More Maps, or Map Sharing

Hey, this is more specific to Andy, but I've come to realize something: As fun as new items/towers are, they get used a few times then go back to feeling normal. I think that's partly because we only have four maps in the game. Any chance we could get a few more maps? Personally, I really like the +1 range and -1 range maps, and would LOVE to see more like that, or even other new ideas (+1 multicrit spots, -1 inventory spots). I recognize this is almost assuredly a no, but any change you could show us how to make maps and see what the community comes up with? Thanks for reading!

Also, just realized I clicked the wrong forum for this. This thread can be moved if needed.

Hey Romeo, adding a new map would be relatively straight forward (from the technical side). I'm currently thinking of a theme though, since golden grounds is pretty bad ass and so far I've not found an idea to top it. But ideas on this are very welcome! :-)

Map where only one or very few towers can be built. Map where towers cannot level. Map where only one of each tower is allowed. Map where Creeps provide no items. Map where spots add/subtract a Multicrit. Map where up to Common/Uncommon/Rare towers are all that's allowed. And heck, even just any more "normal" maps would be appreciated. Love the game, but I'm starting to notice I'm falling in to familiar strategies now.

Hey Andy why don't you give a sandbox or custom mode to players so that they build their own map....and make it available to community, much like steam workshop if you've used steam.... Why dont you make a dev tool so that we make make more fun maps and some crazy things.... It Should be from both simple to advanced. With this community can make some mods for custom games. And then community can vote for the content to included into game after testing. Another idea is that you can make a map maker for mazebert so that we can make and play custom maps or manipulate mechanics. None of this will be official/main progress. It won't give levels but it'll be fun so that we can test new ideas on hand. What do you say....

That's basically what I was hoping to see. Not sure how difficult or realistic it'd be, but I'd love to see it if remotely feasible.