I am stumped!

Hi guys I am stumped! Recently had my best run ever, 38000 seconds plus. Pretty sure I can preassure out a couple of thousand seconds more. My question is how the hell people go beyond this, especially on hard-mode. I have tried everything i can think of but nothing helps. Here is a general description of my strategy. Wizard = Rodrick Get Holgar as soon as possible for pots farm (major nerf since last update) Get Abyss with hades helmet (rest only lucky pants) Get knusp (impatience-set, mushroom, lucky pants and luck-potion (shared with carry)) Get beaver for second-carry, feed only with speed and use witherd set for amplification. (Will later get changed to scarecrow for multiple-hit aplification) Get dark forge for blade and skull + eqp that can be transformed to pots. Get manitou. Run Holgar to the ground (now i can't take more than 1.5k seconds, before nerf it managed 5k seconds.) Use up acolytes when you have a tower reach lvl 99. Get blood demon's blade (mine had approx 575 dmg) Exchange holgar for shadow. Eqp with messer, blade of darkness, blood demon's sword, seelen and hydra arrow (better than excalibur). Rest of the cards ard transformed to hp pots (for blade) and multicrit. (Got 80 %hp and 14 multicrit on main carry. My knusp had eaten approx 13000 creeps. My abyss had approx 18000 in his army. And seelen gave approx 42000% strenght. What am I missing? Have three strategies I have to try, the pure money-run and the horadic mage for more pots and the jack in the box considering all my towers are golden... wow got flooded with ideas after writing this post. If you already tried this out please share:) Hoid

Your darkness strategy works well! For more seconds in bonus round use Ms. Jilly for eating creeps instantly and Gib for slowing creeps, espacially the Bosses (all targrts should be in range of Abyss). The rotten toadstool and dried cactus (and with the pharao you gain extra damage) are neccassary to throw enemies back in time and thats all i need for my runs! All you need more is a good placement for your towers ;) For gaining more than 100.000s you should use a money run. Maybe i'll give it a try on next weekends to say more :P PS: As my second carry tower i use a shadow as well

Interesting, have thought of the same thing previously but always disgarded it since jilly steals kills from Seelen. But I guess that the dmg requirements get too high for the extra % in dmg to play a big role. Also i always focus on getting crit pots since they give better dmg. Should I play with jester fir the 50% bonus in luck? My guess is that dmg is good but that I should focus on sending back in time and killing the small creeps. This is my tower-placement: tower placement

That's the point with Seelen you already figured out (i've always around 40k% damage add, but 70k% dam and crit dam from Abyss). So Seelen is better than nothing but not the best item in highscore area. In end game it takes over 10s to kill a boss while attacking him all the time. So its important to stun and slow all bosses, sometimes five or more bosses appear in a row! I think my best run was with Jester to, but i run 80.000 as well with Roderic and Kvothe on hard mode to gain exp. I loose those end games often, when a boss crashes my area of Knusper, so creeps armor become so high, the shadow cant kill them anymore. So in my opinion you can choise your wizard the way you wanna play (high dam or high luck), but never forgot killing all small creeps to get more time for beating all these bosses ;)

Thank you! Have some new stuff to try now:) will need to wait a couple of days before I can even begin though:/ if only I had more time:)

I would place knusper where the right witch is. She should not help you much anyway iron with cauldrons are better by far. And knux area would be much better for shadow. I use a different setup but similar strategy and am nearly as far as you are now. Let's see how far I can get. My abyss has far more stacks though.

Oh and you may wanna trade Excalibur and blade of darkness for spectre set.

You had too many beavers Iron is a great support tower Gib too I used to use Osmo until shodow nerfed now Rodric and horadric mage is the best

@Kami Nice idea with knusp, that way it won't steal the kills from Abyss. Only have to time it so that my carry doesn't kill the mass creeps before they can get eaten. Using a shadow early, won't that kill them too fast? Haven't got cape yet, but exchanged excalibur for hydra arrow and it worked wonders. @TheMarine My problem with Iron is my belief that the pots we get from transforming the cauldrons is better than feeding him as a supporting tower. When it comes to Wizard, is it only me or doesn't jack in a box work? That would be a very good Wizard otherwise.

lets assume 4 cauldrons become 1 speed potion 1speed potion with marrige = 24% for 2 carry towers 4 cauldrons = 40% speed up for main&second main and knusper&jillys can be buffed too 4 Pub's Barrel = 40% dmg for 2 carry tower 1 dmg potion = 32% Once i tried Jack but didn work I guess maybe it works when i have Dungeon door?

If you're using Iron Man, feeding him is always safer than risking the item (For the Support Items). In the above example, imagine if you'd turned those four Cauldrons in to a Great Water of Life in the end rounds. Let the potions come through conventional pickups, or through unnecessary late-game items (Gloves, Rare Steak, Frozen Candle).

for the run mentioned in the first post... Looking over ending stats, the Abyss Army stands out the most - it is considerably too low IMO. The fact you mention building him after Holgar suggest maybe you built him too early? Remembering that a lvl.1 Abyss gets creeps at base 15%, verses a lvl.99's 25%. Although I'm not necessarily saying you need to wait for lvl.99, you get the picture.

Also bombard the hell out of his luck, and extend his range if strategically viable. With four Lucky Pants on, a high level Abyss will get a bonus on basically every kill within range.