Help- maybe i can help you lol

https://mazebert.com/g/662040c4-de9e-4801-a28f-9fce2cbfab10-37508/ So this was my first boss vist i have been playing 2 months man felt good i got another game going... i know ill make ot to the boss would like tips on how i could do better once i reach him. Also i lost track of time didnt relize i didny pause when i went to apply upgrades

First time really using the fourm and actually looking at other strats. Just been winging it so far lol

Congratulations! :) There are some strategis in forum already and a few more in discord. Feel free to join in! :)

Could you watch the replay and give me some tips/ suggestions?

Sure, join the Discord and post the link in the #Share-Replays channel. The discord invite link is in the game: Mazebert > new game > multiplayer > top of the screen > join the Discord.

So I joined and I can't figure that site app thing out lol I'm not very tech savy

I just keep doing my thing and tweeking it

You need to make an account with Discord first. I don't see any indication that you've joined.

I'm signed up as doobie I posted i think

You did! :) our multiplayerchannel is seperate to the global one. There are some other channels too like the one with guides etc. :)