Longest bonus round survival?

What was your longest bonus round survival time? How did you do it? I am at 482 seconds with Miss Jilly married to Mr Iron! mr-iron-miss-jillymr-iron-miss-jilly-2

Juzt over 600 for myself.

Just finished a 1012 second bonus with Sat as main and a VERY supportive Mr. Iron. I think my Mr. Iron had about 15 keys, Fistfull of Steel and Cauldrons for MAJOR buffs. One quest... If you have the whole Frozen set constructed into his suit can you get Gib?

Oh wow over 1000 seconds, that's pretty damn sweet! Regarding the Frozen Set in Mr Iron. Nope it doesn't work to get Gib. All set abilities do not take effect when constructed in his suit (all text that is green).

Korn, What powers are you using? For the life of me I can't get close to what you do..

I am guessing you mean towers? If so I had my main as Sat with 60m gold and a Mr. Iron with all my buffing items built into him. I didn't have any aura towers tho. I still say Mr. Iron Could possibly do better... 100% armor pen built in is amazing.

Korn, No.. The powers... like +1% to critical chance or +.8% to exp.

Ah, sorry I'm use to calling those stats lol. 1017s bonsu

I'm pretty sure he means your skill points. Giant/Berserk/etc.

I'm missing the luck, hp and extra card skill points. Otherwise the rest Are max.

Rahler is right, "Skill Points"... lol My bad

I think I finally found my towers: 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14- Pub 3- Muli 4- Huli 5- Mani 8- Shadow 12- Mr Iron 13- Bear 15, 16- Witch 17- Gib So far it's got me up to 932 seconds =D, Gib was only lvl 86 =/

Just did a 1093 bonus round.

I've gotten to the bonus round twice and am discovering Hitman is not good enough for a main :P jhoijhoi's bonus round

I reached 350 sec a few times with Shadow. I use Shadow as my principal tower, it's speed and range make it awesome until a flow of creeps invade the map (about 320 sec in survival, about that, it's frustrating that the tower focuses on creeps according to the wave and not the position...). The last run, I replaced Ganesha level 99 with Balu, but it could help much since I used most of my potions on my Shadow before getting the rings. I'll try to keep the potions and/or add Gib in my set of towers...

Sorry about last post

What a beast! ^ So a single carry game, or was shadow pullin some weight at first?

Actually the Bear Hunter was my carry. Lol.

This time tried Shadow as a carry after getting to round 70 with the Pickpocket and having to change her out. 546 seconds, woo!

ld ld2

Dang! >1300 seconds tackled one more time. Very impressive!

Buzz buzz?

I guess ;-)

O. M. G. My best 808...

now,that's insanity/ i even get so hard to get 400

Forge & Elephant?

Ganesha is replaced by Knusperhexe at the bonus round (need level 99) Forge is a waste of space. I could probably place it somewhere to generate a couple items to throw away, but it's just not necessary.

Elehant + 1 dark item + 3 keys = Forge 99 lvl (lvlup for elephant = lvlup for forge) Forge 99 + 4 pants = tons of feests for mr iron Surv: elephant married on forge + pot = 198 lives ( for few secs surv) Shadow + buzz buzz set + arm pen item (imo best last slot) + mr iron (supp) + knus (arm pen) = "Live long and prosper" (Working on it)

I'll admit that sounds half decent and could probably be incorporated, but I've already got a new thing in mind to try anyway, which should bump the time up even higher (might even reach an hour)

pic First try. Result & my fail nick name... ) Late forge, no sword, on 200 wave was only 47 lvl ( All about math... To be continued...

uaimage.com uaimage.com Beavers op. Dungeon door op. Beavers + ms jilly opopop.

^Wow, over 40 minutes! That's amazing o.o

heheheheheheh Game is still going. Just posting here in case it borks ^^

By one run 60->72 lvl Buzz buzz must be nerfed..... Now we have 1 meta... If we nerf dat set, came new era of mr iron. Set must be changed in 2 item set: 1 stacking as up to 200% 2 stacking ad up to 400% Set bonus: Cr strike increase cr dmg by 1% up to 200% Lost in 3 sec all stacks. 2500% as soo op...

litte bit hungry Omnomnom...

I reached (only) 499 seconds on easy 200 waves with my main having 5.5M damage and 1600% AS. Without the stacking buff i actually needed some sort of exploit. I think that the stacking buff is way too decisive on the bonus round. I'll try this strategy on 500 waves to see how i goes and without the stacking buff.

I ill try main mr Iron without set...

what is meta. why does 6000+ time only got 750 exp i got like 1250 after 500+ sec at the bonus round

holy fuck, 6000+ seconds? i just ended my game on hard 500waves with about 1300sec.. forgot screenshot though.. but if the ladder works, i should appear :D ì try some strats, but buzz is op, i think placement for bonus round is everything..

The chosen difficulty influences the amount of XP gain!

tips for those who ua tip for mr iron main never ever construct your armour when its on bonus round it will destroy yourbuzz buzz learned it the hard way 4500++ sec should have far more than that but i construct my armour and reset my buzz buzz buff

Run witout set...

19900 seconds, i was getting bored and doesnt have the time so i end it. can you actually like close the application and it will save? or you have to do it marathon? im sure i can beat 70k time if i just have the time 19900 second run hahahahah i dont have the time so i jus end it there :)

Just uploading as proof in case the game breaks before I get a score ^^ Now at 140420 seconds and counting.

Mine is 4730 seconds so far. Need to have those other expert cards and experiment like those who got 100k+ seconds lol.

i got to 7724 today, my record before i read gamers tips was 2005 seconds, read gamers advices in the strategy topic and i left a comment there too but im no expert or anything but i aim to be ;)

Wooooooot! Finally had a good run, back in #2 ladder spot....now to find another 3k seconds for first...hahahaha. Can't say enough how much I love this game, no two games are the same, takes some skill and a wee bit of luck. Best TD for depth and replayability hands down! For those interested here are a few pics of end game towers. Real please with the shadow and Mr. Iron this run. Good luck to all!!!! Mr. Iron Shadow Abyss King

Bah, the pics didnt show, lol....not sure how to post them here, used photobucket, must have done it wrong I guess. Trying the "link" feature. Forgive the idiot, lol http://imgur.com/SLUwGol,VK9AnJP,fHGUm5c#2 So apparently, it only show's mr. iron, but if you click it, will take you to Imgur, and then can browse the 3 images. If someone wouldn't mind replying a more simpler way, I'm all eyes :) Thanks

Wow, congratz to 2nd place! :-) And thanks for sharing!

Got about 2000 seconds today on easy with darkness/nature and a double Holgar carry. Here's what I did: -Started out with baby rabbit and frog early game, feeding a couple of potions to rabbit to keep it going from rounds 1-80 -As I was doing this, surrounded my two main towers with Witches for attack speed -Once I got enough gold, I upgraded the frog to a Huuli and the rabbit to Holgar. Huuli was first because he has better attack speed (less likely to lose life on mass rounds), and he got a big crit bonus from all the witches around him. -Fed the Holgar about 7 mead to keep him going, transformed Huuli into Holgar and fed him about the same -This lasted for a decent amount of time until I finally got both Yin/Yang Rings around round 170. Then I could feed them both the rest of my pots (except mead, i didn't really need it anymore since they did plenty of damage) -Once Ganesha got to 99 I started to build Acolytes of Greed on it for 5 treasure goblins each...buckets of items and potions! I think i spent more time swiping to transform things than letting my towers kill stuff -Transformed mead and water of life potions for other things once I hit 400% item chance -Sadly I still didn't get enough attack speed to go from 0.1 to 0.0 on my Holgars :( But it was a good game regardless Items on my two carries were frozen heart x 2 + Excalibur + Ring, and frozen heart x 2 + Blade of Darkness + Ring

Hello, i wonder how they made some of the times... I mean, 7500 on hard 500 rounds on blood moor. No doubt here. Its absolutely doable i guess. On shattered Plains it is already 117928 secs. its nearly 16 times as long. Is that really do-able without any kind of cheat/mod or whatever? I dont even doubt the nearly 24000 secs on the third map on hard 500 rounds, but still 117928secs? That cant really be right, can it? Same goes for the 81000sec match. How did you guys do it and why didnt you do it on other maps?

@ontrose Hello ontrose, I'm the on who did 7500sec hard 500 rounds on blood moor. By the time you're reading it, I'm at 9811. I'm also wondering how they made such insane timer without any glitch. Sadly, I've no tried any of the new map yet .So I don't really have any idea how it's done. However, I think that 24k seconds is do-able on Blood moor too with a bit of RNG. I'm trying to optimise everything on my run and in every game, and most of the time I find a way too. I'll maybe try the new map in my next run to understand if this is a glich or a bug. There will always be some flaw in a game. So even if I found one, I would say it to Andy instead of the forum. And I expect that most of the community would do it. Well, I expect that my answer will satisfied you. If it doesn't feel free to ask more question. I will try to answer them the best I can.

I would be interested in how those extremely high scores on only some of the maps could have been achieved. Thankful for any input :-)

Shadow carry tower This was my last run

17707. Hopefully that will hold for a little while, lol. Just when you think you can't squeeze any more seconds out of it, you find a new strategy, or something new to try. Now onto the golden map, first attempt was a flop :) Great to see an active community for the awesome game. Looking forward to whatever else comes our way. Best of luck all!

No worry @Thermo, I was thinking of an upgrade of my current Setup. But I'm unsure of his viability on hard mode... So I may regive a go to the easy ladder of Blood Moor to test out :3.

`yipeeee, 17k on blood moor hard mode. And 9hrs gameplay *sigh*

Well... I don't like to loose my 1st place :( I will have to try a new build... QQ

18k sec on blood moor,hard mode... I retrieve my 1st place at least :D

Holy crap. What did your build look like Sarore?

@sarore 20k secs is coming. X_x

@andy If he tell you the build and formation, it could spoil your game. He he he

Hey folks, like you I can't stop playing this game, but I am a bit frustrated... I really don't know how you get those numbers. And I really appreciate if you could share your item's for survival round... I mean, I play with shadow as carry. Married to no one, Mr. Iron next to it, he gets everything which increases crit, dmg, and speed (till I got roughly 700%,than I swipe them for pots). Potions everything on shadow, speed and item potions will get swiped after 700% speed and 400% items... Abyss king get the speed potions and has the attackspeed set with pants on. Shadow has Seelenreisser, reaver, Helm, and dark blade.. And with this I just came to 8000secs... don't know what else to do... ;(

Mhm, well i only do the daily quests atm... But first off: Try to marry your shadow. A 2nd carry will help out (probably try to start with a holgar to farm pots early on, sipe them for "water of life" so you max items asap). I wouldnt go for Helm of Hades (or you mean that viking helm?) on Shadow. It already has an incredible range. Try to go for Excalibur (OR! try to use Cactus. Armor penetration is quite strong later on.) Since your Shadow uses the MR, what about solara as 2nd? More AOE dmg and of course the DOT stack will be strong later on i guess. You will need it for the Bosses. Next whats the other setup? Got a sperate Iron Man for Anti Air? Guess besides bosses you wont leak ground stuff for a while. Got Beavers/Jillys equipped with speed items (BuzzBuzz set) or 2 Boots and 2 Parts of the withering set (you know, cactus and toad, to send them back in time)? Do you have your shadow on ZERO cooldown? (shows 0,00 on status screen) When do you start with shadow? Do you use Luck items in mid game? (Mass challange can easy give 200-500% each time) Well, these tips are just basic tips. Im not far up in the rankings and did not try yet. Like i said, i go for dailys, cos i wanna beat that damned golden grounds ;D P.S. Oh and of course save that damned Laser as long as you can! Boss killing machine. So make sure you get the max income (1m) early enough that you go with at leat 350-500M+ into the bonus rounds.

@Andy Well, I can't really say much about my build since it's not the same with everygame. I can say that I'm using shadow as most of the players. Also, 18ksec can be easily upgrade to 20k+ with either a good run OR a new setup. And, I'm not using any legendary weapon like demon blade/seir. I will try to make a resume of all the information I gave you on facebook in the few days. @norvask 20k can be easily achieve mate, at least with some upgrade ^^' or a good run. So please leave th first slot bro xD @jarecv For Bonus wave, you can either go for multicrit or armor pen. Well you should marry it to another tower Holgar is good for free pot or hitman or many towers are good. Well I don't know what to add ontrose already said a lot of thing ^^'

Whoa!!!!! Just hammered out my best game yet!!!! And of course being the dipsh@t I am, hit the wrong damn button after ending before I go screenies of all my towers, lmao!!! I do have a few leading up to the end of shadow is all. Mr. Iron was of 30k dmg this run. Made a few adjustments from my last time of 17k and this made a huge difference. I always wondered how some got up the % adaptation on shadow so high, well, let me just give a hint. It's all about time, I used to spend time getting stronger and stronger, but changed that up this time and was able to get my ending shadow at 64k for each compared to the 8-11k I used to get(just remember to build a good creep swatter:). That's what I love about this game, learning the mechanics, changing things up, and surpassing yourself from your last attempt. Gratz to all on your best times, stick with it, and you'll find ways to increase your bonus round time. I remember being stuck at 6k seconds and losing my mind, hahahahahah. Good stuff!

@Thermo I should really try to aim 40k/50k on easy... But I'm so lazy to do it xD... I will try one day, I will :3

@Sarore Yes, yes you should, lol. It reallllllllly drags out. I know I screwed myself on that run as well, was still trying to sneak stuff in Mr. Iron and my timing got off a tad, and to many of the big boys got past my first line of defense, after that it was all just catch up, and never could recover...was hoping to at least hit 30k bah!! Haven't been able to best you yet on hard though, been working on it, but haven't came up with a run that I wanted to continue past 100 yet:) And damn does it take a long time to run that, I mean that game was played at work, stop lights, uhm toilet, lol. whenever I had a few minutes just to let it run hahhaha. I mean on bonus round you can let run on auto pilot for quite some time, but still need to at least pay some attention to it :-P Looking forward to the next round........

@Thermo I know this feeling... I had painkiller still on my last run and I was like "oh let's watch a short 2min video", I was at 17.5k sec and when i came back, lost at 18k sec QQ. I will give you my opinion, none of my run are insane or OP as fuck. I'm just taking life as a data who can go until 0%. I don't mind loosing let's say +95% life on round 100 -> 200 to see if I don't have some lucky drop. I find hard mode a more rewarding mode (More exp :3) but also one of the run that can fuck you up with some really bad RNG... The swap beetwin eearly-mid/mid game is the hardest on this game since you're lacking of armor pen and they creep already reduce your damage output by 30%+ The fact that I said 22k+ can be achieve is because my run wasn't really good and I know that it can be improve really easily. But if I was playing on easy, I would aim for an WTF OP SHIT RUN :D. That would take some days to beat you compare to my run on hard ^^'. That's the huge difference beetwin easy & hard. Hard mode can be still improve really easily by the lack of players/knowedge we currently have :p

Still, the mysterie of the 120k secs is not sovled...

i use 1000-goblins-shot to get shadow with stats like 60000%, 20000 atk, 20000 crit, 10000 spd, with 100 billion max hit. easy strategy without any brain activity, and result can be improved to 2-3 times, with using some brain activity (good second carry tower, etc..), but i`m too lazy for that now :) BTW, i play on ipad 2, and this 1000-goblins-shot consume about 5-6 minutes of calculating. And it`s really annoying to spawn goblins after first 5 hundreds mobs on screen. More annoying only converting several thousands of dropped items into potions, and converting hundreds waters of life to something useful.

So you play darkness only?

yep, darkness tower only to gain maximum quantity of goblin towers (200-250)

@Sarore. Well, finally may be coming for you on hard mode, finally think I have a decent set up for the attempt, after about 50 restarts in late rounds, lmao! And you are correct, much different play style in hard mode, makes it interesting for sure. Ended the 500 with 152% life, so when I make the DB, shouldn't be to awful... Hoping to post some pics later if this build works :)

http://i.imgur.com/wXAhaNh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zjA7mo3.jpg http://i.imgur.com/cJKiiLV.jpg Goodnight!!!!!! lol P.S. Figured I'd give a peek at my front line, rest is ancient Chinese Secret :-P

Well, I managed to come in second on the bonus time ladder on easy mode for the first map, clocking in at 20,581 seconds. I did not, however, use the shadow, otherwise I expect I would have gotten at least 5 times that length. ;-)

These times and stats < .< I cant really believe it... i bareley hit (with an iron man) the 25.000% dmg you go for 8 times (and a bit more) on a friggn Balu <. < Gj dude, war to the shadow users =) Any Tips? ^^

@Thermo, Really nice run. I think that on my run, my Shadow had 30k adaptation. So if I had yours; it would have been insane :). I will give it a go next week maybe. I'm searching at something for the moment ^^' .

What are you searching for? ^^ Not my buisness... but i want to know :-P Maybe i can find a tip or two for increasing my game =)

@ontrose Well as you said, it's not your buniness :3. I can say you that it's a bug that will be fix. Sorry bro, I can't say much about it ^^' ...

Ah well thats fine. But as a favor, after its fixed can you release it? I want that feeling "WTF why didnt i realise it?" ^^

Okay, I couldn't quite live up to my boast of 100k seconds with the shadow - I only managed 69075. :)

And here is the shadow that carried me through 69k seconds:

Nice nice !!! 586k adaptation I would love you to explain how you did it to Andy :) I don't know how you did it, but it seems you found an awesome exploit...

@Sarore it seems you found out yourself, lol. There is actually basically no limit to how high you can get, as well. I could easily have gotten 2 million +, but was too lazy.

@Argon, I'm not sure. I know some bug but I may not know yours. I could reproduce it with my current knowedge but It would take way too long. That why I prefer that you explain it to Andy :3.

@sarore im on my journey beat your score ;p *currently still at 7k secs (Oh I failed -___-)

@norvask You shouldn't be impress, this is most likely a glitch based run... you made yourself far better run than I ever did so GG :D

Wonder sarores secret even leaving phone on 3 days with the bug had a 340k adapt shadow think like 40k dam 50k crit and a buru bear 50k crit 180k increase attack only hit 30k sec on twisted wish I knew how bonus scales say a 200 red vs 500 and the rate of increase on mobs

I wish I knew what people are referring to as "bugs". I got 570k adaptation on a shadow, and it did not require the use of any bugs in the game.

My secret? I got none, it's just a mechanic abuse, that why I'm not using it really often. The real question is how GOD1 made his own . . .

Myself found a bug that let me pause between RDS found another that d let me survive same 600k second ends b t get no except experience off bonus but honestly aside f ROM card dust to get new cards there's no more growth for me at least past red co50 maybe present 50 10% damage or 8%crit would make a diff I guess but with bonus on hero skills being static notcourse to multiplyer it doesn't matter

sry for bad pics,, but i thought it might help someone with their gameplay and tower placement, this build got me to 18k http://imgur.com/hfbaRmD,v1g3Tb3,tLtwji8,MY2eE1I,YgY9CB2,auC0tmx,FkLdhOd#0 and this one to 27k http://imgur.com/BubxTXv,PVqv4DM,3yjawcQ,kD6CFts,GrnYkJW,XpiFYlZ,Bb51jXD,DxHQ5SG,8P54TCe,6X1naw5,DCTe6pp,VHc5MyJ,aq8NLA7,CgN9diz,hsL08Od,TOx89kO#10 though i have all legendarys and i play with the Lord Roderic hero card, the second shadow was a holgar but i swiched him with shadow at 22k seconds(to late to make a difference)

Here's my build guide: Nature+darkness towers only. Restart until you get a Dandelion on the starting hand. Build only Dandelion and let him level up a bit (Use potions on him), add a few jilly's in the far back to prevent leaks, add a shadow in front (don't buff him except with speed items). Build a few Witches for attack speed, then replace Dandelion with Holgar when you can (recycle all unnecessary items and only focus on bringing up your Holgar/Dandelion damage/crit/speed, recycle towers to if you get enough rares towers to get a rare item) <- Always save accolyte. You need to focus on getting enough speed (or mass jillys) to handle the mass waves though, the speedy ones are especially hard. Later when you get ganesha get him out asap, if you get a forge place it to (give the forge any luck items you can spare), don't give ganesha anything special until he's around level 50 then give him 4 dark items, and your forge as many 30xp books he can hold try to stick with ~60+ luck tho. That should get you rolling enough to get to end game pretty easily, after you get wedding rings and start buffing shadow+holgar (give shadow ms reaver asap). When your shadow starts overwhelming your holgar on normal waves (usually 300-350 for me without any items) then start moving your legendary items back and forth if there are champions that needs taking care off, Holgar is super strong against the champions/horses, especially with the withered set on your shadow to assist. At rank 500 I usually replace forge with acolytes (one at the time ;P) until I run out, then I replace Holgar with the Frozen Deamon and give him the Withered set for support against bosses. I usually place "Key of wisdom" on all other towers, and skip the cool down between every normal round (from the start of the game) so if things are getting hairy I can just pause and place out impatience sets+luck pants on all the jillys and let them handle any high level leaks. I run Skeleton king with Impatience+Door, Knux with Impatience+Helm of Hades Anyway here is my best try with this strat. (using Osmo, the Jester King)

Hey @Curs3d great info i think we have about the same strat with some differences(biggest diff is that i have use of mr.iron and elvises and that you beat my score anyway you bastard ;) hehe) but anyway great input i think this will get some of the new players really rocking some scores until they perfected their own strategy, only lategame tip i think i can give you is that the witches wont help so much as they do early/mid game bcoz all the towers you really want up to speed is already up =) i think a great replacement would be beavers, or ofc jilly's or gibs, i think even wizards could do some improvement,(though i'm not a fan of wizards) but as i said before awesome guide and i hope to beat your score in the near future :D peace //

Thanks MRDRR ;) Yea I messed up and transformed to many basic towers at around round 400, then I just didn't get enough afterwards to fill the spots :(. Well I'm kind of on the ropes over what hero to use I have Lord Roderic to and I've been trying to make it to the 'end' with him, so his x2 multicrit would take effect but I've had a hard time early game due to the reduction to luck/attack speed (without good item drops you can get really messed up). Yea those damn wizards, I wanted to like and use them, but after trying them multiple times I've realized they just aren't worth it, the misfired 3 secs knock back keeps screwing up my day. I dislike putting Jilly to far forward to though, since they keep stealing kills of my Seelenreisser / Skeleton King at the higher levels (especially with a impatience set).

yeah lord roderic seems very promising but as you said the early game is hard as **** what works for me is baby rabbit(goes holgar) in tile No 5 and feed him potions and speed items as fast as possible, a beaver or 2 in the front, about 2 witches in the middle, and a few jillys in the back(at this point i still leak some of the challenges but the rest of the creeps i eat), and shadow on tile No 3 as soon as i can(but the -%luck is killing him =) i need ms reaver and the lucky potion + lots of speed to make him start surpassing holgar), then just pocket thieves to gain money faster, i used to have a pub in the back for the active skill but with lord roderic it doesn't do much difference i also like to put an elvis on tile 7 as it get all the benefits but none of the drawbacks and i use to make a money bin on tile six until i get the widow, she is one of the first unique towers i place to get better item drop% asap i need to perfect a strategy with lord roderic, before i got him and started to try out strats i only liked to play with littlefinger i use to save jillys to have for emergencies in bonus rounds, if i need to drink health or exploding potion, or just wanna replace my last acolyte, i agree that too many jilly's in the front isn't a good option, but to get a tower to lvl 99 fast a jilly can do it very easy

You exploiters and cheaters are so damn patheitc. You make a mockery of this entire game. You dont even explain your exploits and cheats to give an even playing field to the rest of the honest players. You just hoard the exploits all to yourselves and act all proud like total scum bags as if youve accomplished something when in reality youre nothing but lying cheats.

Hello Bombdigie, I'm annoyed of the ladder times too. Still no reason to get insulting. At least of 1-2 of these "exploit users" or "cheater" did explain how they made the time to Andy. So they will be fixed in the upcoming versions. Some of the exploits have even been made public. And yes i think its pathetic if they run around "I'm the best" when using an exploit. But i you have to differ between some things. The guys using exploits compete with other exploit users about there time. I dont think they would call me a noob or anything just cos i'm not really up the ladder (well maybe because i dont really bother too much about it in the end ^^). In the end Mazebert is a rather young TD and still work in progress, so these exploit hunters [and users] are essential to th game progression. IF they report it to the staff at least. And like i said, i do know of at leas 2 people who reportet it and tahts enough, because i atleast think there are probably 2-3 serious exploits are in right now. One has to do with Iphones as far as i know (wont go into detail here). If you got problems, because your not in the top 10, thats your problem. Play it for fun and not for the competition until these bugs are fixed. Next update means next ladder reset =)

This is NOT a young TD. Ive been around for a while and was ladder rank 9 until the exploiters took over. And oh how proud they are those lying cheats. Theyve even brainwashed people like you into thinking its ok where you write a multi paragraph post trying to defend them.

Basically, these exploiters are GOOD for the game, because then the developer can find out about the bugs and exploits people use and fix them.

What are you talking about, neither me nor MRDRR are exploiting in any way. What we do is aim for maximum effectiveness and scaling, which currently means trying to get as many potions as possible with holgar, while trying to get as many adaptations as possible with shadow, move seelenreisser around between shadow/holgar/Abyss King to maximum stacks, aim for the best demon blade possible (which is pretty damn hard), and then try and collect as many Acolytes as possible (which is why I play Shadow/Nature). That glitch that I've heard about is certainly something that some in the top must have done, but both me and MRDRR have gotten to ~30k legit without it. (which is why we posted...) Honestly I certainly didn't play perfectly on my 30k try and there was a lot of room for improvements, one thing I'm trying now is for a wedding ring boosted baby rabbit with the withered set and maximized attack speed (20 attacks/s) to constantly boost damage to 3 targets at all times. So the maximum legit score is most likely at least 35-45k, I'm having a hard time seeing people get far above that though, even getting shadow / ms reaver asap you just can't get enough adaptations to get much further then that. Edit: Bombdigie I saw that you have both Demon Blade and the Seelenreisser, since that's more or less what you need for a 10k+ result, perhaps you could try the strategy I posted and check how well it works, since that strategy is something both me and MRDRR have individually gotten to by trial and error. (even a bad try should easily show how well it works)

Well i personally never mentioned a Name i think ^^ Lets faith the truth: You might have done it in a legit way (cant prove otherwise and dont even want to tbh ^^), but in general: Darkness is easy to "exploit" if you want to call it like that, because of only one single Yellow Quality tower. Dont understand me wrong ^^ i dont mind it, since its far away from beeing finished, just somethin that happens ins game progression. But it clearly was not intendet ;) And that Seelenreisser and Shadow (or to put it differently: Everything that can stack indefinitly) is way too OP i complained more then once about. Personally im just too lazy to optimise it for an unfinished game ^^ And exploiting for me means: Use a gamefunction in a way its not supposed to be (Like right now: Acolyte stacking. Dont tell me Andy had it in mind when he made the tower ;D its just an annoying before the other towers come out and i guess, he supposed we play all races at once^^). Using Bug is a different hing though... Item duplicating etc... Dont see that for 30 sec games. but for the 300k sec games definitly. I mean, equip shadow with MR and enough pots to get his AS to max (with duped pots) then these Luck potions and 4 Mushrooms and you get unlimited stacks there... And here would i clearly cut a line. Dont hate exploiter. Exploits are there. plenty of them. They will be fixed one way or the other in time. About cheater/bug user... Well i dont mind in unfinished version... As long they report them let them. We can just benefit from it in the long run. And most times the Cheater/bug abuser do not post much in Forums because the bore themselves with the games. If you followed the conversations of the "exploiters" ^^ you could learn some if you intended to. But dont go around and flame just cos you lost your rank. Optimize your tactics etc. I dont want to know how much time MRDRR and co spend on the game. I mean he finished 30k secs. Its how long? a Couple of days? Lets say the failed a few times on 15k secs for whatever reasons... They most likely have hundret times my playtime. Yes i wonder how people did the 10k sec+ times but when i learned about seelenreisser... Well... GG Anyway, lets see what the next ladder on the next version brings. Optimize your strat here and get rank one on the next ladder and be hapyy ^^

Yeah we play legit! nothing more than good strats developed with lots and lots time and failure until we got it right, @Bombdigie i see you only have ladder times from 200 waves so that is probably why you haven't climbed higher, we play 500 wave rounds, your top score on 200 waves is 2927 and my top score on 200 is 3821 with darkness only, thats just about 900 sec i've beaten you with and it is doable to improve further. so stop complaining and get those 500 waves and get a strat and you'll go up there in notime as for the darkness acolyte exploit with all 3 races and 500 waves i get 50ish acolytes on average, so i wouldn't say it's too OP with 50 acolytes, sure i get a hell of a lot of items but it should be the same for everyone anyway, though the ones playing only darkness have said they get about 250 acolytes from a 500 game, now thats pretty op but still they loose on some things like manitou and mr.iron etc.. but 250 lvl99 acolytes gives quite a lot of items and potions so i dunno maybe goblinfarm exceed other strategies i dunno i never bothered to try =) i dunno my total playtime but it start to be an impressive amount of time =) i dont remember completely but i think i played about 8 hours a day for 2-3 days to get the 27k seconds survival or something similar

well @Bombdigie you seem to have gotten a hang of it now, as why we beat you with ridiculus amounts of bonus seconds. you have 13457 seconds survival now from your original 2927 sec record! Thats more than a 10k sec climb, maybe you see that we don't cheat now mate? =) as you most likley noticed aswell is that 200 and 500 wave strategies are significantly different and a 200 wave strat won't work on a 500 wave round and vice versa =) well gl hf and don't be scared to try new strats, there is always a better one or to be able to improve an existing one! peace //

I made 10'000 Sek with Sir littlefinger and one sword :D Nature and Darknes. thx to MRDRR

Shodows a must in bonus round to get far but must have carry to pull him threw hoursemen halgor or hit man are my two chioces wether using dark planet combo or black mirror combo

Hello, I came after a "long" break to see how the game is going to replay or else. Well, as one of the "exploiters and cheaters" I think I should reply. (even if it was some month ago ^^') @Bombdigie, I will try to best to explain if you ever come back to read it. "You make a mockery of this entire game." Some of my hight score should have never been here. I won't lie that there shouldn't be any exploit like this. However, some people try to understand the mechanic to the game after seeing it. And so more glitch can be found out. "You dont even explain your exploits and cheats to give an even playing field to the rest of the honest players." I don't understand WHY you need this information, as any others player. EVERY glitch/bug/exploit, I've found while playing the game have been given to Andy. Even if we found them by error and then we could find out how to recreate it. Exploit should be unknown to public and correct in futur patch. That why I've never talk in the forum how to make them. " You just hoard the exploits all to yourselves and act all proud like total scum bags as if youve accomplished something when in reality youre nothing but lying cheats." True, I found way to duplicate item,potion,tower ... But they have been all fix now. I'm one of the "lying cheats" and I don't really care, it helps the game to progress and you're jealous. Finding bug take time, a lot of time.... And I could have spend this time leveling my character or many other thing. Oh you may not know but finding bug doesn't give you level on mazebert TD. So... I was not leveling, not progressing or anything. I was just spending my time to find out how to improve the game... " Ive been around for a while and was ladder rank 9 until the exploiters took over." By the ways if you've been arround for so long, you may have known that exploit start pretty soon with the old M.Iron and it was pretty common. Oh and item duplicate was already there at the time just saying. "Theyve even brainwashed people like you into thinking its ok where you write a multi paragraph post trying to defend them." Well... I don't think so, beta-tester and glitcher are pretty common on any game... Do you really think that Andy knows the outcome when he's making the game? No, people find problem and exlain him. No need to go further... And oh how proud they are those lying cheats." Yes, when I found a exploit I'm proud because it will help the game. And yes, it took some time and I consider it as a reward to have understand the mechanic. If you're so interested about the glitch search about them yourself. And you may understand us "the dirty, pathetic cheater"

This is all I can do haha XD

was able to finish the bonus round at 2511 seconds heres a good tip try to get Holgar (Holgar will give u 1 potion per wave if u have 500 item chance "DONT DRINK IT JUST TRIBUTE THOSE POTIONS")asap and set it as ur main tower{placement 5} (for potions keep feeding it with life up till 1k chance and quality dont use str,crit potion if u havnt got ur 2nd tower with the rings) Holgar items - Plasma Blade - GTI - Blade of darkness - Dried Cactus - Mummy Bandage - Excalibur 2nd carry tower items - Dried Cactus - Frozen Heart - Frozen Heart (yes 2 Frozen Hearts for multi crit) - Helm of hades (if ur 2nd tower only got 2 or below range if its 3 and above change it to dried Cactus) - Rotten Toadstool (for the 2 set item passive btw ur 2nd tower must be replaced from ganesha (cause ganesha can be maxed level easily) knusperhexe place it at 7 and put 5 lucky pants ( put the Helm of hades when on mass round) just tribute the unique towers that u will not use and hope u get the multicrit +1 potion When u finish all the rounds replace holgar with scarecrow ( For me best tower ever!! :D) for ur support towers MR. Iron at zone 10 (put tons of Herb Witch Cauldron,Key of Wisdom, Irish pub Barrel, and Fistful of steel are a must) recap for placements main tower - 5 Ganesha (then replace with secondary tower) - 6 knusperhexe - 7 Mr. Iron - 10 Manitou - 11 Black Widow - 2 support tower of ur choice - 9 ( must have 3 or more range and Dried Cactus and Rotten Toadstool is a MUST!!) Enjoy... btw i cant post my screenshot cause i dont know how to :P NoBuTa Out :D please reply if u have queries about my strategy :D

Nice giude! My suggestion is to equip knusp with the impatience-set and mushrooms for speed rather than luck 1000% speed helps lots:)

Sarore, I think most people's ire comes from screwing the honest players by going on the ladder, not from simply doing the exploit itself. If I show how I could rob someone, without actually stealing all their stuff, that's being a benefit. If I go ahead and take full advantage of that, at the detriment of others, now you've lost the moral highground. The guy who actually knuckled down, learned the game, played within the ruleset, and posts a 15,000 second highscore has every right to be choked at the guy who simply takes advantage of a trick and posts 12,000 seconds. He's undone the effort of the first guy. Imagine if actual data manipulation was allowed by the game, and guys simply rewrote their towers to do 99,999 base damage every 0.1 seconds. People would be understandably turned off when those people posted stupid times that hadn't been earned. Using exploits on the leaderboard is the same sin.

Hello Romeo, I totally understand your point of view. As I said, I never planned to go in the leaderboard with any of my "abused" game. But you think I should have explain how to break the game? I don't think it's fair, since it would make the game less attractive. When I'm playing a TD, I feel that bug should be fix and that what Andy is doing. He's always tried to correct and understand the way a bug was made to ensure it won't happen again. But currently, I've not found any kind of bug in the past patch. It could be that I'm playing less or they are harder to achieve. Anyways, there will always be a way to break a game, and personally I don't mind seeing insane leaderboard. Because it means that there are still exploit to be found. And obviously, I would like anyone who find one to report it to Andy :).

Like I said, I don't think you'll get any trouble for just reporting bugs to Andy, or even playing in your own games with them (Hell, I even tried the item glitch the one time). So long as it all stays off the bpards, I think everyone should be AOK with them.

I mean I play the game for fun, And deleting abuse make the game fair. I said that there has been one mistake from my part where i got in the leaderboard with them. But if I really wanted at the time, I could have done unlimited timer on survival. But it wouldn't have any flavor that why I don't want to post them.