Tips and tricks

These will be of varying usefulness at different stages of the game. Mostly focused on an efficient bonus round. Yggdrasil will get 6x the effect of any potion if you drink them with all the branches equipped to itself. Or you can remove one branch and give it to your carry as well as a yin ring. Then give a yang ring to ygg and ygg will get 5x potions and your carry will get 2x. Useful if you aren’t ready to replace ygg with your permanent carry. Use this before you place your main carry tower to get 20+multicrit. Worth resetting if you get bad luck on card dust The withered set is key to very long runs. Optimally you will have an ironman(Mr iron) with 4000% luck and max attackspeed and 2 piece withered set. He can push back 160 creeps per second. He makes a “wall” where creeps can’t pass until there are more than 160 of them. This makes splash damage incredibly overpowered. Also stun is a Nono. Get rid of your beavers and jillies they will cause leaks when combined with withered set As well, you want a scarecrow with as little luck as possible, max attackspeed, and 3 piece withered set. The reason you don’t want luck here is it can cause the push back effect meaning you don’t get the amplified effect. This will be your amplifier. So the boss has 9 quadrillion hp what are you gonna do? You can’t get your dps anywhere near that. But as long as you can keep him pushed back with Ironman, the scarecrow will amplify the damage he takes by incredible amounts in a short time. Actually, I realized your dps will be in the quadrillions so just imagine a higher creep health for me Trident and reaver means you are dealing 75% splash damage. On balu, trident alone is 150% splash damage. Splash damage is really important if doing the withered set stall strategy. Your carry will focus down the bosses which could take even minutes late in the bonus round. While the amplification builds up, the other bosses and goblins and mass creeps take almost full damage because of the splash. We can’t afford to take 1 minute to kill one boss, but we can if we are also killing everything else around it at the same time. This is how we manage to kill enough things millions of seconds into the bonus round. Any ability or effect that has a chance to activate will be effected by your luck%. If the ability has a 1% chance to occur, then 100% luck will increase that chance to 2%. Be efficient with your luck potions and use them with Yggdrasil and Branched towers to get the effect to your dark forge, knusper, abyss king etc. The max chance for any effect to activate is 80%. So if you wanted Holgar to get max effect chance on his potions you’d need 8000% luck because his base chance is 1%. This is impossible though, there are some towers you just can’t max out. Generally the only one you need to be maxed out but can’t is dark forge. So make sure to give all extra luck to dark forge. More items is more potions in the bonus round. Dungeon door(item) and dark forge are a huge source of potions in the bonus round. The creeps no longer drop items, but there are still “rounds” running in the background so you get a ton of goblins and dark items. Transmute all you don’t need to potions and this is how you get lots of max attackspeed towers and high scaling on your crit and dmg. There are 4 viable towers for ultra late game and they all have self scaling. Muli, ironman have the potential to be the strongest. They have self scaling stats and access to stonecutters temple which is a ridiculous damage boost. You get 1500~% total damage just free. Think about that. It means any potion you drink is like 15 potions. After that you have balu and the ripper. My longest game is with the ripper, but his scaling hits a (bugged?) cap. It’s quite high but still it happens early on in a game millions of seconds long. Balu will not hit this kind of cap but his scaling is much slower. Muli will not cap and he has access to stonecutters. And Ironman could rival muli but you would be a serious masochist if you are willing to feed hundreds of thousands of items to him. Muli/Ironman>the ripper>balu in terms of how far they can take you in the bonus round. Balu is easiest to set up, ripper is hardest. Miss Jilly can kill goblins instantly. They are the hardest thing in the bonus round, so spawning them in the back next to her is wise. Give her lots of item chance and put black widow nearby(she is useless in the bonus round near main creep line as nothing drops anything). Give her a good bit of attackspeed and some levels and she will instakill all goblins which is nice. You can wait a bit to do this part. I usually do at around 50k seconds I reckon. Tower placement is soooo important. It can be difficult to find a layout that maximizes effectiveness of your unique towers. It is unique to each strategy you are attempting so just work at it. General tips - knusper needs to be able to hit creeps before your carry kills them. If she doesn’t she will not be able to eat them and get massive armor reduction for you. She also needs to be in range of your carry’s kill zone or her armor pen is useless. Abyss king can be given helm of hades to increase his recruitment zone. As a 1 range tower it can be pretty hard to get full coverage of your carry’s kill range. Play other maps. I got one of the highest scores ever on twisted path. Some strategies just work better on different maps. Some towers can hit wayyyy more tiles meaning your early game is easier. Play on computer if you are going for a really long run. Your phone will thank you. The window can run in the background unlike phone and when you need to resume a run it will be much faster. It can take 30 minutes to resume a million second run even on computer..

Wow, what a nice guide! Thanks for sharing. I never made more than 15k seconds, gonna give it a go and see how far I will make it by following your guide.

Good guide. My only critique is about using a scarecrow as a multiplier. It might work super well if there's just a single hard boss. But if there are lots of creeps lined up to kill, how do you know the scarecrow will hit the right ones? Maybe I don't understand the low-level workings of the game. Maybe it has all the towers that are in range attack the same creep. If that's the case, then, well, scarecrow is op. My last run used a variant on this method. I made it to 200k when I turned off iron man creep shove to farm my knusperhexe. I did this many times before, but something went wrong when I wasn't looking =\. My lessons learned:
  • Ripper > all.
  • High multicrit (>20) needs high crit chance.
  • Ripper + Trident = 3x scaling speed.
  • Goblin management is very important.
In my run, my main carry was Balu and he was a Yggdrasil for a bit to gain multicrit. I got up to 30 multicrit without other items. The downside is that Balu doesn't automatically scale crit damage or crit chance. I got up to ~20k crit chance. To fully utilize 30 multicrit, you need ~80k crit chance (Assuming what I heard about 80% carry over in crit chance between each multicrit). My ripper (built from scratch when bonus round started) ended up out damaging him by a factor of 8-10. He only had multicrit from items and got up to around 13. When I turned on my iron man (2 item withered set), My ripper was getting 300 thirsts per game second. Muli might be able to scale faster, but he only scales crit, not regular damage. I was able to use a twisted novice wizard quite effectively to push back any leaked creeps. I paired him with a Jilly so their ranges aligned. Any non-boss that was leaked to them would be pushed back. About the wizard: I don't know if the 25% failure rate scales with luck (other failure rates do), but his effects are definitely a net positive. Correction to what you posted: you said each potion is like 15 for towers with stonecutter's. That's only true for strength potions. The 15x damage is after everything else, so it's hard to compare it to potions. While iron man can get high damage and muli can get high crit damage, neither can do well at both. I think ripper getting both to 1M+ is better than stone cutter's bonus. Although, I just realized that with Seelenreisser, Muli could also gain a small amount of damage% passively. He is also limited by the amount of gold you have, but 1-2 well developed pickpockets can probably keep the bank from draining too quickly. And if you do a 500 round run, you'll have plenty of gold from interest - at least 250M. That's enough for about 6M crit damage without any pickpockets.

The scarecrow hits 9 targets at once, or one target 9 times. Since mass and normal creeps and air are going to die really fast, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be effecting the boss/goblin that your carry is attacking, and the carry is guaranteed to be attacking the boss or goblin because the others just die so fast. Reaver is the only way this can work of course. With trident preferably. Or balu with just trident. Also, the scarecrow himself pushes back a fair number of creeps. Even with 0% luck. So he pushes them out of range and changes targets. However they aren’t out of range longer than the 3 second amplification duration so they don’t lose the bonus. It just keeps stacking on every creep.. til they’re all dead. Scarecrow at max speed attacks 450 times per second if you count each crow as an attack. Since the Ironman can push back so many creeps and keep them cycled it works really well. It’s unfortunate that we can’t tell the scarecrow to attack only the boss that carry is attacking but that would be absurdly broken, as if it wasn’t already. I definitely need to try the twisted wizards. They could maybe be as effective as Ironman with high luck but I’ve just never even built one of them 1m damage% and 1m crit% is the same as 250k damage % and 4m crit dmg. This is my ripper from around 1 million seconds I think. It was around that mark for sure. I hit the thirst cap around 400k second? After that all you can do is feed potions and wait on abyss king for damage. https://imgur.com/vF1t9IY This is TheMarines muli at 800k seconds https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270242472079130625/588169936032104477/Screenshot_20190612-095705_Mazebert.jpg Muli has half my rippers multicrit and still outdamages him by almost double? Because of 1500(estimate)% total damage increase from stonecutters. And muli doesn’t cap. And muli can stun(which may actually be an issue, I haven’t tried it yet), and muli has better range

These are really useful tips. I didnt even know you can put 5 branches in 1 tower for more effects. I wonder how many carries are you guys using? And where is the best placement for rippers? Does Muli eating bananas based on luck % only? How can i find more luck potion?

https://mazebert.com/g/f3f76084-0db1-4a53-b5ba-efaf37568a45-33399 I used a ripper here. The difficult placement of towers is why most people use 1 carry. But nobody has formed the ultimate strategy because it takes literal days and weeks to do a complete run lol. I might need a second carry in the best possible run but I haven’t evolved that far yet And Yggdrasil is the only tower who can equip more than one branch :)

FuzzyEuk and Constipation, You may share your card positions in the bonus round ... in order to better understand your guides.

I find it difficult to imagine the placement of the cards in their strategies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge for free.

I placed Yggdrasil and did some test. It seems like if you “remove one branch and give it to your carry as well as a yin ring. Then give a yang ring to ygg and ygg will get 5x potions” BUT, carry didn't get 2x. I did some math, and the carry just got 1x, you must give the ring and the branch to different tower. -- My bad, I didn't wait them to get married.

I haven't played since 2015 and I've been struggling to get past lvl 50 when I used to consistently get past 200. Anyone willing to share starting builds with current patch?

In a similar situation. Cant find infos on how to play maps early on. Im lvl 50 something and stuck on shattered plains. Even on blood moor I won easy twice only.

Here's one of my games playing Blood Moor on hard: https://mazebert.com/g/29ec45c9-48db-47c8-b1e1-bd6b92761eb9-115 What's always essential for me to do is to switch the starting carrier depending on what wave is coming.

My current strat is play nature only with an added solara from the skill. Bunny first and if there is a Boss Support it with other towers but let main kill. Definitely kill the challenge by spamming towers, doesn’t matter who ills as there is no exp. the Switch to solara when appropriate and prepare your wolf mid game by getting wolves out and get mains speed up at least something like 150% is necessary for the wolf to not fall behind especially on mass waves

Not sure if recent updates have changed things but do Yin Yang Rings still work with Ygg? And is there anyway to combo potions with Tinker?

No ygg and rings don’t work together. Tinker works with rings, if he drinks the potions.