Favourite Carry

Hey guys, been lurking on the forum for a couple weeks now and decided to hop in :) Just curious what you guys love to play as your main tower, I haven't been able to beat the game just yet (lvl 39 and got close a few times :( ) and trying out new strats while browsing the strategy posts! I generally love the hitman high end damage, swapping him to a shadow if I can snag one early, but I tend to fall off around wave 150 and seem unable to kill the horseman haha, so maybe not the best strat. Love the game so far, slightly addictive :P

Hi Tearian, welcome on board :-) One strategy that worked for me to beat 0.7: - Start with Dandelion or Pocket Thief on spot 12 (for spots see https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/general-placement-strategy/) - Swap to poisonous frog as soon as you got some attackspeed + - Swap to Huli the Monkey and make sure that most of the surrounding towers are female (Optimum: Herb Witch, otherwise spawn some pocket thiefs) - Build Manitou as soon as you got him. With Hulis buffed crit chance you want to get as much multicrit as possible! - As soon as you have enough gold and 2-3 Hulis and Muli, swap to Muli and place Hulis on spots 2 and 3. If you don't have enough speed boosting items for the support Mulis you can also build a third Huli on the map. But I recently finished a game with Shadow, too. For the last Horseman, I had to use the Sacrifice Potion though :-) Foto 06.01.14 01 24 57 Foto 06.01.14 01 26 06

Heya Tearian, Welcome to the forum. Indeed Huli is a great first time win carry. A set of monster teeth and a lucky run with herb witches and pocket thieves could potentially place you at 100% crit chance as early as wave 60. Shadow is another decent carry if you can get him soon enough. I find though that the best way to win with a shadow is to micromanage his items so that he deals the most hits on challenge waves and the least hits on non-challenge waves. This is because of the nature of his adaptation skill and he grows faster and better if he only adapts a lot on challenge and horsemen waves. As for my personally favorite carry tower... It is most definitely Black Widow because of her absolutely amazing skill to make enemies drop more items and gold not to mention the beautiful experience boost. I'd not recommend trying her just yet though. She's a tough tower to get rolling with until you've gained more game time. I truly think the huli/muli combo is a great first start for every player and you'll see that once you achieve that first victory you'll want to do it again but better :)

My favorite is bear hunter since it was interesting to get him to work as a carry. Holgar is also fun but at some point he just ends up missing too much :O As for towers that work well as carry: Shadow (kind of weak against challenge/horseman waves though) Poison Frog (somewhat reliant on attackspeed) Huli/Muli - strong allround towers Scarecrow was really strong in .6 but haven't tested it in the new version yet. Otherwise I always recommend getting a Bear Hunter and/or Balu if your carry tower has troubles clearing normal/mass waves.

My carry checklist: Uncommons: Frog - done. Fairly easy as long as you have hades and plenty of witches (otherwise he won't get enough attacks out against some creep types) Wolf - done. Seems too reliant on tower drops and 1 range doesn't help his case either Scarecrow - done in 0.6. Seemed pretty OP back then and extremely easy to pull off. Shadow - done. Impossible to kill horsemen with it though (he probably needs 1% anti challenge damage per proc) Rare: Huli - done. High attackspeed, high range stun tower with massive crit chance. EZPZ. Bear Hunter - done. Took me until wave 150ish though to place him since that strategy required Muli and a few longbows to work because of his weakness against air/boss waves. Holgar - his slow attackspeed is a pain. Idk if it's still doable with the nerfed Messer. In the end his dps can be insane, but so is his chance to miss (I think I was >80%) Unique: Dark forge - about to give up. That slow base attackspeed is really a problem. Muli - haven't tried yet. And probably won't try it either since he seems to easy to pull off. Blofeld - not a fan of stacking Money Bins and my early attempts with it (before the buff to money bins) have been a disaster. Black Widow - no success so far but might try it with a different setup.