This seasons OP Combo (500 Blood Hard, 11,879,295 seconds, 448.4 trillion average damage)

Howdy y'all, Long time player first time poster. Below is the general outline of how I currently hold Bonus rank #3. Hero: Cthulu Required Towers: Ganesha, Tree, Idun, Snore Fox, Bunnies, Wolf, Beacon of Hope, Holgar the Horrible, Tinkerer. If you fail to get the above, you cannot do this. The following towers are nice to have but not strictly required Hel/Knuck/Unicorn/Dark Forge Required Items: Soul Potion (the one that kills towers to add to levels) Vital Potions, Multicrit potions, Dungeon Door by ~100 Overall Premise: Abuse Idun's Max Tower Level to get Ganesha stupidly high and at the bonus round swap them to Beacon of Hope. Feed the Beacon's Potions to a tinkerer within range of your carry. Transform Carry to Holgar the horrible. Depending on how many vital potions you got during your run you can expect anywhere from 2000-4000% bonus luck from Tinkerer's aura which gives Holgar a 20-40% chance to made meads that can be transformed into better potions. Then before the End of time, transform your carry into Snore Fox, and all the towers that have been being splashed/branched potions into bunnies. Have Snore Fox eat the bunnies and then transform Snore Fox back into Holgar (higher damage even after snore fox penalty). Ending words: How well you do entirely depends on how many vital health and crit potions you get. I transmute pretty much all my purple/orange potions/items/towers that aren't those two. On my best run I was able to get my Holgar the Horrible up to level 735. Also, I love the fact that I don't have to waste time feeding Mr. Iron and can just transmute him.

That's a nice alternative to the Dagon + Idun/Hel/Necronomicon build. I've heard good things about that as well, but that depends on Necronomicon dropping and cultist spam. Your build seems more reliable. A couple improvements: - Use poison frog as your final carry. - Use Twisted Wizard to give you +50% damage bonus from banishment - Use Hydra Arrow for extra damage. - Heroic cape might also be worth using due to all other stats being obsolete compared to potions.

How do you use your Soul Flask?

🙋 my favourit(on bloodmoor) is to sacrifice a 4towers combo. suggstion to first pair 2 of them and use a +49lvl potion dropped by the unicorn (all in range of cthulhus soup if available) then use the soulflask on the coner tower to not sacrifice 6 unintendely. note; -rings dont work with flask. -cthulhus soup, adds 10% if you equip it to a neighnour tower. not the one which uses the flask. for exaple, 4 lvl 200 tower drink +49lvl with rings and soup, gives you ~760hp if sacrificed with soup. +99 hp by skull of darkness. + 6 vital potions ( +160hp each if used with soup) +200 start hp, by wizard skills. ~2020 hp. max lvl is 999. ifrc it is rounded up, so you would basicly need only 1997 maxhp.

can you post your reply to watch it 😅