is gaming away, trying to find ways to break the game :P

Do you suggest only using one key on Mr. Iron because more is useless?... I can say that stacking keys on Mr. Iron does in fact work. You can prove this by only having keys on him and no one else and you will see that every time they proc multiple towers get the xp, depending on how many you've fed him. Works great if you want your surrounding support towers to get easy levels. Also, if you are using Mr. Iron as a pure support tower you can feed him paintings of solea so he'll just lvl up extremenly fast (which increases the xp amount of keys you're feeding him). While you do mention the withered set, I think specific attention should go to mummy bandages if you don't plan on using the entire set. At tower lvl 99 it gives 307% attack speed. Great if you need some extra speed for your Knus.

Hi @Vigi, and welcome to the forum! When I wrote this, Mr. Iron only "accepted" the stats of one Key of Wisdom. He's since been changed to allow the consumption of multiple keys. I was planning on updating this when the latest version comes out :) Regarding Mummy Bandages on Knux, the attack speed addition is nothing really, compared to the Impatience Set + Lucky Pants on her. Though, it certainly is an acceptable item if you don't have a second Impatience Set.

Thanks for the welcome. Mummy bandages is amazing on a carry mid-game before your main gets ridiculous amounts of AS. In most cases my main is doing plenty of damage but lacks the attack speed to keep up with the waves, especially when it comes to fast waves. Mummy bandages at say level 45 gives you 145% attack speed. If you're original solution was to use the seven-leagues boots you would only get 59% AS. Also, the attack speed addition on Knux is ridiculous when she is first getting started. Typically because she doesn't have enough luck to clear entire mass waves. Impatience set takes a long time to get going (if you're using it for the AS gain) and with mummy bandages alone and maybe a few lucky pants you can very nearly clear whole mass waves. It's all really personal preference, everyone will play with what they like but I do believe it is a great alternative.

^^ I absolutely don't dispute what you're saying. Perhaps unfairly, I tend to think of items in terms of "late game"/bonus round, which is why my suggestions in the original post revolve heavily around securing Impatience Set for all towers except Mr. Iron. This way of writing doesn't allow for noting down the fact that yes, it's definitely beneficial to have Mummy Bandages on Knux - my comment was referring to the fact that in the bonus round, I'd rather have the Impatience Set + Lucky Pants on Kunx and the Mummy Set on Mr. Iron :)

I put Bear Hunter at 2 and 7. Knuspherehexe at 1. Scientist at 10 and give it all speed potions and items.. It levels up nicely as I can take it to level 30 easily and replace it with Mr. Iron. Works decent. I can take things to wave 100+ now but still can't go further. Can you help me in giving me placement tips of Ms. Jilly. I use it with lucky pants as it can instant kill creeps. Also I need help on explanation on impatience wrath set. I don't get how we can use it for permanent speed increment. Thanxx

Hello Pranshu CBS, I did not read this guide, but i can still answere a few questions. #1 Impatience Wrath Set: As soon as you gather all 3 Items and equip it on a single Tower, said tower gets X% Attack Speed for EACH SECOND skipped between waves. So you can get this bonus 5 times (you can skip 5 Secs each between the rounds). The bonus stays as long as the tower got all 3 items are equipped. Drop a single item and the progress is down to 0 % again. #1.1 One Item got a different Stack ability. It gains a certain amount of +dmg for each hit done. It resets after 3 Secs without a hit. Only useful if the tower is close to the spawn, so it can constantly hit fresh spawned creeps! #2 At least for starters i would suggest different towers as Carrys. Especially if you go for 3 Carrys (2 Bear hunters and an Iron man as Anti Air and buff unit i guess). You should stick to two towers. Easy Carrys are Shadow and Holgar. Shadow got a high range and a big bonus against normal Waves, Holgar got a rather low range but hits 2 Targets and im not sure about this statement, but i think it does double hits (both axes) on a single target. #3 Early on swap potions and try to get Water of Life to max droprate and quality as soon as possible. Drink dmg potions (if you got Shadow) only when you have to. Same goes for Crit. Speed on the other does never hurt... #4 Placement. My personal placement is like this: Shadow goes on Spot 10 (can hit most of the map.) Holgar goes on 2 or 5. 2 If it is your main Carry. 5 If if you play with shadow. Give only speed pots to shadow, so he can gain speed. Holgar should lasthit most creeps anyway to generate potions. Knusper: It goes on 3 or 6. If you play your holgar on 2 Knusper goes to 3. If not it goes to 6. This is to maximize the area covered by the armor reduction aura. #5 Go for the Ganehsa and Forge combo. Maybe on 9 and 11. If you dont need them feed them the potion, that they get destroyed but add life to your Wizard. If you want to use them better: When 99 replace one with GIB (equip MR, insane slow!) and the other with a spider. Bosses will crawl through your def. Well ^^ Some info for you to try. Have Fun and Good Luck =)

Okay another question. How many money bins are required to fund a satellite. Normal case and where should we place it????

Hello Pranshu CBS. There isnt a way to say "3 bins are enough" or "10 wont handle it"... The point is: Your bins Increase your income (depending on your current gold) and the creep bounty (depending on wave and type of creeps.). The second point is, that you sat uses gold equal to X% of its dealt dmg. So the amount of income you need varys. I think for normal rounds 3-4 bins are more then enough IF you reached the max income. Well if you have max income with a single or none its fine too. But no matter if you run a 200 or 500 waves game and no matter if you have 2 or 10 bins around, in the bonus rounds the sat will eat through your funds anyway. The probleme here is, that you stop gaining the interest money and the bounty is not enough to counter the upkeep of your Sat. In my opinion the Sat is a last resort tower for bonus waves...

Well I had enough with satellite.. .... it's not good for long run. Not even good damage even though I had many money bins. Good thing I found though was my new carry tower. I keep Bear Hunter at edge of middle tiles where they can put traps on both sides of path. I power it with an Irish pub and 2 herb witches. Then I armed it with bandages, meat mallet, viking helmet, and seven league boots. This gave me 1 trap per second and also the damage dealt reached million with average damage upto 6k. Now I'll see if two beer hunters can hit it. Also it was causing insane damages to air units due to high damage. My secondary carry tower is 3 hitman + Manitou helps a lot with critical there. With wolf skin and rare to bones it can do some decent damage. For support I think miss jilly and shadow are best. Shadow had slow start but was very consistent and miss jilly with lucky pants can get us out of crunch situations. Other than that herb witch, Irish pub and money bin was good enough to keep up with pace. I'm still curious about how to use balu then huli/muli combo and then Holgar. Can you suggest me some tips with these towers and how to get iron man powered up....... Thanxx

Mhm, never really used either Balu nor huli/muli. But Balu is just another Dande with bigger dmg and aoe... Nothin else there. So just use it whereever you build a splash dmg tower. Huli and Muli mhm... Decent towers as far as i can tell. Chance to "Stun" (slip on banana) and increasing dmg by banana and drinks. Good range too. But in the end just rather ordinary towers. Just skip the Inn close to them and go for some female towers around it. But Holgar and Iron Man. Both quite GOOD towers. Holgar throwing to axes, which can hit different targets or both the same target if there is only one. Producing loads of potions. If you have the "deckmaster" pick Holgar for the start. Always. Youi should be able to have him out on about wave 25-35, give him enough items to instant kill enemys and MANY speed pots. Luck doesnt hurt on him if you got a spare itemslot you dont need for dmg. Always swap as many potions for Water of Life as you can to max the Drops and their quality. Place him wisely, so he can hit enemys as long as possible. 2, 5, 13 are good spots. 6 is fine if you want to equip Helm of Hades. Basically Holgar is just a potion producing tower for the whole game. For Bonus rounds i would replace him. Irong Man: Can be a carry but most people use him as the ultimate support tower. Especially on the 500 rounds games. As supportive tower: Feed him Barrels, Fists, Keys and Cauldrons (even the "Dark Forge" Items. You dont need him to level). Dont forget a dozen Speed items (Mushrooms, Boots) so his absorb ability gets faster! As Carry or Anti Air tower: Placement like Holgar (got the same range if im not wrong). Just feed him EVERYTHING he benefits from, including items to support. 2 Items you should not feed him: Painting of Solea (causes him to miss! CAREFUL) and Lucky Pants... no luck involved on Iron Man, so its just useless. Trivialinfo: Go for Metro+Darkness and skip nature. Get another tower to 99 and save ALL the "Acolyte of Greed". Each Acolyte will spawn 3 Goblins (if the tower replaced is 99!). A rough guess is: For every Acolyte you get 1 Yellow Item and a blue Item + pots. (Yes, they do drop more, BUT you have to subtract the items which can not be absorbt). If you want to try an Iron Man carry, you should to it before the update. Darkness does get another Yellow tower then which effectively will reduce the amount of Acolytes to half, since its the only yellow darkness tower right now. Should be a rather easy game. I think for a 500 Waves games, you can easy get 70+ Acolytes (210+Goblins[~500+ Items 250+Pots]) which makes an incredible buff for a level 99 Iron Man. P.S. a Shadow is not really a "support". It is probably one of the best Carrys out there. Though i prefer my good old friend Scarface ;)

Well Bali ansmulu are great at end if you got Lotta slow stunners to give them more time to grow make sure other carry at least 4 tiles from bear or he might cuddle him I think there's a limit to number traps a bear hunter can trigger per mob or a limit to how many can stack I had 1 at end of line as off carry it had like .5 or less attack speed and even only hitting challenges wasn't like 50 traps triggering on challenge sigh hogar is great if you get him to kill mobs can get like 40 to 50 meads per 50 waves so 10 to 13 extra yellow pots satellite seemed good with 400 mil since 12 k base but sadly it just keeps shrinking and later when bonus takes more then a few hits per drains money fast if other was any income tic in bonus say when you get exp maybeitd work but the idea of a tower that grows weaker seems bad forge can be a good carry if you can get a lot of speed since 2k base damage honestly I loved iron man butnow rarely play metro do pure darkness ...tons of treasure guys ior nature plus for the beavers hog ar and purple towers my 2 favorites I use hordic mage for 3 to turn in and feel the pots over 2 Carey's way better then ironman eating

Mhm, ever tried to build blood demon and give Iron man the sword? Iron Man got a really bad Basedmg but incredible good %dmg and %crit chance. Now add 397 to the base dmg and calculate him again. I think he can be incredible strong ;) never tried it though. Due to his incredible high +%dmg ;) Blood Demons Sword gets to be a really really potent item. Add helm of Hades to counter the MR... 3 slots used... but doesnt matter in Bonus rounds, then excalibur or probably another of the big swords...

This helps alot were to place my bear hunter I use combo of hitman and bear hunter very usefull to know

Of course its up to you, what you use, but i suggest switching both towers for the bonus rounds or at least the hitman. The problem with the hitman is, that your dmg range is incredible. i think its 1-1280 (on lvl 99) or around that. Nice max dmg output but the minimum dmg is just so bad. Go for a more reliable source of dmg if you start leaking. The big bonus on hitman is the high critchance on start which is...well neglectable on a 500 waves match later on. Well to be honest even in an 200 waves match =)

Good to know ty

"I’m still curious about how to use balu then huli/muli combo and then Holgar. Can you suggest me some tips with these towers and how to get iron man powered up……. Thanxx." Balu is kinda cool, but as others have pointed out, he can be a little difficult to get going at first. The good news is, because of his base stats, both speed and damage are useful to him. That said, he cuts a large swath of unpredictability because of his snuggle ability. As such, I tend to keep him fairly isolated with a token support tower, lest he screw up too many towers. Huli/Muli combination is fantastic (Also necessary, in the Huli part of the equation). Ratcheting up both of their speeds will allow Muli to constantly drink when there are no enemies around, making him ridiculously deadly. Huli loses all bonus' value (Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Multiplier) except for speed when providing bananas (IE, a 100% Critical Chance banana doesn't help Muli at all). I've never found more than one Huli necessary to feed Muli either. When I play Nature/Metropolis, they're the combo I go to every time. Note, I haven't tried them since the update (Apparently Muli got modified). Like the previous two, done up well, Holgar can be amazing - as a Support/Carry though, not a dedicated carry. Give him and your primary Carry the Rings of Yin/Yang, and then start converting his potions like mad, and boost the living hell out of them both. Still, as far as production towers go, I find the Dark Forge so, so much better overall.

When I use holgar I generally swap him out for my main carry, unless of course I am doing the wolf pack strat (which isnt the strongest but fun nonetheless ) or if I am using the ripper.

I haven't tried the Wolf strategy, but the 1.1 update looks like it'll change that for me. Could be fun. Holgar isn't enough to carry, you're totally correct. The only nice thing about him is getting him to produce potions left, right and centre.

The wolves arent that strong still, the one exp doesnt do enough, and the bonuses are out done by most other carry towers.

To my mind a wolfpack is by far the easiest way to beat a game without bonus rounds. It gets very strong ver fast if you have a few wolves placed and skyrockets when you put out a ganesha with wolfskin. (exp bonus for wolfes + the lvl bonus of ganesha). At this point nearly everything is insta killed... Bonus rounds are getting hard at somepoint, bu t before wolves rock. Playing a game with all 3 factions might not be the best for wolfpack, because it will take too much time to gather the pack. 2 factions or only nature work fine though in my experience.

Hello, first off, i want to make some things clear about wolves, and the pack mechanic. -Wolves are incredible good towers en-masse early on and midgame (would say to about wave 200-300) they will do fine with a few items/pots. -They are used to gain many medium leveled towers, making them the best race to go for the level quest -They are blue towers and not meant to be a whole-game-carry -The passive damage gain (if you have multiple wolves!!!! the more the better) is incredible potent, even if your carry does not get all the lasthits, he still gains a few experience points -if the bonus wolves (not the carry) reach about level 30 they progression nearly stagnates, only a tiny bit of damage boost now. Statement from Romeo Like the previous two, done up well, Holgar can be amazing – as a Support/Carry though, not a dedicated carry. Give him and your primary Carry the Rings of Yin/Yang, and then start converting his potions like mad, and boost the living hell out of them both. Still, as far as production towers go, I find the Dark Forge so, so much better overall. -The big point on the Dark Forge is, that you can get ONE single Item each round. But you wont ;) which means every 4th round you can reroll items into one big potions (if your lucky enoough to get 4 yellow items and not blue...) -Holgar can probably get multiple potions every round. which means, we say he gets an avarage of 2 pots/round (you have increased his luck and he kills everything), that you have a yellow potion every 3 rounds. Just by farming, Holgar is better then the Forge. BUT, the Forge can dish out that friggn sword which is a bonus i grant you and the forge can get stronger itself then holgar, IF you got enough speed potions...

"The wolves arent that strong still, the one exp doesnt do enough, and the bonuses are out done by most other carry towers." Aw dude, post 1.1, Wolf Pack is the most consistent strategy by a mile. I might get a sweet Muli going, I might have Balu going, and I might get a dedicated Dark going. IF those strategies work, yes, they'll exceed the Wolf pack. However, that's a big if, as I find they fail more than they succeed. As of yet, I haven't had a single failure with Wolves. They're so obscenely consistent. Yeah, you're not going to go all day in the bonus rounds with them, in fact, they begin to struggle past round 250 unless you've swapped them out for something else. But boy oh boy can they ace every short game, regardless of drops.

I always use scarecrow as my carry tower until I start getting my ass kicked in the bonus round, then I switch him out with the blofield satellite. I usually make it 7 or 8000 seconds by doing this

@Mr. Joshua, You should check out the discord (New Game > Multiplayer > Top bar "Tap here to join the official discord." A lot of things have changed since jhoijhoi wrote this guide 5 years ago. We have some discussions on the discord about current strategies. Also, you should try pressing the snowflake-looking button on the home screen of Mazebert to give the season a try. You start over as a level 1 player, but you get to try out lots of neat and cool features, like the Light deck. Once the season is over (a month or two), then all progress is rolled back to the standard.

You could get better of course in discord are some how tos but most players hanging in DoL :)

Wow the necromancy on this Thread is strong. But it is the best thread we ever had I think.

Deads live longer you know :D