Be Chuck Norris

Game starts with Yig and Metro & Dark combinations. Bonus start card are Tree of Branches. 4 Carriers and mega supports by any elements Carriers : Hitman, Solara, Phoenix, Frog and Mr. Iron Supports : Abyss King (for Solara's bonus damage) Black Widow (for Iron Man's bonus itemdrops) Knuxy : (you know for what :P ) Beacon of Hope, Manitou, Spider (only one),Dark Forge, Temple, Rainbow Unicorn (reached lvl99) and Hot Jilly with Unusable Machine, Toilet Paper, Knockback set and Lucky Pants. She had 4 luck potions also with Knux. All carriers drinks gold potions with branches. Iron's have Fat Armor and Gargoyled Snow Globe. Frog gets Electric Saw, Hitman gets excalibur, dark sword from forge, laser set and 2 meat mallets. Solara and Phoenix fullfilled with meat mallets. (3 carriers Hitman, Solara and Phoenix have 6 slots from Iron's Fat Armor.) Get Mine. https://mazebert.com/g/6e14feeb-2e5b-4dff-ab50-f8d887d2b59c-45753/

https://mazebert.com/g/057ba202-301e-41e4-b1d7-a678bfda1d55-40971/ got mine