Okay I'm seeing many people saying that shadow is best carry tower but I'm quite not getting how to make it OP. What items should we put and how to manage that tower to get to insane stats. I'm currently having full focus on bear hunter. I put 2 of them and then buff them with damage and speed upgrades. Rest or things are taken care by my Manitou. Can anyone give me details and elaborated guide to how to buff shadow. Thanxx

well i usually use holgar from about round 35 to 350 then switch to shadow. If you have the legendary item Seelenreiser (which you get from relic forge) then yes, shadow can get very high dmg and attack speed, mostly because it has such a low base attack speed. An iron man fed with cauldrons, barrels and fists, and sometimes i put withered set in for the extreme dmg increase. But, with shadows passive, it can stack seelenrieser very effectively. You look like a fairly low level, so just get your level up and get some talents and it should become very clear. Also, just a few tips. Item chance + quality caps at 400, luck caps at 80, impatience set is the best set in the game, and make sure to stack abyss king and knus. But other than that, its all up to how you want to play. This game is very strategic, and has many opportunities to have lost of fun e.g. only darkness run

Well honestly shadow is far from op it looks fun but unlike other Carey's it sucks vs challenge horsemen so looks nice having third a mil adapt hogar I'd say is easiest carry how to build shadow attack speed and boost luck then put rotten mushroom and cactus on other towers Jill is good cause low attack speed with a ton Jill with those plus 1 shadow can kinda stun lock challenges low damage shadow aton of hits to adapt around 575 attack speed shadow hits .1 attack 1800 or 1900 it says 0 from what I heard .05is fastest then I guess after that you hit .049 it rounds down to show 0 but really .05 so. RECAP. attack speed luck items and 2 piece wither set for backtrack on challenges to get a pretty carry vs all but horsemen challenge as for you try a hitman near back and pocket thirds at start then at 2100 gold make hitman Hogarth the horrible boost his crit attack speed etc 5-10 meads max then trade rest in for other pots item find caps at 400 I get that asap then trade in waters for other pots when you get hogar put a shadow in front of map where it'll get lot hits before Hogarth kills then get 4 magic mushrooms or some lucky pants on him and watch it grow

first off, i dont know why everybody keeps writing wall of texts... Its a pain in the ass to read it. Allright reasons why Shadow is incredible strong. It can adapt (3% for one armor type -1% for the other armor types. So it gains 1% total. On Challange or Horseman waves and goblins, it gets 3% to every armor type). So basically it gets a free multiplyer to its damage. The next thing is the way it triggers. It has an "on hit" trigger. So if you equip Messerschmidts Reaver (granting Area of Attack for... 3 Tiles i think?) it can HIT multiple Targets with reduced dmg. So its Ability can trigger Multiple times with one hit. (MASS CHALLANGE can get you easy 200-300% dmg each time) The ability stacks without end, thus making it overpowered for the bonus rounds. It is the only tower which still gets stronger in this waves (Besides Holgar, since he can still drop pots. Well Knusper and Abyss too... but well) You dont even have to use shadow from the start. Get an Iron man, feed him some speed Items and 2-3 Paintings and it will level FAST to level 50+ and replace it later with shadow (no dmg items or pots!) get 3 Mushrooms on it luckypants or 2 Mushrooms and pants + MR. Then just let him farm stacks while holgar kills. The shadow will deal pretty low dmg with an HIGH attack rate and MR... Farming stacks and stacks. If you then start to boost his dmg (Knusper+Abyss) and replace Holgar with Solara. It does quite a good dmg if you equip it properly. Cant carry midgame though :/