Mr. Iron, the ultimate support?

Don't you hate it when you have extra gloves or cauldrons that you want placed near you main tower but no towers with free slots!? Worry not, Mr. Iron can add them to his Armor and become the ultimate support! Don't forget to add those keys as well. Funny thing to try is giving him 5 paintings lol.

Korn, Sometimes you just make me laugh.. =D too bad that 5 paintings screwed up my Mr. Iron. lol

@Zeek How does it screw up? I have yet to actually try it. I was going to do that to help him gain XP (with increased aspd and EXP it will be awesome).

do you want to messed up Mr. Iron? feed him Dark items hahaha

Multiple keys in mr iron does not stack, i've had him consume up to a total of 6 and only 1 being thrown out.