Golden ground

Im just wondering if anyone else is working on the golden grounds. I managed to clear it à few days ago and now im working for the nr 1 spot.

Congratz to 1st place, looks like your plan worked out :-)

Ty Andy. I think that 1000 secs is possible with My current setup. I really need to get My hands on golden greater speed potion tho.

Well i most time get killed on around wave 190/200, since i only have a few golden cards yet. Hard to Carry with Jilly/Shaodw if you miss about all the items and pots ^^' and your shadow simply refuses to adapt on the challanges XD

I dont have shadow as golden card yet so i use holgar with lots of Beavers to stun Bosses and 3 jilly at the end to take care of fast ones that slip past. The key for me is to get 2 or 3 pocket thieves early to get holgar before wave 25. After that i replace them with Beavers. The second thing is to use one frozen book on holgar so i dont fall too far behind in lvls. Mead used: 10 then everything into pots

MY golden towers are: Jilly,spider and forge. So well, dont have such choices right now... Dont have any Crit potions either... That would do the trick for easy 200 waves... or Mreaver or just the missing part of the friggn Buzz Buzz set ^^ But all i get the last days are small pots of str ;D... i think of the last 10 tries i got em 5 or 6 times...

Woho. Just made it past 1000 secs

Wohoo :D i've just beaten the golden grounds for the first time. It's a pain in the ass if you cant get your hands on any crit pots :-P Still i made it with less then 10 lives left ^. ^ Now i think i can try to get some Ladder rankings =)

Gratz on the victory on Golden Grounds!! Have yet to beat it myself, my forging has sucked the royale one so far and just dont have to items to conquer it:) Looking forward to seeing your bonus ladder time. Good luck!

Well only playing in the week. Got a really boring job ;D So lets see what happens the next days =)

Ive hit à dead end at 1290 secs. Need som new Cards to change strategy.

Yeah easy 200 Waves, so it was quite nice already. Crap while writing i started to leak ;D i will try a 500 waves game now, even though some key items are still missing

I dont have golden scepter of time. So im not do golden grounds. *sob*

@norvask: See this blog post. :-P

Yikes only 23 of 1200 ppl made it to golden finally beat it with shadow abyss combo off 13 rolls got 9 duplicates after smash reroll got key of knowledge filled out the crit str and SPD pots so 15 of 53 items 8 of 19 pots 16 of 37 towers and 4 out 13 aren't duplicates sigh seems pretty bad if I get a life pot acoylate or dimension door I expect to beat 2k sec. Oh and only SPD item is last train luckily have frozen candle to offset