My rank 9 (at the time) ladder run breakdown.

I would like to just note a few things for everyone here about my very deep run. For starters, lets get some setup out of the way. Hero: Horadric Mage. Element progression: started with pure nature => Metro => dark => light(transmuted vial). Towers: Basic setup was whatever I could => wolf spam with money boxes until 1mil interest per round at which point swapped to more wolves for level spam. Ended with everything,besides a knupherhex stonecutter and biofield(carry) as pocket thief (non ideal). Endgame carry Items:Blade of darkness, Excalibur, G1 The little Robot, Plasma Sword, Trident of Posiden, Helm of Hades. Game summary: Spent the majority of the time with wolf spam for the levels. Was able to keep wolf spam down until about 2k seconds on bonus round at which point I swapped to metro spam. How did I get my damage? : Simple answer, abused Yoggrasil and wedding rings to double every potion I could on my carry. Ended the game with 18 multicrit on main carry. Also had a Knupherhex with like 3.5k armor reduction. Would love to hear from other's with high times to see what the strats are and to help others with their climbs.

do you switch out Yggdrasil after Powerpotioning him for an other Tower? Whats the Reason for Metro Spam? Whats the Result? (Damagewise?) If you replace Yggdrasil whats your Targettower?

He was using stonecutter, so as many metro towers as possible to boost the damage of his metro carry. One tip for Baka - instead of transmuting the light element potion, as long as there are 50 waves left, drink the potion and then transmute the unique light towers you get. You'll get more card dust that way.

Metrocarry will be mr iron in this case? Or some better card arround for that job?

In his post he says "biofeld(carry)". Although, it should be "Blofeld" - it's named after the James Bond villian. I misread it for s couple years before I realized the L want a strangely capital i.

Sorry all, was half asleep when I typed that up. As noted, Biofield was indeed the carry with roughly 969T damage at the end of the game (from a recent similar run). Some things about why I took this carry as opposed to a Mr. Iron; I do not yet have access to, in my opinion, the two items that would make that viable, those being the Blood Demon's Blade and the Seleenraiser(the one that stacks damage on kills). I figured that without those the damage would just be better coming from Biofield. Was also unaware that you would get the uniques from Light if you had at least 50 waves left. Thank you for all the feedback.

You can get them even with 1 wave left, but with more waves left comes more chances to get those unique cards. 50 waves is my personal cutoff for deciding to drink an element potion. Mr. Iron doesn't need Seleenreiser because he can just keep eating war axe and Irish pub barrels. Blood demon blade would help, but it's basically a more punishing version of the Lucifer sword glitch. Also, there are guard lances that he can eat to boost his damage. I doubt I get more than 20 of them per game, so having Lucifer sword or blood demon blade would be useful. And you are most likely right, Blofeld satellite is likely the most powerful tower for metro as long as you don't plan to use it for a long time.

I use a similar strategy. I spam wolfes, put on knusper as fast as possible (have her in starting hand ofc). If you are lucky and get a bunch of wolves before 50, the game is pretty easy. If not, consider a restart. As time passes by, I put all white till yellow into the alpha wolf. I collect all purple cards for tree/ring abuse. I continue with unicorn in top left corner (to get levels for a later stonecutters) and also set a wolf into the front three slot row (into the middle, between knusper and a placeholder) this wolf is primary for getting up but not getting to much kills, so it won't be alpha (that's why I dont put in there at the start but after like 1/3 gametime). I collect setitems like withered for a later iron man on the front wolf location and frozen for knusper (she kills creeps no matter the dmg). I try to set a early ganesha on my maincarryspot in the middle right, but if the card won't drop until like w200, I put three anyway and level him later with unique cards. But I always try to avoid it. Meanwhile I also collect every monkey possible and wait for the evil multi. This is my main carry in late. I always wait until I reach like wave 470/480 until I set multi and replace EVERY wolf on the field by a monkey and drop a shitton of attackspeed items on all of them. My front wolf getting replaced by iron man (also getting a ring and withered). I personally catch a witch in a snow globe and like to place it near iron man, but unluckily it's not possible to put it onto him till he won't use the effect of the item no matter what. I also (sorry Andy) abuse the Lucifer bug and put the sword on my main carry, together with gt1/lightsword, excalibur, hades and the other sword (error 404 name not found). But... I still gettin fucked a lot by timelord... and I dont know why. My knusper had like 2k creeps eaten and I gave all unique cards to tree. Still not even half a chance. :(

Vir is invincible, you know that, right?

No, but now I do :D

Timelord is just there to soak as much dmg as possible it gets converted to survival time. So just go all out on him. And your main carry in the current version should be Yggdrasil. Or rather the tower you built on top of him after he got fed with potions with all but one branch equipped (and a ring). So he gets massive stat boost. Then place your final carry on him as soon as your first carry starts leaking ( the one with the ring and one branch). Or when it’s time to get him to lvl 99 for time lord.

Hello, where can I find your replay? I want to learn.

This isn't his replay specifically, but there are replays posted to the Discord. To find a link to it: Open the app > New Game > Multiplayer > "Looking for fellow players?" banner at the top. Once you've joined the community, take a look at the #share-replays channel.

Ty dude, was looking for that for so long ;)