Any Comments on my Tower Placement V 0.10.1

Hi Guys, Just recently play V 0.10.1 easy 500 waves and my bonus round. see images below: Setup Damage Main Carry Main Items Support Support Items Second Carry Second Items Armor Penetration Support damage Bonus Round The END Any comment regarding my tower placement and item choices. Appreciate your great input. I put Mr. Iron at 9 so that my second carry can benefit on the buffs and other towers. I just copied the placement based from the guide & strat from this forum. Thank you.

Can't see the pics...

Sorry, how can i attach the pics? im new here. ^_^

@maltorek. Upload your image to imgur.com. after uploading copy the BBC code. Then click on img then paste the given code.

Done. Thank you! ^_^

Firt off welcome malrorek. Nice job there.

Thanks Icen, My Main is Holgar, married to bear hunter, accompanied by black widow for her Last Will ability to encounter more items and potions. The Three supported by Mr. Iron eating so many cauldron, iron fist, irish pub, rare T-Bone, Viking Helmet, wolfskin, meat mallet and many more. All my Ms. Jilly have, Magic mushroom or Seven league and 2 Withered set for chance to send back time. I did not replaced Holgar's Mummy Bandage because my speed will drop to 0.2. ^_^ Gib with 3 Seven League and messe, and Knux eaten 700 creeps. What the maximum armor penetration for Knux? Ganesha being replace by Bio satellite at the bonus round. Should i have replace Holgar with Bio Satellite to last longer?

I think Mr Iron needs to switch with Manitou so that he sends back waves faster, and bear hunter has a chance to generate more traps. Also, 2 sets of the same kind on the same monster don't stack. So change the wither set to just 1 wither set, and lucky pants on the other two, which is more beneficial.

Hi andriel, Thanks for your nice feedback. Sorry for my english. Im not very good in english. Actually i have one wither set 1 viking hel and 1 seven league for my jillys.miss jilly jilly items Also, if i swap Mr. Iron with manitou, he will no longer support may main and second carry?